Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Sassy Vamp?

Well I certainly do!
There's quite like nothing whipping on a life-affirming floral headband to make me feel like an indestructible sassy vamp.  Yeah!!
And it seems there are others out there who would like to pop on some floral magic too.
So here 'tis, I'm sharing the love and lifting the skirt on my shop.

How 'bout a wee stroll through the merch, because you never know, there could be a little something to take you from feeling meh, to MEOW!
I ship anywhere and everywhere because the love must be shared.
If you want more than one headband, well duh, of course I'll combine postage for you honeys!
Now it's time to celebrate...

I felt so happy about the opening of my wee shop, I really, really had to wear this crazy stage/skating costume I thrifted this week from Aid for the Blind.
Yet another one of their showgirl jewels I snapped up for a bargain:).
The metallic leggings seemed to jump out of the drawer and land on my legs.

I get so happy when a once-in-a-lifetime outfit like this comes together, I could explode with joy!

I think the frock had been bundled up in the bottom of a bin bag in shameful disgrace for a very long time, before the op-shop guy spotted it and tagged it.
Look, I couldn't even get around to ironing the poor thing, she just HAD to be flaunted ASAP!!

I had small children waving at me and one couple had a right snigger ... which, would you believe, made me super-dooper happy!!
The rest of the population just did the usual walking into poles, dropping shopping bags and stopping dead in their tracks.
Super-bling seems to have a variety of effects on people.

Just around the corner The Stylist spied a 1973 Toyota Corolla to match my frock.
Now THAT'S what stylists are for!

And for looking very cute:).

Green stage show frock, 1960s white crochet bag, earrings, 1950s white beads, bangles - thrifted
Record bag - from Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes
Vintage cross - Etsy
Leggings - Black Milk
VW Melissa Wing shoes - Amazon
Happy days to you!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. I love you sassy Vamp, and I can see there is a sassy vamp on the making.
    have a lovely easter, my dear gorgeous friend!!!

  2. You're both so cute! I love that car too!! How much for UK postage? xxxx

  3. Oh sweet Desire! I have to thank you straight off for my very own magical floral creation, it arrived Friday and I love it to death! You have started a revolution and the gals are gonna snap these up and feel their powers double. I am a superhero when it's on my head.

    This could be one of my favorite dresses yet. I love the color and those leggings are a kalidescope of awesomeness! I love the pictures too you look hot mama! The video cracks me up with the Stylist saying everyone can hear you- hehe!

    I wish the ocean wasn't between us for I'd love to dance, laugh and chill with you. Keep inspiring us all! Your magical!

  4. You are soooo damn adorable. Love the flippy hair do, the legggings, the shades, the bright green dress &, of course, the floral headband! :O)

  5. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  6. You make me wish I knew how to tap dance because this outfit demands a few lovely steps. Okay, I'll fake it...! Congratulations on opening your new cartel!! Your headbands are so delicious. And your minty dress is breath-freshening cool!! You are fabulous.

  7. LOVE the tights

  8. I love your stand-out style, and I love your purple headband!

  9. God i love that green car ;-) And you look just as gorgeous as ever. Congratulations on the shop that is fab news ;-)) dee xx

  10. *Woohoo* Congratulations on your new shop. "HOW EXCITING"
    I feel so super special to have 3 of your creations... Especially the limited edition daisy ;) *heheheh*

    I am in love with that green beauty you are wearing my God it looks gorgeous on you.
    I also loved that car *How Awesome*
    My parents have a Toyota Corolla and it's not even NEAR AS NICE as that 73. ehehahah

  11. "She's mad. The whole street can hear her!"
    Well so bloody what, I say, let the whole street look and listen and marvel at the glory of the Sassy Vamp!
    You look wondrous as ever in that green frock - she needed you to rescue her from the bottom of that bin bag and restore life and THEATRE to her existence, darling! And the leggings, oh my word - the leggings!
    You look amazing. You ARE amazing. Good luck with your shop. xxxxxxxxx

  12. I love the stylist's commentary on the video and the metallic tights are perfect. Congrats on the shop!

  13. I adore that video! The Stylists commentary is a crack-up. That green frock is amazing, and I am having major leg envy right now. Those leggings are amazing!

  14. Oh love your sandals soooo much...

    Congratulations on opening your shop, I wish you all the success!

  15. Green and purple *swoons*. No doubt you will see me sporting this colour combo in a post very soon.

  16. A skating frock?! Only you, Desiree, could carry off such a beauty! Farbuloussness personified!

    May I wish you every success with the shoppe. Spreading your gorgeousness can only be a good thing, non?!


    Fhi x

  17. Yay!!!Congrats on opening Sassyvamps!!!
    Your such a twirly saucy delight in green frock with purple gorgeous headband and magical tights.
    Nice to see the sweet stylist Bella., she is a funny one.
    I know you will sell lots of your pretty flores creations.

  18. Congrats on the opening of your new Etsy shop! Your headbands are so lovely.

    Your post made me giggle, too, not at you, but with you. I actually found your dress to be brightly demure, if there's such a thing.

    I do think I need ankle wings, tho' Will those be in your shop?

  19. Congratulations on Sassy Vamps! The green dress with your purple headband project the perfect picture of spring! Of course with metallic leggings.

  20. All the best with Sassy Vamps! That is so exciting you are opening a shop! Love the green frock!

  21. Desiree will the shop only have headbands or will there be other stuff too?

  22. Everything about that outfit is WIN--and I love how the green car matched the dress!

  23. I love the green dress! It is very funny and stylish. The red sunglasses are a very important thing in the outfit. And the bag is very beautiful. xoxoxo

  24. YES! Love it! :D Those leggings are killer and I adore the colour of that dress! And how twirly it is! I'd wear that myself if I could pry it off ya :P And truths? I rarely iron anything, even when it needs it, even if it's not new hah. I just wear it wrinkled... it's just going to get wrinkled again anyway eh?!


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