Friday, April 13, 2012

Frockin' Charmed!

Nothing bad happened.
But then Friday the 13th has always been a special day for The Phoenix and I.
Just in case there were a few evil pixies lurking in the undergrowth though, I wore something special.

Yes, it's another stage costume from my favourite oppy, Aid for the Blind - I got it in one of their half-price sales for about $5.
It's a wonderful thickly woven cotton which feels positively ancient, very heavy and wonderful swishy.
I love its lurex and red braid details.

 How could I resist those sleeves?

 Quite a bit of bling happening here and I decided it was definitely a double headband day.

 Joan of Arc accompanied me on my travels today - safety in numbers with a kick-arse biatch at my side.

The Stylist took all of today's pics and very sweetly chalked up the concrete before this shot - a true stylist indeed:).

Frock, green bag, sunnies, green glass heart ring, silver locket - thrifted
VW Melissa Temptations II - Amazon
Blue headband - market stall
Stone and feather necklace - Original Seed
Rings on right hand - craft shops and Etsy
Oh and what have we here?
The gorgeous Curtise!!!

You really MUST visit Curtise's wonderful blog, The Secondhand Years, where she shows us the beautiful blue bloomers she bought on the same day as the delish red pair she recently gifted me.
The darling has done a lovely post wearing the Freshly Squeezed headband I sent her, now in my shop.  
She's a legend!
I hope you're all looking forward to a right tasty weekend!
Desiree xo


  1. Fab outfit! I've scored a few treasures from that op shop too. Xx

  2. Oh, those sleeves!!! Wonderful. I do love those shoes as well, the colour makes me hungry for plums and mulled wine....yum! Curtise is just divine! xxxx

  3. Ooo what an outfit, your headbands are getting better and better, love them so much. Which Aid for the Blind do you shop at in Brissie? I may be visiting soon, and need a run down of the bestest oppies xx

  4. How amazing are Curtise's legs? Your's are too, but she's always hiding them.

    You find the best dresses and always look like a stunner!


  5. Phwoar, can wait to dry hump your hot swingin' self next month young lady!!! Double headbanding, just when I thought you'd thought of everything!!
    Love ya stuff hot cheeks.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  6. I love your magical long sleeved dress!!!

  7. OOOooooh - I LOOVE that fab frock! The sleeves are divine and I too love the lurexy sparkle arkle details! The double headband is inspired and all of the FABULOUS accessories are perfection, as always. You and Ada keep melissas in business!

    Isn't Curtise STUNNINGLY FAB in those blue bloomers! She has HOT legs too!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Oh and is that gold gliiter over red polish??? love it!

  9. These photos are so beautiful!!
    Too bad that I live so faraway because I need the Stylist to help me with my image!!
    I love the costume-frock with the high waist and the sumptuos bell-sleeves and all your accessories!!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  10. Look at your wonderful witchy-wizardy magical self!! That fabulous frock makes me think of a medieval temptress knocking up a love potion or two for her bold sir knight. Or is that just me?!
    Anyway, just I've got my head round double-bagging, now you're double-headbanding! And don't you look divine? Wow indeed!
    Thanks for the shout-out, darling, that's kind of you. Being "Freshly Squeezed" by you has done me the power of good, I can tell you!
    Have a fabulous weekend! xxxxxx

  11. Happy Friday the 13th! Yowza you just keep upping the anty you should be commissioned to save the world in that sorcery apprentice dress. I love all the extra bling and Curtise did you proud huh? Love you both more than magic!

  12. Wow you look so frigging awesome! You look like you stepped out of the sixties and are just rocking it.

  13. I couldn´t have resisted those eleeves either, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I have already seen your strong influence in Curtise bloomers. You are both a gorgeous, ahhhhhhh.

  14. What I am wondering is... Where is (Aid for the Blind) getting all these fabulous costumes from?! I very rarely find cool costumes at my thrift stores. *BAH*
    You look super fabulous and mysterious in your big sleeved frock.

  15. Oh wow, those sleeves are to die for, that really does look like a swishy fun dream. I'm really digging the double headbands too :D You look fab! Lovin' that dark lipstick on ya too!

  16. Love it - you remind me of Morgan le Fay or someone similarly Arthurian. And I did enjoy Curtise's homage to your style - you're both fab

  17. Love the dress with the rings and the lippy!

  18. If you were leading pagan rites, I'd join right in. You look good, Girl!

  19. That dress is amazing! You look like a shaman (of awesomeness).

  20. Ha you scared me for a second I thought you fell down ;D hehehe....My daughter was stomping around all day saying Ugh it's Friday the 13th waiting for something to happen Lol! Love your layered headband effect it looks wonderful. And those shoes oh Vivienne shoes just add more drama don't you think ~A smashing outfit needs smashing shoes ;) and OH don't go on about trim I am such a sucker for any clothing with cute trim or embroidery on it hehe ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  21. Your first photo is dreamy! I have a painting on the floor of my studio and was thinking of doing a similar shot tomorrow morning - now I am convinced that I HAVE to do it! Those sleeves alone are worth much more than 500 pennies! But the dress would be nothing without your magic (and those awesome accessories).

    I agree, Curtise is a legend!!

  22. Gorgeous! I love your nails and lipstick and of course the fabulous shoes.

  23. You sexy fairy bruja!
    I adorar your blue frock costume so mucho. shiny trimmings of Lurex and those wonderful sleeves. I have died!
    eyeing your gorgeous gold nails.
    Aye. and Melissa shoes always melt mi corazon.double flower headbands is what is all about amor.

  24. Oh and Curtiseita has me perving over her magnificent legs now.

  25. Desiree, you look like an all-powerful priestess/goddess/empress of all things fabulous in that dress. The sleeves alone are worth the price, and the colour is the BEST! I will be ordering a headband from your shop soon (just waiting to get paid...)


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