Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bonnet? Check!

Just off for a last minute chat with the Easter bunny.
I'll sneak out incognito in this black evening frock and pink frilly hat for a wee chin wag with him about choccy delights.
I'm sure no one will notice.

I might have to tuck into a big bowl of chunky hot chips while I'm out.
The kids' Lent has ended and this year I joined them and gave up chips and crisps.
I was so good Gesu!
Now I can be bad mother-frocker once again.

I'm wearing a 1950s lace and tulle frock, frilly cotton bolero and "Mother" brooch - bargains that arrived this week from Cherrish's scrummy Etsy shop.
Isn't Cherrish such a beautiful name?

The tulle skirt has a couple of sequins attached and I guess it's seen some hardcore partying so I'm keen to spend a couple of nights re-watching Medium from the beginning to get that skirt sparkling once again!

Ahhh yes, my latest obsession is glitter eyeshadow.
This is my first play with it here so forgive any disgraceful application.
Purple-black lipstick is another new obsession - so are my armpits.

I've been giving the hat from Curtise lots of bunny love this week.
1950s frock, 1940s bolero, "Mother" brooch and cross - Etsy
1960s hat, bracelet and coral earrings - gifted by her loveliness, Curtise
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by the pastel princess, Krista
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - eBay
Bangles and ring - thrifted
Happy Easter Bunny to you all my darlings!!
Il dio vi benedice.
Desiree xoxo


  1. Bad mother frocker- ha!!! Awesome. Love the tutu skirt and Melissa shoes!

  2. You are such a bad mother-frocker, in the best possible way! I don't think I could possibly give up hot chips for 40 days. I love your tutu - I'd love to see it with a bit more sparkle as well!

  3. You are a goddess with that magic glitter eyeshadow, but a goddess with a decidedly wicked edge...! Those banglies on your arm are brilliant. Happy Easter.

  4. Have a happy holiday! The new lipstick is very interesting.

  5. Bad Motherfrocker...YEAAAAAAAAH!!!
    Heavenly!Just heavenly!I'm madly jealous of the hat.The frock is to DIE for gorgie.What brand is that lippie,darl?I have an old prupley black that I just adore,but don't wear it often for fear of using it up and not being able to replace it!
    Gonna jam you up against those drawers and bump and grind you to oblivion,baby!
    Love and Lustipops!

  6. Look at all of those hats?!! Omg. Have you seen glitter lipstick? Heaps of girls were wearing it at the Mexican burlesque last weekend. Uh-maze-ing! You'd look fab.

    I fins armpits strangely sexy! On boys and girls! Hmm... :)

    Xx Claire

  7. Happy Easter Desiree - I love your Easter Bonnet and your frock is DIVINE!

  8. Apart from your wedding, this is my fav outfit. I would kill for that dress, hat and bolero (going to etsy myself a 40s bolero right now). As for the mother pin, I/we are working on me earning one. It is a bloody uphill battle!

  9. Looking very rock goddess in that fabulous pink bolero over the black - And the lipstick - Wowser - You look as if you're in your twenties in that pic!

    I am green with jealousy, I am, at your utter gorge-ness!

    I am off to (not) eat chocolate eggs, and to give them a good hard stare, as I promised myself not to eat chocolate for six months from January! Yikes...

    Happy Easter, bella!

    Fhi x

  10. You look totally AWESOME! Loving this outfit head to toe, love the makeup too. Have fun with the Easter bunny :)

  11. You are adorable! I love your purple lipstick!

  12. Oh you've just made my Easter! I might get some bonnets for the family gathering tomorrow - especially for the boys ha ha xxxx

  13. Happy Easter!
    I particularly love the mother pin, so sweet!

  14. Love your dress and wonderful accessories, Desiree, and your eye make up is to die for, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are such an inspiration, my dearest friend

  15. fantastic eyes, lips and armpits! The Easter Bunny won't know what's hit him xxxxx

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  17. Happy end of mother frocking Lent indeed! I gave up chocolate AND alcohol - never ever again!

    I've already eaten everything the Easter bunny brought me (he delivered early)

    You look amazing, don't cut yourself on those cheekbones!


  18. YES to everything! :D I am feeling a lovely Harlow vibe..and I am living for that lipstick! It's divine! The hat, the frock, the are just all sorts of beautiful!!! XO

  19. looooooooooove the pink jacket with the badge!! and the handbands wow!! ive gotta show my sister these and my mum the why should i tidy my bedroom quote!!

  20. Happy Easter Des!
    You look so gorgeous in that hat and dress. Plus your makeup is divine.

  21. You are the mother of all frockers Desire! Glitter, glam,the perfect I don't give a dam attitude and you are looking sassy as ever, you are better than any Easter treat! I love seeing your dresser filled with so much cool stuff! I'm so happy to see my ill bracelet still in your rotation of killer accessories!

  22. Good lord, just look at all your potential Easter bonnets at the back there! I'm touched that you chose that little pink one from me. It looks so beautiful with your lovely tulle dress - the skirt is gorgeousness personified.
    Such a cute little jacket and brooch too. Guess there wasn't one that said "Mother-frocker"...?! xxxx

  23. I always knew you were a bad mother frocker,hahaayyy!!!
    Your looking saucylicious in black/purple lipstick and glitter make up. Isnt anything glitter so lovely?
    Pink bonnet hat is stunning with black tulle frock, drooling over that pink bolero coat.
    Hope you had a great Easter amor.
    I am slowly having some cakes today.

  24. Belated Happy Easter. I know that Easter Bunny took notice! I like all your shiny sparkly things so much.

  25. I wish you could have come to my church Sunday to shake things up with your Easter bonnet! xoxo


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