Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gimme A Strong White Tea, No Sugar Mr Barman!

Yesterday I quietly celebrated three years of sobriety.
It was the most significant anniversary so far, as I didn't feel any panic about the idea of going out in public and facing others' alcohol consumption.
It felt amazing.

Oops, pics are a bit wobbly, but I'm not! YAY!!!!

1980s jumpsuit - gifted by the fabulous Vintage Vixen
Headband - handmade, more in my shop Sassy Vamps!
VW Melissa shoes - eBay
Earrings and bag - thrifted
I visited that gorgeous wee waif with the giant heart, Kitty of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch yesterday.
We've got a big night lined up tomorrow at the Garter Belts and Gasoline Festival and I'm so excited!
What a week it's been so far!
Enjoy a nice strong cuppa on me:))
Desiree xoxo


  1. Happy Soberversary! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on your sobriety!
    You look great. Kinda minds me of a flapper.

  3. Congratulations my dear :)
    It does get a helluva lot easier as the years slip by.
    Now I wouldn't dream of getting smashed out of my box and when I see others in that state I cringe; mainly cause they remind me of what I used to be like.
    Gawd knows I used to get into some dreadful states.
    I am such a contented & confident teetotaller now and I don't think I'll ever go back on the sauce.
    I sometimes ponder why I waited so long to kick the habit in the first's so NICE to wake up without hangovers!
    I raise my glass of non-alcoholic cider to you my lovely Desiree...CHEERS my dear! :)

  4. Oh Desiree! Good job girly! That's so wonderful and you look amazingly happy! Tons of love to you my friend! ~Serene

  5. Congratulations My lovely. That jumpsuit looks tremendous on you. X

  6. Congrats! Awesome milestone, and am so happy for you! Sending virtual hugs, too!

    You seriously are rocking both that green and that jumpsuit.

  7. Congrats Desiree!
    Your lookin good in that green jumpsuit.

  8. Wowee! Congrats, darling. It is a MASSIVE effort to turn your life around, and I speak from personal experience. I have bipolar disorder and have only been living as a highly-functioning human being the the past six years. before that - living nightmare. So I applaud and appreciate all the hard work that you've put in to get to this point. You should be so very proud of yourself. One day, we will get wild and have a cup of tea together (I can't drink at all, either). xxx

  9. Congratulations on this milestone! I've long suspected that you're a woman of style AND strength, and this is just further evidence.

  10. What a fabulous Green jumpsuit! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with Celia at the weekend. Have fun! Xx

  11. Wow congratulations!! That is a fantastic milestone to reach! Something to be very proud of. I think its great that you're comfortable enough to be out in public & enjoy yourself. I wish I could hug you to celebrate but instead I'm sending lots of happy love your way & I'll have a cup of tea with you in spirit xx

  12. hey girl! just dropping by to say hi.... stupid studies getting in the way of me actually photographing clothes and putting them up for sale...
    I had a stall at a vintage market a few months back.. i made MINUS SIXTY BUCKS. yeah, right.

    anyway... just wanted to drop this here ...

    and here is a new project ive been working on
    I'd love to make something special for you. so let me know what you think :)

    Ms Mink

  13. I'm always surprised by how many people I would have never thought actually were:) good for you sweetie! Sometimes it's so difficult facing all of life's bullshit sober I honor your strength and I'm also inspired by it! Here's to many more!

  14. That's a brilliant achievement, well done. You like a beautiful strong healthy woman who's enjoying life - and what could be better than that?
    And I love you in green!

  15. Congrats to you my lovely!
    How wonderful you look in green. I raise my morning cup of tea to you.

  16. Congratulations lovely that is fantastic ;-)) I know how hard that is my ex husband just celebrated 20 years but every day of those 20 years was a hurdle. You look gorgeous in your outfit green is def your colour. Enjoy your evening out, dee xx

  17. Well done you! I raise my cup of tea to your courage and determination. Have a great night out celebrating. You look smashing in that jumpsuit!

  18. Congratulations!! You must do the watusi in that lovely jumpsuit to mark the occasion. I like my tea straight up, sometimes with a sugared rim, mmm, followed by lemon. It's the BEST. Truly, well done!!!

  19. It isn't easy to do what you have accomplished, all round, Desiree!

    Congratulations and may I say you look absotively resplendent on it?!

    Fabulous. You always are, you know...

    Fhi xxx

  20. Well,wacko a diddlyO,it felt amazing because you ARE amazing!!! Well done,lucious one,you're a frigging legend and inspiration!
    Love and Lustipops!XXX

  21. Congratulations xxx
    I have always meant to say that you really remind me of Olive from 'Pushing Daisies'. That's a compliment by the way xx

  22. Bless you Angel! You worked hard and you should be celebrating! Love that jumpsuit on you! And i NEEEEEED one of those headabands!!!!

  23. congratulations1 i am much loveing the jumpsuit!

  24. What a gorgeous green jumpsuit, Desiree... love your shoes too! So fabulous and pretty :)) Plus congrats on your three years, great achievement girl!

    Catherine x

  25. Yay to every day without.

    Elderflower cordials all round - cheers and very well done xx

  26. You radiate vitality and love of life, Desiree, so your 3 year anniversary is clearly cause to celebrate. Working out what makes us happy and healthy in life is one thing (and not always an easy one at that) but actually DOING something about it is a much bigger deal.
    So well done to you, my dearest, keep on keepoing on cos you're amazing!
    And looking HOT in that jumpsuit too!
    Enjoy the festival, looking forward to seeing some pics. xxxxx

  27. I'm about to pour a cup in your honor right now! Congratulations on your big three! Three's a charm, and so are you!

  28. Congratulations, you fabulous and inspiring woman. You are a poster girl for sobriety, you may have knocked the booze on the head but I just know you'd be a riot on a night out without any need for the hard stuff.
    You look bloody hot stuff in that jumpsuit and amazing headband. I can't wait to hear about your exploits with our darling Kitty! xxx

  29. Love your jumpsuit! and of course the gorgeous headband! Hurrah for being booze free you superstar! xxxx

  30. You are amazing.

  31. I love the color of this outfit, beautiful ...

  32. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wish we could celebrate together in a f2f meeting -oh well, this will do just fine :)

  33. Congrats to you!!

  34. Congrats Desiree! I love that jumpsuit on you, it is absolutely amazing.

  35. I'm raising a cuppa to you too (coffee, just ground). My dad has been teetotal, one day at a time, for 20 something years. Both you and he are proof that self-confidence as well as sociable fun needs only the spirits that are in-built, not the pour-able, bottled ones.

  36. Definitely an accomplishment to be celebrated - a very happy "birthday" to you! You are such a positive, engaging and creative person, I am happy you were able to overcome what has unfortunately become a socially acceptable addiction.

  37. This jumpsuit is perfect for you! Such a great green color!)))

  38. Congratulations to you, beautiful soul!

    You look positively divine in this lush jumpsuit. What a hot number! Then again, you're always sizzlin' hot! XO

  39. You are intoxicating enough- don't need anything more bubbly than your gorgeous personality!

  40. Congrats corazon!
    I am so proud of you.
    What better way to celebrate wearing 80's gorgeous green jumsuit.
    eyeing all your goodies in your dressing room.
    Gold Melissa shoes envy.

  41. Congrats! Go you! That's really great :D And that festival sounds like a blast, love me old cars and some pin up!


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