Monday, April 30, 2012

Fry an Egg on My Arse!

I've had a fabulous day with The Phoenix.
We don't get many days when we are both able to be happy idiots, tell each other stupid stories, laugh our heads off and fill the house with some roaring bass.
Opportunities for such funnage are rare.
The time flew, hours whisked by and before long it was time to collect the little people to join in the fun.
I flung on these flippin' gorgeous new stretchy velvet hot pants that arrived today from Jayne's spectacular Etsy shop, Boodwah.

 No time for make up, just a bit of lippy.

 Oooooooh ... norty hot pants.
But are they?

I wear leggings on their own, but layering them with hot pants is risqué?
Hmmmmm ... I love these sartorial dilemmas.
I love messing with the rules ... I love creating optical illusions with my outfits.
I had people gasping at my apparent disgracefulness, yet Number Three Son (who's only 11) said "they don't know anything about self-expression" (yes, he said it for real!!) and The Stylist (age 9) agreed and said "they don't like people to be different."
Can you believe the wisdom of these precious children?

Leather jacket - Frankie and the Fox half-price sale
T-shirt - Invercargill, NZ (the film is about my grand-daddy, Burt Munro:)
Leggings - Black Milk
Headband - similar ones in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Patent leather Docs - retail

Funnage continues into the evening after The Phoenix and I were treated to burritos made by those inspiring small people.

Don't let anyone pop your bubble my lovelies!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. So glad to hear the Phoenix was having a good day, may there be many many more on a more regular basis.

    Funny but despite more fabric being involved hotpants + leggings = more saucy than leggings alone. I guess it's the fact they highlight your marvellous bum! Your kids are very wise - you have taught them well xx

  2. You guys would make great neighbors! Your boys are brilliant. They contain that wisdom because of you.

  3. Smart kids! Let's hope the up and coming generation know more about tolerance peace and creativity! sounds like a good day! You look great Enjoy your week ahead! :) Love Heather

  4. I LOVE YOU INFINITY!!!!! You live in my world baby socks and there you are a rockstar!!!!

  5. Wow, Burt Monro is a God over on the HAMB, very cool...glad you could have fun times with The Phoenix, and those hot pants sizzle!

  6. I don't know what is more amazing your ass in those hot pants or the comments by your kids~ they both just made my Monday! I'm so happy you and your honey are having a blast and laughing a lot.

  7. You look fan-ruddy-tastic! I am loooooooving your hot pants. Em x

  8. Your pictures are always look so joyful! And I love that your having so much fun playing with clothe)) Striped leggins and shorts, wow! Anazing))

  9. Ooh, I so want to pinch that glorious bum! Look at you, frolicing in those velvet teeny-weeny hot pants! You look amazing. Of course. Loving the leather jacket too.
    I knew your kids would be wise, they are YOURS, after all.
    So happy to hear that you and Mr.P had a fun-and laughter-filled day. I wish you many many more.
    PS. How the bloody hell do you manage to look so good with only red lippy for help? 'Snot fair! xxxxx

  10. Wha???! I love you, I want to come over and hang out! You've got the coolest kids, they speak the truth at a young age. I want velvet hotpants! xxxx

  11. You are so HOT!!!!
    Hugs always!

  12. Glad to hear that the Phoenix is doing better...a sign that my prayers work! Looks like a good time is being had by all! A votre sante!

  13. I'm so glad you had a good day, may there be many more to come! Sweet cheeks! Hey I was listening to the same song earlier today... and yes I dance in public whenever possible! The kids comments were spot on! XXX Love, Suzanne

  14. High fiving for your great day!! Your blog title would make a fantastic T-shirt. I overheard some nicely dressed women yesterday whispering about a woman they saw who was wearing a suit jacket that just covered her you-know-what! They wondered long and hard about whether she had on shorts or a mini under there! Scandalous! At the same time they had admiration in their voices. Here's to not knowing. You are sizzling! Your kids are brilliant in their wisdom.

  15. Best headpiece ever, and your velvet hotpants make me very happy. I wish I still had the kind of arse I encase in hotpants. *sighs*

  16. Eeeee! The hotpants over leggings are AWESOME. And the leggings are hilarious anyway, very Beetlejuice. I think I want hotpants now, not that I would wear them. I really love that green bag. It's my favourite shade of green and I do believe I have some in velveteen waiting to be transformed! You've inspired me!
    Your kids sound very switched on! the self expression comment is perfect. It must be hysterical hearing all the tut-tutting from the naysayers and hearing your kids brush them off.

  17. You look amazing! And I love your flower headbands, they're your signature! x

  18. Your children are amazing, just like you! x

  19. You are so flippin' cool it gives me brain freeze. And your little wise ones- how awesome is that? They get it already and know that self expression is essential to a vital spirit! Rawr! the Citizen Rosebud

  20. You don't even need make up, your skin is gorgeous! The lippy is still loved though :D And of COURSE I can believe the wisdom of your kids... they're YOURS and with a fantabulous super duper mama like you, it's no surprise their brain-bulbs shine so brightly :D Seeing your rock about like that makes me so badly wish we could go out together and shake our tail feathers!

  21. Lovely Cheeky pants you got there!
    Your kids are so smart, obviously you are teaching them well.

  22. your outfit is an optical feast (LOVE the blue floral crown! the blueberry on the cake, as it were), and your children's wisdom has truly made my day. fight, fight, the squelching of the light! no rain on the fashion parade! whoo hooooooooooo! xoxoxoxo Sasha

  23. velvet hot pants and striped leggings!!!, so delightful combo and you rock it!!
    love you've enjoyed the day!

  24. Your inspiring young very wise beyond their years. So, so happy to have found your blog !

  25. Is Burt Munro honestly your grandad? That's amazing. I'm going to text my boyfriend to tell him right now, even though it's 2am!

    Glad the phoenix is feeling OK at the moment, you look fab as

  26. Hotpants & Beetlejuice?! <3 I think it's a marvellous combination - and it highlights your amazing bum!

  27. Your offspring are effing awesome! I would have hugged them both for saying those lovely things. And speaking of lovely things - you in the striped leggings and hot pants! Personally I cringe when I see all the 20 somethings in their black leggings-worn-as-pants that leave nothing to the imagination, so I am digging the double-layers.

  28. Amor,
    You and Vixcita having me panting with your sexious hot pants.
    Your kids know what's up especially if they are making burritos for you two lovelies.
    love your dancing vid your accento is so adorable and The Phoenix sounds so posharama.glad he is feeling good.


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