Monday, April 23, 2012

Sisterhood of the Teleporting Pants

I've given up on autumn ever arriving.
Brisbane had a couple of false starts but I'm afraid they were simply premature misfires of the meteorological kind.

When I spotted the spectacular Aminta absolutely killing a pair of velvet shorts a while ago, I decided it was still shorts weather and I simply needed more, more, more!
So I clicked on her link to the Boodwah Etsy shop and was teleported to Instant-Carni-Pleasure-Land.

The adorable Jayne of Boodwah whipped me up a special order of green bloomers with fancy-pantsy trim.
If winter ever arrives, I'll be wearing them over thick tights and leggings - yay!!

Cotton top, vintage bag, tribal earrings and necklaces, bangles - thrifted
Bloomers - Boodwah
Black Beauty headband - from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
VW Melissa Mary Janes - shopped by the lovely Suzanne
"D" scrabble ring - gifted by luscious Nelly
Pink skull bracelet - from booty gal, Krista
Glass "eye" bead bracelet - from my flower gal, Curtise
Leather bangle - swap gift from clever Erica Louise

Have you seen sweet Nelly's custom-made headband I made for her?
Yes, I do special orders, so if you need help deciding on a floral headpiece, let me know what you have in mind, or send me a pic of you and I'm sure we can make the magic happen!

This is my latest creation.
She's called Spellbound and she deserves such a name:).
A one-off headband made from very soft fabric tea roses, she's made with love and ... well, she's special.
You can snap her up in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Happy Monday:)
Desiree xo


  1. I'm a bit in love with Spellbound!
    and your shorts, you find the best carni stuff!

  2. So colorful!! I just love it <3 ... I will do a post very soon to feature your Sassy Vamps shop... you are an artist :D

  3. You're SO rocking those shorts, Desiree (love the colour and trim)!! And I love an arm party too... yours are just too wonderful, so much to ooh and aah over! Gorgeous, gorgeous :))

    Catherine x

  4. Wow! Gorgeous shorts to show off fab legs. M x

  5. Gorgeous! I love the shorts and your Bowie t-shirt.

  6. Desireeita,
    I am in a hynotic trance at your Christmasy/Mexi choni shorts.
    Aye!! look at those erotic legs.
    Your Melissa blue shoes are enticing me too.
    another gorgeous rose headband? Wowsa!! your rose headbands just keep getting better and better amor.
    I'm in jewel heaven.
    check you out!

  7. Darling shorts! They'll be so cute over a pair of black tights as well.. maybe with a black jacket & a plain white tee? Just sayin' :O)

  8. you really really DO have the saucy-est gams on the planet!!!! how could you ever hid such beauty in trousers! ah winter- you rob us of the sight of the SUPER GAMS!

  9. Just HOW long are your legs, Madam? Miles long, I'd say - the perfect pins for those fabulous shorts with the cute tartan trim.
    Love Black Beauty but Spellbound is rather special, isn't she?
    Teleport yourself over here, darling, I'd like to give you a big ol' kiss! xxxxxxxx

  10. You're a spectacular colorful pin-up!!! Pretty pretty!!

  11. Well I just love all your bangles and jewellery! Especially the massive orange pendant, it's gorgeous.
    You can have some of our autumn down here in Melbourne if you like, it's tit-freezingly cold today.

  12. That metropolis of gewgaws and bangles on your hands and arms deserves applause. You're the best! I look forward to see your smashing shorts with tights and leggings.

  13. Lovey dovey lovey love love love!!! Those bloomers are KILLER - you and Curtise both have the best legs in blogland. I just love the beautiful colour combo and of course, I am frickin GREEEN with envy for your bangles and bracelets. And Spellbound is truly spellbinding. I love her. And you!

    Sarah xxx

  14. You are sooooooooooo adorable, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my beautiful Desiree.

  15. Who wears short shorts- you of course. Pink and green makes me weak in the knees ( I love that Sarah painted her house these colors) you have the sexiest pins around! That new headband is glourious!
    You will be happy to know when I wore the one you made me to pick up my niece at the bus stop all the kids were snapping my picture, suburbia, god do they need more people like us or what?! Yes they do!
    I love you dear!


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