Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Shortly after pushing her sister down the stairs, she was seen slapping on her usual face-muck and dancing around for "Daddy" in a multi-coloured rose headband.

 Mmmm ... lovely soft neck-crepe:).

She did a special dance in a toxic-green 1960s petti-skirt to summon the sorceresses of Burning Man tickets.

Miss Camel-Toe stepped in with a few special full-frontal moves to make those magical beings swoon.

 Then Baby Jane lifted the skirt on what was going on underneath all that repressed anger and those scary stage-struck issues.

 Her vintage bags were all packed and ready to go, she just needed The Phoenix to pick her up and soar them both away to the desert where all the neon magic happens under the stars.

Baby Jane never got those Burning Man tickets.
Instead she dissolved into eternal, blissful madness.

But her headband survived the ordeal of her past.
Ah dreams ... at least the disgraceful "slapper" make-up, dancing gear and headband are all real.
Secret Garden rose headband - now available from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
T-shirt - Ms Minx's shop, I think
1960s green petti-skirt - Etsy
Galaxy suspender leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - F21 sale


  1. LOL! What a shock, I have seen those galaxy leggings a few times... but I didn't know they looked like that underneath your skirt. Almost fell of my chair.

    :( Why the cruel universe not gift you with Burning Man tix? You deserve to go. You've EARNED it.

    Once again,I have pin envy.

    Ohh... going to check out your store immediately.

    Happy hump day. x

  2. You are ready to blast off in that gorgeous outfit. The lovely petti-skirt will billow softly like a parachute to give you a fairy god-mother (or maybe wicked witch would be much more fun) return to Earth - if you want to come back! Oh how I do like Baby Jane's lipstick...!

  3. Loving your uniqueness and your new eye make up.
    I wish you NOTHING BUT THE BEST in your shop adventure, and I do wish i could hug you tight one day.

  4. Oh wow those suspender leggings are just amazing!

  5. you were born to wear crazy leggings and acid tutus and look amazing in them. xxxxxxx

  6. Tremendous. Hilarious leggings. LOVE the shoes.

  7. hahaha you are hilarious!!! GREAT POST, you know i am total sucker for bette davis horror! your little skirt suprise is PRICELESS!!!

  8. You're so cool, I love them sexy saucy leggings. I love that film too. X

  9. You are so delicious Desire. These suspender BM's are so SEXY and this headband is my absolute FAV!!!!!!

  10. Perfect, perfect!! Funny and adorable....

  11. Yikes!!!! My retinas are burning! That movie severely creeped me out when I saw it as a child, especially the "parakeet" scene. Oh Desiree, leave it to you to continue to provide shock, and Awe-someness. Garter-style tights, green crinoline, flowers--it's just all tooo much FAB!


    I'm SO pleased you're replenishing the shop as plumbing traumas in my cellar (no that isn't a euphemism) and some boring unexpected expense has curtailed my pocket money.
    Boo hiss.

    Also - that crinoline squeeeeee!!!!

  13. You would make the coolest grandma or great aunt!

  14. Oh mi Desireeita suspender garter like tights.
    Me wants some vinyl ones now.
    Super eyeing your new hermosa flower headband
    Congrats on your new glorious flower shop!

    Now I know what happen to bebe Jane, she got all prosti make up whore crazy.
    I adorar your eye slap so much.

  15. I'm a 3-time Burner and I can tell you with are MADE for Burning Man! I know a ton of people who weren't able to go this year, meh. We just have to make our own daily Burning Man, eh? :)

  16. Amazing as ever, Desiree!
    That rose headband is an extra pretty one, and paired with the neon green petticoat and Miss Camel-toe, not to mention those spectacular leggings - the overall effect has just about blown my head off!!! xxxxxx

  17. You made me giggle. I call my neck crepe my "turkey wattle". I pro'bly misspelled that...:P

    I really, really want a petticoat! Fire engine red! lol

  18. So cool. I love your blog. It is in my "Favourte blogs" list.

  19. This has got to be ONE OF MY FAVORITE looks of yours! *Owwww owwww owwwwww*
    I love that green petti-skirt!
    Your Eye-makeup!
    Your leggings!
    Your blasted t-shirt!
    The head band!
    So many exclamation marks to exclamate my love! LOL

  20. Ah, a healthy dose of LOL to get me through the day (well, at least until the wine kicks in). And you are not hosting a Wear-Your-Tutu-and-Leggings blog linkup event because....? This must be rectified!

  21. JAYSUS!
    I'm currently in the depths of dry humping are soooooo delectably jezebelly heatheny!I adore that film,but I think we need to remake it,as clearly Baby Jane is a role tailor made for YOU!
    You are a galaxy of orgasmic JOY.
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXX
    O,yay for going into business!Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  22. You are way to fresh-sexy-fun to ever be mentioned in the same sentence as Baby Jane, but... you always make me smile & today you made me laugh! LOL.

