Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anytime is Pyjama Party Time

I have no idea what planet I was on when I missed Rags in the Machine's pyjama party.
But it's never too late ... so I thought I'd show you a pair of jim-jams I think I scored off Etsy quite some time ago.
They're 1930s silk pyjamas, but honestly, who am I kidding?
I could never wear these slippery, silky-soft lovelies to bed.

The black and white photo on the shelf is Number One Son and I, taken when he was four and I was 25.  I used to dye my hair Cherry Red back then and I would have to re-do it every 10 washes.

It ain't my pussy but it still likes a stroke before bedtime.
Say your prayers kitty-kat!

You might spot the odd bit of glitter on my face from using the same brush as the other day when I saw the light and got glitterfied.

Yes, I've flossed and brushed, but I'm not taking off my make up or 1950s cocktail hat coz I need to distract you from my enormous feet - fluro orange nail polish notwithstanding.

A close up of the beautiful embroidery work and oooh a bit of chola prosti peek-a-boo!

Well, here's the first lace headband in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
I had so many positive comments about them from my last post, I've decided to share the lurve!
Hope you're enjoying the last hours of the weekend my lovelies!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Beautiful embroidery; what a positively divine set of jams! You look beyond exquisite, Darling! Loving the lace headbands..I'm reminded of The Great Gatsby, and elegant parties full of delish booze..gorgeous! XO

  2. Oh the jammies are just stunning, far to pretty for just bed time. The embroidery is amazing.
    Look at the gorgeous headband and you have the pretty ribbon from the parcel, so so happy.
    Love v

  3. Oh, those PJs are heavenly. I still go ... "Wow, those are from 1930! They are 80 plus years old!"

    I am loving that half-hat as well. Swoonworthy. And I LOVE rosary beads. Very Madonna Like a Prayer (LOL, non-religious, can you tell?)

    Big pats to beautiful puss for me.

    Hey,I hope your hubby is well.


  4. I hope your puddy tat had its prayers answered! Would be a shame for such a lovely pussy to go to bed unnoticed!

  5. How do you breathe when you look so gorgeous?

  6. Wonderful always, my dearest desiree.

  7. What beautiful Pjs! They're almost too good to keep as just pyjamas! You ought to wear them out xx

  8. I have a big 'thing' for silk pyjamas - I've been requesting pairs for Christmas and birthdays for long enough to have built up a nice little collection. These ones are simply glorious on you and far too lovely to be confined to bed alone.

  9. Oh gorgeous! I'd feel so glamourous in silk pyjamas!

  10. Ha! My thought as I saw the photos and before reading was "She even wears a hat to head!!"

  11. You look gorgeous as always those pjs are stunning and so is that cocktail hat. dee xx

  12. Oh you beautiful doll! :) I have had so much fun reading your blog since I found you!! I feel like I am 16 again and full of hopeful excitement about all the amazing and wonderful potential ways we can transform ourselves! YAY!!

  13. Oh such pretty Jammies....Ha I just posted how often I sleep in my sweats so I can roll out of bed and get my morning workouts in...But I swear going out that early in the morning un~manicured keeps me from getting mugged I would imagine no one wants to come near me looking as I do hehehe.....Love the orange toes...I think I may need to paint mine orange today yours look fabulous. And you look so angelic praying I do think I may see a Halo there!! And Wow Cherry hair every 10 washes ...oh the things we do for beauty ~Enjoy the rest of your weekend Love Heather

  14. I love your rosary. Your pajamas remind of the fancy, elegant ones my mom used to wear. I loved the look and feel of them but I get really warm at night so I ended up taking up the at some point in the night.

  15. The pyjama is beautiful, the obvious softness.

  16. OOOOh, you look positively puuuurrrrfect in peach!!! Those are some sassy jammies, much too pretty for bed. Hey, are you a size 10, shoe-wise, too? I adore all the Melissa shoes you have - if you're ever downsizing the shoe collection...

  17. This is beautiful loungewear! And I had to laugh at the bed-time routine...

  18. Desireeita,
    Your looking ever so soft and sliky.
    Oh my look at that gorgeous hat of yours.
    Your pussy should always get a few strokes before bed.
    Love that kitty is wrappped in rosario, he will be well protected.
    Exquiste embroidery amor! You know i like it when you Chola show us your bra.
    I see headbands galore in the backgroud.your lacey headband will sell out like gold in the 80's.
    I bet you two hermosas have been busy in the flower headband factory.
    Tell Bella " bonita "means beautiful.
    Your divino like a prayer pose brought a smile to my face.
    You prosti eyeshadow sweetnes, I am so happy I inspire your inner painted lady side. We all should have one.
    Orange toe polish rocks!

  19. I have a love for 30's pale pink/peach silk lingerie; the pyjamas that you are wearing so beautifully are divine. I have quite a collection of similar items myself and have been known to wear them as outer wear. And of course with headwear! Loving your creations for Sassy Vamps.

  20. Ha,I checked in,then popped off to the cafe to get a cup of coffee,and "Superfreak" started playing in my head...sooo approriate!
    "she's allright,she's allright-that girls allriiiiiight....with me....YEAAAAAAAH aheyheyHEY!"
    Foxaliciously sexacious.That's what you are,and that's all I have to say!I would like to rub myself all over your slinky jimmy jams!
    Love and Lustipops!

  21. They really are beautiful, how considerate of everyone to take such good care of them before they found their way to you! I actually think they go quite well with the fluro toe-polish.
    Lace headbands, eeek! I think I might have to pop by to have a squiz at those very soon. Lovely! x

  22. Sweet dreams, beautiful amiga! xo. -Bella Q

  23. I love it all, they're the most beautiful pjs I've ever seen - love the bit of prosti action too! Your hairbands too! I can't imagine you with cherry red hair either! xxxxxxx

  24. Those pyjamas would have blown us all away at Terri's sleepover! They are just so beautiful. You do unearth some amazing treasures.

    I need to see more Desiree-in-her-previous-incarnations pics please. I think you look fabulous with red hair.

    I was going to make a pussy joke but it's late and I'm too tired, and I'm sure you've heard them all already... Haha! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. These are just so so perfect. Everything is perfect here! Love it all!


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