Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick Change Super Pants

Can you tell I'm rather pleased it's school holidays?
It's Sunday which means lots of strong tea, hot buttered raisin toast, children playing and me sneaking off to lay prone at every opportunity.
Something like this.

School holidays means I have The Stylist back in her photographer/styling role.  Yay!!
Not that bag mum, the other one.
Love how she bosses mama around.
Mama doesn't always take heed, but it's lovely to have an invaluable opinion.

Off to take The Stylist and her BFF swimming, I leapt at the chance to wear my new bloomers the utterly wonderful Curtise sent me last week.
They are the most comfortable pants ever and I pranced about in them all day, much to the delight/shock of many out for their Sunday stroll.

Sunday relaxing can be just so jolly tiring!
Especially when spending the day with a space man's hand down my pants.

Black rose headband - handmade
Red bloomers - gifted by that wonderful backyard bunny, Curtise
VW Melissa shoes - Melissa Australia sale
Flower pendant - birthday gift from the gorgeous Vix
Metal and enamel pendant, green bag - thrifted
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Red and white sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Check out those soft, lacy frills - ever been in love with a pair of pants before?

Dinner at a wonderfully loud, local Italian restaurant meant a quick change into my 1970s green lurex super-flares, popping in a few random hair clips, bangles and earrings plus a flick of black liner.

Swimsuit, necklaces and wedges - as before
1970s lurex flares - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
1960s silver bag, bangles - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by my rainbow girl, Krista
Pink zip clip - gifted by the lovely Erica Louise
Earrings, red rose and green bow clips - craft shops

Look at that cheeky boy doing a parkour vault!  I'm sure Number Three Son has springs in his legs.
I hope you've all had a fantabulous weekend my lovelies!
Desiree xoxo


  1. always love every swimsuit you wear and your red sunnies!, but that red bloomers are really to die for and you look so fabulous in them!
    besos & glam

  2. Oh how I wanna lay in the sun with you in my turquoise bloomers taking about all sorts of nonsense:) I love yours especially paired with the space suit. Spring break, here's to long lazy days and sparkle! Give that sweet husband of yours a Krista bear hug as I hope he's doing well.
    Love you!

  3. The bloomers are MAGNIFICENT! And how I love that wonderful Neil Armstrong swimsuit - one day it shall be mine. You are so spectacular in both outfits, Desiree - I love that the swimmers can easily translate from day to night in your exquisitely capable hands! Big hugs for The Stylist, The Phoenix, The Parkour Prince and the rest of your marvellous crew!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Girlfriend...don't EVER lose your sense of humor....OR style! Greetings from across the pond in sunny (not) Wisconsin! Susan

  5. Those bloomers are the best yet! You look bloody gorgeous! How cute do you look with your hair tucked behind your ears, too? You've got a cracking tan, I'm so envious! Enjoy the hols. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I LOVE the color and texture of the green purse. It looks all soft and velvety. Love the man on the moon bathing suit.

  7. loving you in those red frilly bloomers. Aren´t you clever, and beautiful in them.
    Loving the green like skirt pants.
    Gorgeous always and fun, fun, fun.

  8. You make me laugh! I love the swimsuit and the spaceman's hand down your bloomers line!

  9. You look amazing! As always. The bloomers are awesome. I would never take them off. And the swimsuit ... Swoon. Oh and the green bag is one of my favourites!

  10. Capt. Armstrong, remove your hand from that lady's bloomers immediately!
    I can't believe how amazing you look in those frilly bloomers, they could have been made for you. As I told you, the lady whose stall I bought them from said "If you don't mind me asking, what on earth are you going to do with them?" And I replied "I know JUST the person to wear them!"
    And those lurex trousers are one of my favourites of your wonderful wardrobe, they are quite delicious. As are YOU! xxxxxx

  11. Wow those flares are huge ;-) But gorgeous and sparkly. Loving those red frilly shorts you look real cute. Enjoy the holidays with your children, dee xx

  12. Space Mans hand down your pants... NO WONDER you are smiling in all the pictures you cheeky Broad!
    You look exquisite in your bloomers I must say. I have the same red pair that came with my red petticoat. I haven't worn them yet though.
    I love your hair in the dinner photos. It looks SOOO CUTE!