  23. You are an absolute blessing. Thank you for your lovely comment on my "Ode to my Belly" post- I LOVE the idea that Mother Nature was kissing me all over! Grateful to have clicked on over to your blog- love your style!

  24. yay.found you.your blog was lost in my mega list of blogs.:( just love your t shirt and those leggings.your flower band is just beautiful.

  25. Pwooooarrrr, galaxy suspended! I've always wanted to go to Burning Man...Next time miss! You look divine! xx

  26. EEkkkk Galaxy tights, bring out the moon man bathing suit!!!!
    love the lime green petticoats, they just make you want to dance and twirl.
    Love V
    The squirrels love you!!!! Thank you for finding a treasure.
    Big furry squirrel Hugs.

  27. This is the Phoenix.
    My very first comment on my wifes blog, but a comment on more than just that.

    Believe it or not my job almost censors me from having a blog and makes me have to wonder if something my wife writes for fun will cost us our house and me my job.

    I've spent my whole life avoiding the censorship/perving/"we want you out because we're worried you'll steal our jobs" 'lemmings'.

    You know, the people that have been socially anaesthetised into wearing (from a male clothing view) chinos, polo shirts, off the shelf Hugo Boss suits, and shoes that ape Italian Style of the 50's and 60's. Car coats. Check shorts. Football shirts whilst they're shopping at the mall for a new power tool.

    This sort of person (man) saddens me. Makes me lose faith in the human race.

    Age 46 I love wearing 1950s USAF flight jackets, Levi 518's (if I can get them) , my 1916 World War one Ace Pilots German full length leather coats, $7 brand new Italian shirts from markets in Calabria, genuine Breton tops, 1930's Peasant clothes, visiting thrift stores and flea markets all over the world.

    My new/old car is a 1973 Ford Cortina exactly like the one used in the British TV series 'Life on Mars' (as an aside - watch this series if you feel like living in the UK in 1973 for a while - the fashions, hairstyles, well, I think its been discussed here already;).

    I will be driving to university in it and parking it next to Chryslers and Nissan Kia Protonbores. May they excite their owners as my pile of old, gold, vinyl roofed coke bottle curved wheels do me, just like the retro ladies with their even older cars and pink caravans! Cool ladies:)

    I do give letures wearing my 1916 leather German flying coat - its the schizophrenic Snoopy/Red Baron in me.

    It was me that bought our pea green Kitchen weighing scales circa 1971 simply because they were so horrendous they were cool!

    Yet I have to hide my identity on the net.


    To keep working or some hope of work, even as a disabled person.

    To ensure my wife and children have a home, food, and in the case of the little ones, safety and the chance of a decent education.

    I wonder how many of us are stuck between a rock and a hard place when we wholly support our wife's/Husband';s/loved one's work, yet it threatens the very security of our family's chances for a future modest and happy life because of other people's (mainly male?) societal ignorance and perving?

    Its a sign of just how censored we are by the suits that my blog is blank.

    I know what I want to write, show, and discuss, but I can't figure a way without some student, senior professor or university janitor from misunderstanding it or consciously 'spinning' it and 'stabbing me in the back'.

    Thank you to all of you for reading my comment and please help me in my quest to define our so called 'freedom of speech'.

    Bless you all for being brave enough to say exactly what you want to say. You make me feel a coward. I lecture on homelessness and methods to defeat it and make our world a little more humane. I wish to keep doing it. I'm traditionalist and wish to look after my family and not clip my wife's wings.

    But the lemmings, the drones, the stuffed shirts, the very people that should embrace freedom of speech and expression, seek to deny this work.

    This is a world where ignorance and sexist comments and viperous work colleagues can take a man's living away, his wife's happiness away in her love for blogging. All just because she is a very special, loved, free spirit.

    I wonder how many of you face similar challenges and what the female equivalent of my chino and polo shirt wearing drone is?;)
    The Phoenix

  28. Phoenix... HELLO!

    We call them the three-quarter-pantsers. We feel sorry for them. They have no idea what their fear costs them.

    I have finally found a job that I LOVE, where being myself is not just tolerated, it is ENCOURAGED and I have never been happier. It's a rare place in the world, I know, and I may never leave. I know how good I finally have it.

    Walk tall. If I saw you in your jacket I would probably pinch your arse and risk your wife's wrath! Totally worth it.

    And fuck me, isn't she fucking SPECTACULAR!?

    Sarah xxx

  29. I swear, you alone could keep Black Milk in business haha... A friend of mine got to go to Burning Man last year and are going again this year if they can again get tickets... I'd love to go someday too! This would be a perfect outfit for it :D

  30. You are amazing. And I am insanely jealous of your galaxy suspenders.

  31. loooove the leggings! looking to sell them? let me know!!


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