Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blue Moon, I Saw You Standing Alone

I have plenty to smile about.
It's school holidays, The Phoenix is a having a bout of good health, autumn is on its way and I dug out one of my favourite blue frocks.

 I found this 1960s frock in an op-shop about five years ago.   
Once upon a time it would have been a long, formal gown, but someone had shortened it.
When the shop assistant spied fag burns and a stain of the front of the skirt (barely noticeable), she gave it to me for a couple of bucks and apologised for hanging it in the shop.
I thanked the goddess of thrifting and let my imagination run wild as to how the mishaps may have played out.

This bridesmaid's frock is killing me after all that trifle, fancy nipping out for a fag?  Wait, I'll bring my glass ... oops, a bit tiddly, hehe!  God did you see the MC's toupee slipping over his ear?  Filthy bugger pinched my bum ... I think Darren spiked this punch, oh god I'm gonna hurl, hold my glass will ya?  Oh sorry mate, I loved those shoes too, here, I'll mop it up with my hem - no one will notice.  Oh god now I need a slash, light me up another will ya love?  Oh that's better - pissing under a full moon, enjoying a fag.  God I rully, rully luff you Carol, you're my best friend ever ... did you know Trace is up the duff?  Her dad told Greg he'd slam his tadge in a door if he didn't do the right thing.  God I hate weddings.  Can't believe Trace made us wear these god awful frocks - you know I rully luff you eh Carol?

Pics by Number Three Son.
1960s satin brocade frock, green bag, bangles and rings - thrifted
Pin-up girl hair clip - Noogal Creations
Cross necklace - Etsy
Czech green beads - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - personal shopped by the glorious Suzanne
1950s leopard bag - Dandelion Vintage


  1. O,how I WISH Scotty would beam me up and over there RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! You are looking scrumlicious in that sweet frock!Accessorised to PERFECTION,I might add!
    Nice bridesmaid monologue there.You've been there before,haven't you?! It's pretty much a standard night of chcick patter from any bogan pub,really!!!

    Ah,fancy some tart ruining that lovely frock like that!Thank GOODNESS you've rescued her and are giving the blue wench some lovely love!
    Love and Lustipops!

  2. The bridesmaid dress story has me rolling, I bet it went just like that! I bet it also never looked that good on the original owner:)
    Here's to sunshine, feeling good and frocks being re-born!

  3. What gorgeous fabric! Such a good score. Love the mish mash of bright colours here :)

  4. The blue dress gets a new life and brings out the brilliance of your eyes. But then you make any outfit shine!

  5. Ooooh, it's my fave blue dress now, too. I also loved your flight o' fancy it inspired, although as a dumb American, I didn't quite understand all of it, although I got th' drift :)

  6. What a celebration of life you are. Love that shade of shiny blue and the cinderella jelly slippers you seem to be wearing with it. Wishing you, your sweet Prince Charming and your beautiful family a wonderful week! xo. -Bella Q

  7. You look fabulous! I love the shoes.

  8. That dress has so much personality on you! Love the texture on it, adore the crazy story!

  9. Deeeeeeelightful frock Miss Desiree. Xx

  10. Bits of that bridesmaid monologue sound just like me last Sunday evening..LOL You look absolutely divine. That color looks so beautiful on you. Such a lovely dress. Living for those handbags! XO

  11. If your frock has had half as much adventure as your imagination credits it, it's had a wonderful life so far. I can't wait to hear the next chapters! I love this dress and heart your heart shoes.

  12. Hahaha, I think you nailed it! Although I'm sure none of my bridesmaids would have been so uncouth ;-)

    It's a great colour. Glad all is well with you and yours x

  13. The whole ensemble looks fab. I love your imagination lol. X

  14. ha ha I love that story. I want to think up stories for my vintage dresses too!! Love the fascinator too xxx

  15. Oh bless - poor Blue Moon was stuck in a bin bag after a brief dunk to remove the worst of the sick from her hem (cos the bridesmaid had more class than to send something with puke on it to the charity shop). Nonetheless, the poor soul who was stock sorting did have to use almost a full tin of Febreeze to get the ciggie smell out. Blue Moon was shoved on a wire hanger (her skirt bunched up beneath) and joined the other 'Bargain' wedding stock.

    Grunge Girl was sulkily browsing - looking for something to wear to a distant cousins wedding where she had been asked to be a bridesmaid (family guilt).

    It may have been Blue Moon's generally seen-better-days look or the faint smell of ciggies that appealed the most - but for a bargain, special-offer, for gawds sakes somebody buy it price - Blue Moon was back in a bin bag and on her way out the door with Grunge Girl.

    Later, in Grunge Girl's bedroom - she got out the scissors - and with one eye on a cutting of Courtney Love, taped to her wardrobe door - Blue Moon was abbreviated.

    Now, dear reader - at this point D should have materialized with floral headpiece in hand. Grunge Girl made do with a lot of backcombing, a can of hairspray, ripped fishnets and a pair of scuffed, black DMs....

    (your turn)

  16. I can totally see that all happening! It's a gorgeous dress, it's definitely had a happy ending living with you. xxx

  17. Love the imagined dialogue but love the dress even more. I used to have a wiggle dress in a darker blue in a very similar material - sigh - where the devil is it now, I wonder. Adore the hair clip. xx

  18. Hilarious, love your imagination, glad to see there's someone out there as mad as me. The dress looks lovely on you btw :)

  19. Now there'e the writer in you peaking her head out, Desiree!
    Love the frock, love your wedding scenario, and love you! You're looking so naughty-but-nice in Blue Moon and all your delicious accessories.
    Good to hear the Phoenix is having some better days, send him my love. xxxxxxx

  20. oH Desiree!!!!!!!
    Great dress and OMG how funny! Love your slang and love the drunken fag hag! (i am a fag hag, but it means something tOTALLY different here,LOL) it means i adore and have a bunch of gay 'girlfriends'.........

    You clever devil- i just love ya!!!

  21. Oh that is what "Vintage" is all about!!! The story that these threads already have or are waiting for.
    She is a wee poppet of brocade loveliness and so wanted her story told by one truly amazing and beautiful lady with a clever imagination.
    Big squirrels hugs to you and your lovely family.
    Happy Easter bunnies
    Love v

  22. Amor,
    What a frocktastic blue brocade dress, love how you revamped it up short. Loving your sexy Mama legs.
    You know i never been a bridesmaids.
    Your purple pin up hair clips is so bonito.
    Glad your hombre is feeling a lot better.

  23. I agree with Judith, the blue dress does bring out your beautiful blue eyes. That's a pretty hairstyle for you too. I love those shoes.


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