Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't You Know I'm a Lady?

There's nothing quite like trawling through pic archives and discovering little treasures that have slipped through your fingers.
I took these on the train station platform a wee while ago on my way to hospital for a "lady's medical appointment".

We all hate visits to the lady doctor and on recent visits to get my "bits" seen to, it seems I've been giving the staff a bit of a turn.
The staff now know who I am when I arrive and on my first visit my favourite, Nurse Jenny, raced out and rounded up the others so they could gawp at my Vivienne Westwood Wing shoes.
Yeah, I can see their point, I guess not many people waiting to shove their feet in the stirrups arrive dressed for a cocktail party.

So on my next visit I decided to take my camera and pop off a couple of shots for you.
It was a hot day and the ever-present 1960s frilly brolly helped me keep my cool.
I'm wearing an early 1940s black, rayon frock that has self-covered buttons down the back and no zip, just big hooks and eyes down the left side.
Plus thrifted, 1970s shades; my Miss Rockabilly pin-up girl hairclip; granny knitting bag and platforms.
No other make-up, just red lippy for bravery.

A close-up of the embroidery that wraps around the back of the dress.
Don't you love the details that people worked into their clothes back then?
I mean, this baby is home-made but they've hand-embroidered it!

Yes!  There's a hole in the armpit.

Love these shoes, they're so comfy.
I decided against wearing any jewellery, as last time I ripped off all my rings and bangles and flung them around the room during a vasovagal seizure.
Cue: Nurse Jenny scrabbling around the floor trying to recover my precious lucite bangles.

It's a bit windy and my hair's a mess, but surprisingly still smiling, despite knowing what's ahead.

(Unfortunately I don't escape an op soon, BUT I'm sure there'll be sartorial delights for the staff to enjoy when the time comes).
I hope you're all having a right royal after-party this weekend.
Desiree xo


  1. Those damn exams never get any easier, either! Hang tough, cutie--it'll be over soon...
    on to the outfit--love the red lips only--you have the skin for it! And the details on the dress are just precious!
    Here, we had to have the royal wedding parties at 4AM!! I passed--altho my friends were making that part! Paula

  2. Oh, Desiree, sorry to hear about the op. But I love the idea of going to the doctor's in style. I've had so many dental appointments lately that I've given thought to what is appropriate wear for sitting in the dentist's chair.

  3. Beautiful, you look great. Love the umbrella :)))) Sorry to hear about the op.

  4. I love that you're not afraid to wear damaged old stuff, You're so fearless when I'm such a chicken! I hope we can meet up at the Gold Coast fair.xx.

  5. I am sure you brightened up their day :)

  6. Hope they don't keep you in a second longer than required. You are a sensational lady :) xx

  7. you are F-f-f-f-ricking Fabulous! glad i came across you!..happy weekend x

  8. There is nothing like feeling fantastic and unique when going to the doctors.One feels nothing wrong can happen.
    I adore your whole ensemble. The hair pin up is a killer.
    You are an example to follow.
    Love u!!!
    Going to a wedding today and a niece´s communion tororrow ( not being religios i will try and skip the mass, sssssssssssssss)hehehheeh

  9. Desiree, you are frickin gorgeous. PLEASE have your pubes trimmed into a lightning bolt, dyed hot pink and sprinkle some glitter down south in preparation for your op - that would ROCK nearly as much as you!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Get Vajazzled! That really would put a smile on the nurse's faces! Crap about the op but with your awesomeness you'll be treated like the princess that you are. xxx

  11. next time i go to the lady dr visit maybe i will make a post on that special day, giggle

  12. when I worked at a dr's office, ladies like you would always make my day.

    Sorry about the op! You're awesome!

  13. I'm sure you always stand out in a crowd amor.
    I so love that embroidery on dresses,love your umbrella and shoes amor.

  14. Your shoes look gorgeous and that rockabilly hair clip is SO amazing!! Love your parasol! xxx

  15. You look fabulous. I bet you brightened up their day with your outfit. I love it. The hair clip is stunning! xx

  16. Heehee I dress up for my doc too! We're actually buddies (she's my GP not gyno) so she and the office always get a kick out of my outfits. And even my chiro in the same office doesn't freak out at my 5-6 inch platform heels, but loves them! (Metrosexual much?) I'm having terrible early menopause probs so I empathise with you, and my thoughts will be with you when you have to undergo any surgery. I'll send ya reiki to smooth it all along! (Only if you go for that sort of thing of course!) I adore your vintage choices, I'm so chicken to wear some of mine as they've become too fragile! You are brave and goregous!


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