Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Leopard Changes Her Spots

I'm sitting here with The Stylist wrapped up in a quilt, sitting on my lap as I type this.
She's nearly as tall as me, but still so cuddly.
We went to see Mirror, Mirror on Sunday, a good excuse to stuff ourselves stupid on sushi afterwards.

I wore a "new" pair of 1970s black satin Super Flares from the gorgeous Jill's Etsy shop, Adeline's Attic Vintage.
They look a bit creased here but that's because I've just exited the cinema after sitting with my ankles around my neck.
Then eating like a queen.
Great way to spend a Sunday.

The Stylist got snap happy - thank you sweetie:)).

1970s leopard-print dressing gown, silver granny beads, 1970s sunnies, earrings - thrifted
Lace headband - handmade by moi
Bowie t-shirt - Ms Minx's shop
Patchwork bag - Two Squirrel's Vintage
Green velvet wedges - Nine West sale
Hologram "eye" pendant - Original Seed
Rings - Hornbag Helga

I've been searching for powered glitter eyeshadow with super staying power.
I found it in Calla Cosmetics' Etsy shop and once I discovered I wasn't limited to my first choice, silver, I went a wee bit mad over this mineral powder magic.
As you can see.
The tube is a light, sheer glue to smear over the desired glitterati areas, then I used a brush to dab on the magical fairy dust.
You can go as light or heavy-handed as you like.
I'm afraid I don't know what light-handed means.

Sequin beret - thrifted
1950s wiggle frock - Etsy
Melissa shoes - shopped by darling Suzanne

I just HAD to wear my new eyeshadow to take The Stylist to ballet tonight
Then while Number Three Son was flinging himself around the dance floor at the school disco, it was a quick change then off for more gorging.
Tonight it was Greek platters of heaven at Char Char in West End.

 1960s crochet bag, 1970s lurex top, green heart ring - thrifted
Lace headband - handmade by me
Earrings and more rings - Baroness von Trollop
Reptilian leggings - Black Milk
Same-same shoes

 The face of culinary happiness.

 Focus people - this is to demonstrate the longevity of the glitter after five hours of wear.

Mrs Smarty-Pants feeling smug, full, happy ... and glittered.
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Marvellously splendidly fabulously perfectly EXQUISITE! The wide legged pants make me quiver with joy - and the leopard jacket (dressing gown, you say?) is SUPERB!!! I do wonder about those glittery eye shadows as I am bit paranoid about getting glitter into my eyeballs - but I am, of course, desperate to be a glitter-lidded queen too. The Stylist gets more gorgeous every day! Sarah xxx

  2. Soooooooooooo wonderful both of you. Pure joy, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Wow Fantastic style and outfits where to begin?? love the headband you made ~Love the gray dress as well and the nighttime outfit looks fantastic also! Your all glittered up. That looks like some great makeup you found. Don't you just love Etsy!! I grew up not allowed to wear makeup and I still am teaching myself the basics hehehe....My goal this year is to figure out how to do the smokey eye ~You look beautiful and your headbands are wonderful love the new one and the colors you chose ~Love Heather

  4. LOVE love love the graphic tee with the leopard jackets. Always one of my favorite all time looks!

  5. Smug indeed, and rightly so my love.xx.

  6. What a killer day and night! You look sexy as ever in both outfits! The glitter is sparkletastic, I must try this magic for myself! You Greek dinner OMG I want to be there gobbling it up with you! These headbands are fantastic, maybe add them to you shop, I'd have to have one!

  7. The glitter...I NEED SOME! Please show us some glittery lips, you must! You look fab in all of your outfits, no wonder the stylist couldn't stop photographing you! Beautiful women! Xxx

  8. Very groovy outfits! I've always wanted to find glittery eyeshadow that I could wear to Vegas. I'll have to check out that Etsy shop.

  9. So much joy! Three wonderful outfits! Glitter! FOOD! The Stylist!
    I am overcome with all the gorgeousness!
    Love the wide leg trousers, that wiggle dress is phoooaaarrr! and lurex'n'legging - hot hot hot!
    Smug, full,happy and be-glittered - that's a great way to feel, and so you should! xxxxxx

  10. Lady, those satin trousers were MEANT for your amazing, stylish, fabulous self. SO HAPPY to see you rockin' them!!!!!!! Thanks for the link to my little shop!

  11. So many wonderful elements here, I don't know which to gush over first! The leopard print, headband and jewelry are so striking together. And I'm kind of nuts over the shoes and orange toenails in the last photos. (And your stylist is completely adorable, of course, and a great photographer as well!)

    Nice food, too. Mmmmmmm......

  12. Hey, I just bought a 60's men's silk paisley robe and was thinking it would make a fine jacket, thanks for the continued inpiration, love all your outfits, and that Bowie tee is the perfect rock & roll touch, just wow!

