Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey Baby, Slip Me Some Skin!

Scary, freaky, unnatural, hideous and awesome...
All words to describe the looks and reactions to these new leggings I splashed out on and wore out for the first time today.

You wanna closer look don't you?
I know, they're like a train wreck, kind of shocking but ... Can't.  Look.  Away.

Will you look at that?  My fly is down - lucky I'm wearing muscle leggings eh?
Apparently the art design on these leggings is anatomically correct but I'm sure all you physios and med workers can confirm whether that's right.
Not that I care really.  
If someone tells me the patella on the left leg is too high, I'm afraid these super pants will not be spending the rest of their life in a drawer;) - hehe!

To create uber happiness for me and mass confusion for the public, I decided to wear them with a very frilly and lacy 1950s peach cotton blouse and some 1980s leather cut-off shorts.
It worked.
What IS the point of stepping out of the house NOT looking the way you want to feel?
Uber happiness - Check.
Mass confusion for the public - Check and check.

 I'm still doing the gold confetti nail varnish - I think it will take me several weeks or months to work through my bucket of nail polishes with added sparkles.  Yay!

 The headband is not one of mine, it's the only one I own that I haven't made myself and I love it's demure sweetness.

 Metallic silver toes.
Another first - I can't stop looking at my feet!

Have you seen my arse muscles?
Here's a pic by The Stylist, the day these babies turned up.

At first the leggings took some getting used to.
Y'know, what with missing some skin an' all.
But they feel like any other pair of BM leggings and I forgot about them until people started staring at them today and they ended up causing a wee stir.

Leggings - Black Milk
1950s blouse - Etsy
1980s leather shorts - Bitching and Junkfood
Headband - market
Velvet wedges - Nine West sale
Green granny bag, earrings, green glass heart ring - thrifted.
Pink skull bracelet - from darling Krista
Glass-eye bead bracelet - from gorgeous Curtise
Thank you so much for all your wonderful support over my new shop Sassy Vamps!
I've already sold out of two styles, but I'll be uploading more tonight for all you honeys:).

Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh wow what will black milk come up with next! I'd love to of been there to see peoples reactions! Few people could rock these as well as you do. xx

  2. YES! You look so fabulously FIERCE! The leggings are beyond fantastical! Ahhh! And with the shorts and peach shirt--divine! The sweet headband to top it all off..you continue to inspire me! :D

    "What IS the point of stepping out of the house NOT looking the way to want to feel?" <---My new motto! :D

  3. It's funny how bones on clothing have become almost mainstream but muscles still freak the sh*t out of people (I must admit I'm slightly taken aback myself). The outfit as a whole is awesomely crazy as always, though!

  4. Your new leggings are like Gunther von Hagens's plasticized bodies come to life. Creepy, fascinating, with the emphasis on the latter. I think trendy road cyclists should wear these, especially in the Tour de France, because they show off muscles much better than plain spandex tights. You are magnificent!!

  5. Oh man, they are AWESOME! They're like those internal organ cycling tops you get (dave has one) but a million times better!

  6. Such an unique piece, Desiree, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. OK I need those leggings! SO DAMN COOL!

  8. Eeeekkkk I am so excited that you have a shop!!! A Sassy Vamp shop!!!! Happiness is more lovely ladies in Desiree's beautiful creations!!!!!!!!
    Knock your socks off or is that skin???? Those tights are bloody or is that fleshy AMAZING!!!!
    All I keep thinking of was Robbie Williams in that video with the roller skaters. I don't want to rock DJ, Miss Desiree.
    Love Ya. V

  9. Desiree you are the most awesome person ever! Those leggings are sooo freaky but ever so cool!! I'm going to check out your Sassy Vamp shop because god knows I've drooled over your creations more than once! xxx

  10. Those leggings are hilarious. I'm surprised you don't have an entire bodysuit. But you look super cute in them with that little ruffled shirt & shorts.

  11. those are absolutely gorgeous leggings!

  12. Weird, wacky and wild but look damn wonderful on you! Just had a bit of a catch up of your recent posts. It's like reading the hottest, funkiest clothing mag around. Brightened up my boring lunch hour at work no end. Have a great week. M x

  13. I would definitely love a headband and your shipping price is pretty good.

    I think they are spectacular leggings. Not sure of anatomical detail, I only know that names of diseases. I'm very happy thinking of you causing confusion to the general public - they can be boring can't they?

  14. Shut the front door eeeeeeekkkk I was hoping you picked up these over the top crazy ass leggings! Totally remins me of the Bodies In Motion exhibit which was creepy and fascinating. They look killer on you, as do all your BM clothes! I would have loved to see the stir you caused in these but if I saw you I'd have to give those legs a nice rub:)

    So happy to see people buying up your fabulous headgear, you are making the world more beautiful one head at a time! I just love mine to death!

    Keep being you because no one else can.

  15. I love the black milk anatomy leggings and they look awesome on you,
    perfect outfit!!
    I'm going to have a look at your shop and I hope that you ship worldwide!!

  16. Those leggings sort of give me the heebie jeebies! *lol*
    Although I am a squeamish sort of girl (Who gets dizzy at the sight of blood and other silly stuff like that.) I am afraid I may faint if I wore those leggings and looked down. ;) *ahahahaha*

    I would have loved to see the look on peoples faces whilst you were out and about.

    I am Happy to hear Sassy Vamps is doing well! *wahhhooo*

  17. Gotta shake up the neighbourhood a bit, Desiree, we expect it of you!
    Those leggings are freaky but in a totally good way! You always rock leggings like no one else, and these are no exception. I love that you paired them with that demure peachy little blouse and leather shorts. Keep 'em guessing - and staring, and we will keep admiring and applauding! xxxxxxxx

  18. fabulous leggings (as usual) and fabulous style!, love everything about uber happiness and mass confusion for the public!!, uber fabulousness!

  19. Glad to see you're still shaking things up:). I love your style and your attitude!!!

    Blogger seems to have eaten my first comment. Hope this isn't a duplicate.

  20. Black Milk has outdone themselves yet again! I am impressed by your muscular legs and your gluteous maximus.

  21. Oh my God!! I will be getting everything from Sassy Vamps... thats dangerous !!!

  22. Effing Amazing muscle tone there, Girl! I couldn't pull those off, but you are completely fearless when it comes to your outfits, and I LOVE it!

  23. Hahaayyy!!! You look freakingly bellisima! reminds me of HellRaiser my fave movie.
    loving your booty shot.oooh I wonder if they make chi chi ones.
    I cant stop staring at your velvet shoes either.

  24. You know, I don't think I've ever seen arse muscles before! :)

    Those leggings completely rock, and I look forward to seeing more anatomically correct stylings in the future. It's good for the public; they need a bit of a jolt now and then...lol.

  25. Wow those are fantastic!! You give wonderful advice we should all wear what ever makes us happy!! My daughter is studying the human body I should wear these at home....This would add a whole new element to homeschooling LOL!! Maybe she should wear them also!! ~You look fantastic and you wear your muscles well ;~) ~Love Heather

  26. Those leggings are amazing.love the peachy top and your polish.Glitter polish is hard to get off but they look to good not to wear.

  27. Just TOO fabulous. FAAABULOUS! As always, the unexpected mix of demure and FARK and gorgeous and WTF and pretty all just WORK, when put together by your fine, fine hands, Desiree! The leggings are amazing. YOU are amazing. Sarah xxx

  28. Holy crow, those leggings are killer!

  29. I love those crazy muscle leggings! When they first came out I wasn't too sure about them, but then all the awesome photos of people styling them started popping up on the Black Milk fb page - sold!


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