  13. You look gorgeous - lovely tan. Those bloomers are brilliant although I am pleased to see the green flares getting an outing, I remember you getting those in an earlier post - honeymoon?

    RAH RAH RAH for school holidays and not having to get up but BOOOO to more bloody mess everywhere! I need a warm outdoors to throw them into!


  14. I knew you'd do something wonderful with those saucy bloomers--and set the blogosphere and your neighborhood talking.

  15. I so love those bloomers but I am equally in love with the 1970s flares! I can practically hear Abba playing in the background! Any chance you can join Adrienne and me for our colorblocking post? You can send me a picture in the next two days if you have the time. We'd love to have you join us! XO, Jill

  16. I declare,that spacemans hand is rather appropriately on target!!!
    Ah,you glorious minx,prancing around in those fabulous frilly bloomers like the world owes you money! Just beating it to within an inch of it's life......yeaaaaaaah!
    You are SUCH a splendid thrill to my day!!!Perks me up more than a cup o coffee,perving at you does!
    Love and lustipops!

  17. I thought that those bloomers were the most magnificent pants I had ever seen, until I saw the lurex flares & now I can't decide! They are both incredible!

  18. I love how the astronaut seems to be emerging from your lurex! A sparkly green Mars. I also love that colourful jungle on your arms and in your hair. Truly, gorgeous!

  19. Naww, lovely to see me ol' zipper hair clip, I wore your daisy headband at Hawaiian wedding on Sunday too! Hope to have pics soon xx

  20. Could those amazing bloomers be happier with anyone else????????
    No they couldn't!!!!!!!
    The sparkle flares are brilliant, they are like a the milky way of stars, perfect for a moon man at night.
    You are just amazing!!!

    Love V

  21. What a lovely Sunday with kids, amazing outfits and sun!!
    That swimsuit is stunning with both your awesome pants and I really love your evening hairstyle!

    I really can't manage to look as good as you while my girls do their parkour numbers!!

  22. Ha! I love your bloomer-shorts. Very pretty.

  23. Gorgeous!! Those bloomers are amazing and you rock them! So are the super flares! xxxx

  24. You I like lust over your ruffly knickers amor!
    Those lurex flares are making me want to pull them down.
    You swimsuit's are always so original amor.
    how is the Phoenix doing? hope he is better.
    luv ya

  25. That swimsuit is so cool! Especially with those hot red pants))

  26. This post makes me wonder why everyone doesn't wear red bloomers. They rock!

  27. OMG, those ruffled bloomers are BRILLIANT!!! I used to have a burgundy-coloured pair when I was in my 20's and they were so much fun to wear under short skirts. I don't think I would have had the nerve to wear them on their own. You are definitely my hero(ine)!

  28. You had me at "1970's Lurex Flares".. :D

    And I desperately need a pair of shorts like look phenom. XO

  29. <3<3 !!! Loooooooooove this... what else can I say.. I just want to get my ass over there , we would have so much fun!!

  30. I can't believe how you manage to do that every time!? I come here and look at your outfits and go "ooooh" every freaking time :D Green lurex palazzo pants are awesome! They would go brilliantly with 30's style aswell ;)

  31. Love how you unfailingly add the 'extra' onto 'ordinary': take one swimming costume and one pair of frilly knickers and emerge looking fabulous.

  32. I love your blog and I feel so proudly to revieve comments from you. Thanks a lot.

  33. HELLZ YES THEM PANTS!!! I love those suckers and they look killer on you, but you can rock anything :D I really dig the red bloomers too and they look fantastic, and it's so funny how the astronaut really looks like he's just coppin' a wee feel haha!


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