  13. Great outfits you look so glamous in the first two outfits i love your first lace head piece that is gorgeous. dee xx

  14. wonderfully glittering outfits, love that '30's star on leopard coat' inspiration so pretty to go to the cinema, and love your glitter shades, and always love your leggings and style to rock them!!

  15. It always warms my heart to hear about you spending so much time with your daughter, and that you both enjoy it! I love my mom, but we never really bonded, and it tickles me pink to see it here :) I love that glittery eyeshadow! You wear it fantastically. I'm so bad with rubbing my eyes though, it'd be smears of glitter in no time. Wearing that leopard housecoat as outwear is also brilliant!

  16. Wow, you look totally gorgeous in all three get-ups. The grey dress is casual but you've made it come alive and sizzle with that beret and those amazing shoes...not to mention the minxy make-up. Like your new cyber-maid headdresses. I'm sitting here pondering what BLUE PUFF is and why it becomes illegal on the first of May? May I also compliment you on your use of crate as prop in pics, wicked ;)
    Lot's of love,

  17. Your outfits are always so detailed and visually interesting that I study the details and work my way slowly down your posts, so I was startled to see the 1950s wiggle dress midway - which looks like something *I'd* wear on my rather conservative ol' let's get dressed for work again blog :P I love your eyeshadow. I think I need a wiggle dress, too :)

  18. I love the lurex jacket. And I have new eyes now for dressing gowns...

  19. Your style range is amazing and I really love the glitter eyeshadow. The wiggle dress with sequin beret was perfect for the ballet and of course the leopard print dressing gown for sushi with The Stylist is perfection.

  20. What fabulous outfits! I especially love the leopard jacket and the 70's wide legged trousers! Very glam!

    Love and Lustipops!

  22. Every outfit is bloody fabulous!! I can't choose a fave, though I was suprised by seeing you in a more muted femme fatale grey and how damn cool you look in it

  23. I've always wondered, does your little stylist take after you? Does she wear darling little outfits with bold colors and such? You two are so cutesy together =-) That glitter look is to die for!

  24. You and the Stylist truly shine. With or without your glitter.

  25. I love those high waisted pants on you. And your eye makeup is fantastic.

  26. Too much glitter is never enough! I love your little swirly metallic heels too! It's always good over here. :)

  27. Those satin flares are da bomb with that leopard print jacket, and then you pile on the awesomeness with eye glitter and a sparkly top and shiny pants!!! I am in love with those Melissa shoes; I wish I could get a pair to fit me :(
    I will order a headband soon (thx for the shipping info); I am waiting for my paycheque!

  28. A huge hug to the Stylist! LOVE the very first look so much!!!!!! I gotta find a vintage tee from a glam rocker (Bella is rockin one today,too!)
    LoVe the headbands,too!

  29. Aye!!!
    So much sparkly gorgeouness amor!
    Your making my chiari act up, leopard coat robe you say?
    Your a genius! Love you in high waisted pants.
    We truly are separated at birth,i am waiting on a glitter order of eyeshadows.
    Your shiniing in grey wiggle dress, slobbering over melissa grey shoes.
    You and the stylist are such bonitas, adorar you two out enjoying yourselves.
    Mmmm greek food is da bomb!
    Oh yes you gotta make us some lace headpiecs to model.

  30. Oh my gosh the fabulousness just keep coming and ended in a glitter bomb!!!!!!!!
    I just love the wide leg high waisted black pants!!!
    Then the grey wiggle dress beautiful.
    Then the sparkle amazing eyes.
    EEEeeeeeek I think I need a drink of sparkles maybe!!!!
    Oh and dinner, sooooo hungry after all that yummy food shown!!!
    Gosh Miss stylist is pretty.
    Love and glitter bombs V
    Miss patchwork bag loves that she is yours!!!!! Thank you

  31. ADORE the leopard dressing gown - scrumptious!
    With your beaded cap, glitter and silver top & silver shoes, you give Miss Fisher a run for her money in the glam flapper stakes. I'm looking for the scandalously short fringed dress!

  32. What an exciting and busy few days you've been having and what fabulous outfits to be busy in! Love your super duper pretty glitty eyeballs! That glitter glue stuff must be bloody good.. *bookmarks etsy shop*

    The stylist is so freaking adorable! She reminds me of one of my childhood friends (and still now friend) They would have looked quite similar had they ever met at that age (which would be impossible obviously) but you get the picture!

    You seriously have the best show and head accessory collection known to man.. or woman! xxx

  33. You are magical, a godess! I just looooove you <3

  34. This is so nice darling! What do u say about following each other?:X


  35. That leopard look is amazing! Please don't change your spots xx


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