Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Many Brooches, So Little Time

When it comes to brooches, there ain't no dilemma for me.
Magpie-like, I love to buy the precious little darlings whenever I can.
They're inexpensive, tiny, colourful, shiny and sometimes very old.
What's not to love?
So what to do when you own far too many brooches?
Wear a different one every day of the week, or jam a load onto a big waist bow?
Obviously it's going to be the latter for me.

The Phoenix needed some medicine yesterday arvo so I decided to frock up, run some errands and frighten the locals.
Frocking up daily simply must be done.

I'm wearing a $4 thrifted, 1950s duchess satin number that I re-fashioned (read: chopped one rotting sleeve off) into an asymmetrical frock.
It has a huge bow on the front - the perfect spot to showcase brooches galore:).

The brooches are all vintage ranging from the 1930s-1950s and I picked up the 1940s-lady badge from a bookshop in West End last weekend.

The 1940s black grosgrain evening bag was an eBay bargain last week.
Perfectly formed, it looks tiny, but open the catch and there's a huge, yawning space for my everyday 1970s Glomesh wallet, pen, notebook, lippy, sunnies, phone and gum.
Yay, I don't have to empty my wallet into my bag!

I have three of these vintage collars now, but I love this one the best as it's so delicate.
They're great over t-shirts and bare decolletage sun frocks.

Hello VW Wedges.  These are becoming my running-out-to-the-shops shoes - trust me, tottering out in these is way more fun than flip flops. 

Blow the dust off those brooches and get the jingly little darlings out front.
Desiree xo


  1. You stunning lady I so love that dress and the way you have used your brooches have you seen some of my peices on my you tube page?I have lots and dont wear ant much but think I will have to try your idea.

  2. Oh, yes yes yes! I love what you've done wearing your brooches, what an inspiration! I want to try this!!

  3. How totally fecking fantastic is that outfit?!
    I adore every detail,you foxy minx!

  4. You look so fabulous in green, my dear Desiree. Tha dress is a true dream, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Needless to say that I love the way you wear the brooches, your lovely handbag, shoes, bangles, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. I don't know about frightening the locals, I bet they were salivating over you. That frock is the best revamp I've ever seen and the brooches worn at the waist is inspired. I love it all. xxxxx

  6. Oh this is BY FAR the best outfit I've seen you in yet!!! Brooches at the waist is such a fabulous idea, I'm going to have to borrow that one I'm afraid.xx.

  7. So VERY glam.

  8. "they're great over tee shirts" - I don't recall seeing you in a tee shirt. ^_~ (was that a dare? I can't tell)

    I love your button collections and what you did to that dress- it looks amazing.

  9. OH my! Those broaches are just GORGEOUS! And I love what you did with this look darling!!!! Love to you! ~Serene

  10. I'm sure I could never wear my brooches like that,with such flair,but you look amazing. Hi from your latest follower.

  11. yeah kate wore the tiara as something borrowed,diana wore it too. and it was made by Cartier in 1936. you should have been at the wedding wearing this!! xx

  12. perfect idea. i love what you have done with this dress... one armed: so cool! to use these broochs as kind of belt decoration is amazingly beautiful...

  13. OMG! I LOVE you! The whole outfit is amazing- the collar is genius as is the one-arm dress. PLEASE do a D.I.Y. on how you did this! I LOOOOVE Broaches. I am allergic to metals so can't wear much jewelry so I express myself in pins/broaches and I so love how you've displayed them! muahz! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  14. I love the magic you did to this awesome dress, Adorar brooches , I love collecting them.
    what a great idea to use them as a belt, amor
    Your so such a creative doll.
    great score on your cute bag and love your neck vintage collar.
    I love looking at all your lovely shoes.

  15. I agree with all of the above - the frock is AMAZING, your revamp is PERFECTION, the brooch idea is INSPIRED and the fabric of that frock is DIVINE! You look really beautiful in this fabulous outfit, Desiree.

    (Is the Avid Reader still there? That was my fave bookshop when I lived in Brisbane!)

    Sarah xxx

  16. I love all the brooches. I'm going to get mine out. I'd sort of forgotten about them. I only have about five though. Your shoes are divine, by the way!

  17. Dear Desiree, you are a woman after my heart. I love a bargain too. $4! Fabulous!

    The brooches look amazing, I would never have thought of doing that and I love it xx

  18. PS. A little tip - if you change your comments to "pop up" your readers can browse your blog without having to open a new window each time and then refresh it again every time they comment. Much more efficent and less time consuming. Go to Dashboard-Settings-Comments-Pop Up Window. Hope you don't mind me letting you know xx

  19. You can never have too many brooches - nice combination of jewelry with the dress!

  20. Frightening the locals! That's exactly what I say to my husband and daughter when I tart up to do local shopping. My daughter even asks which "fancy" shoes I'll wear to the grocery store (I've been known to don the most absurd cocktail dresses to do the shopping -- screw the hausfraus!) You know I'm a fellow green queen so I'm salivating at this lovely and what you did to it via chopping the sleeve and adding those goregous brooches! What a fab idea, I might steal it as I've a collection that goes back to when I was 11! And I'm def gonna get a pair of those VW wedges, they are too fab and I drool whenever I see you wear them!

  21. I love this outfit! That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I tend to collect spider-related broaches. One day I had a blue blouse on and it just seemed so blah... so I stuck ALL my spider broaches to it and had nearly half a dozen little spiders twinkling on my bosom heehee.

  22. "Frocking up daily simply must be done"

    A[wo]men Sister.

    Gosh you are magic. Just magic. And what you did to that dress ohfreakinhellilovelovelove!!!!

    I love brooches too but mine are merely 'buttons', mostly superhero and slogan types so not as glamorous!


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