Monday, April 18, 2011

How Now Brown Cow?

I don't think I could get any more demure than this.
I shall have to do something about that pronto.
I'm wearing another 1950s cotton "secretary" frock.
I love these and they're perfect for nearly any occasion; by today's standards they're rather formal and conservative.
I wore this out for shopping and lunch with The Stylist last Saturday.

I do love a bit of a frock.
Especially with a cheeky pair of shoes.

These homemade frocks are always a marvel to me, there's so much attention to detail.
Here the belt has been lovingly handmade by the dressmaker and the box pleats are a generous size.
I've added my 1950s ostrich-skin handbag and a mish-mash of plastic and lucite bangles.

I know brown frocks aren't everyone's cup of tea, but this old girl has retained her rich colours and detailed patterns for more than 50 years.

These cheeky VW Melissa wedges spice things up a bit;).

Enjoy your week sweeties.
Desiree xo


  1. Tell me was this a new find if so woo hoo if not woo hoo lucky you looks great also am loving that ringy ding ding.Where did you get that I would love me one.Tell me its an heirloom and I will really be drooling,

  2. The fabric of the dress is gorgeous...and suggests some orange accessories might be in order.

  3. It's cute, but definitely in danger of falling on the frumpy side. Those wedge heels do indeed counter that danger effectively!

  4. I love your 50s dress, and how you have matched the yellow toe nails with the print. You are genius, my dear Desiree.

  5. Desiree, you are hands down my absolute favourite blog discovery of the last couple of months! You are now bookmarked, followed and all the rest. Can't wait to check in each day to see what clothing concoction you've come up with.

    Thank you so much for growing old disgracefully, you give me hope that there is sartorial life past 40!

  6. Dear Desiree,
    I love this outfit & that print is AWESOME!
    You look super stylish in this get up my love.
    Take care,

  7. Desiree, PERFECTION!!! What a beautiful dress and I love the way you're wearing it! Amazing how a dress can just make you feel so demure and feminine! I love that! Hugs!!~Serene

  8. I love a demure frock with a wicked smile... and oh those shoes... sigh... on a personal note, hmmm... I'm not a brown garment person and I love seeing you in garbed in rainbow.

  9. Oh HELLO new VW shoes, are they comfy or is the arch really high? Ive been eyeing them up on Spartoo. Love the entire outfit, very sexy librarian x

  10. love the design of the dress!

  11. I love secretary dresses but I always wind up feeling waaay overdressed. Maybe everybody else is just underdressed? I can't imagine shopping in such heels! My feet would be crying for mercy in no time. You do look so lovely though.

  12. love your dress and shoes! looks sooo classy :)

  13. is there any frock you dont look good in?
    I am loving all these vintage dresses, especially the colors amor.
    secretary dreses are hot.
    those shoes and ring are splendid like you.

  14. FABULOUS frock - totally not even close to being drab on you Desiree! Perfect styling, as per usual, and WICKED cheeky smile keeps that frock looking hot. And your hair is looking particularly flippy too!

    Sarah xxx

  15. Also, I know you've only just done one, but you are most most recent amazing discovery and I had to share you! So I've awarded you a Versatile Blogger award. I hope you'll check it out :-)

  16. As always your outfit is adorable.

    I envy your bangle collection. 0_0


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