Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Many Books, So Little Time

I have four books on the go at the moment ... but I have a feeling there may be more.
There'll probably be about nine others bookmarked with train tickets, postcards and kids' letters, hidden around the house.
I'd have to blow the dust off the covers to find out what I was engrossed in, before something far more exciting/important/semi-tragic cropped up, causing me to shove a scrap of paper between the pages and shove it under the bed.

I have a fantasy that I will start reading the book at the top left-hand corner of my bookcase and work my way through to the bottom.
Then I'd start on around seven stacks of books laden with worlds and dreams I couldn't even imagine.
So I torture myself further by going to the local library, proudly borrowing a rather ostentatious number of tomes, convinced I will fly through them like I did pre-motherhood.

Sadly, it just doesn't happen ... I usually end up doing most of my reading in the loo where I won't be disturbed, but it's not very comfortable.
In a panic, I grab a short story, an Agatha Christie or a Phantom comic just so I can pipe up, "Oh I just finished another book!".

I've taken to reading the saga of Madge's love life printed on my Sick of Men leggings, a comic from the 1950s, but it gets a bit uncomfortable trying to read behind my thighs, upside-down.

See?  I look intelligent and thoughtful wearing a 1960s petti-skirt and 80s sequin top in the art and design section.
People are probably giving me a wide berth because I look so serious and intellectual.

I feel cheeky leafing through some Lady Gaga giant brick of a picture book, you'd have to be a weightlifter to cart this one around.

Then I spy a beautifully illustrated book on Egypt, which reminds me of Frocktasia's romantic scuba diving and desert queen trip to the land of kings.

Who am I kidding?  I'm picking up another Aggie, I'll snuggle down with Poirot tonight, The Phoenix, a hot cuppa, Tim Tams and maybe a bit of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
Ahhh lovely.
1960s red petti-skirt - Colores Corona's Etsy shop
1970s turban - gifted by Miss Danni-Long-Legs
1950s bead cardigan - Astral Boutique's Etsy shop
Sick of Men leggings - Black Milk
1980s silk and sequin top, green bag, earrings, brooch on turban - thrifted
VW Melissa Mary Janes - shopped by the super gorgeous Suzanne
Glass bead bracelet - gifted by Queen Curtise
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by Super Krista
Please share: How do you sneak in your reading for pleasure time?
Desiree xo


  1. Dearest Desiree,
    I often cheat and listen to audio books Instead, I like to multitask, so I'll do some sewing, bathing or cleaning at the same time. I usually manage to stick my head in a book on the long bus journey up to the mother in laws house in Scotland and maybe at a push on the tube if I get a seat.
    I never bring books with me on holiday (bar perhaps the odd travel guide & flora/fauna book) cause I personally think it's a waste of precious holiday time to lie around the pool and read books, I'd much rather hunt for animal tracks in the desert sand or don my snorkelling attire and go swimming with the fishes.
    You look FANTASTICO!
    Lot's of love, Jennie.xXx

  2. Desire- I fancy myself an avid reader but sadly I go in cycles, reading like crazy for months and then nothing for months. I love reading fantasy, like Richard Kadrey, and pretending I'm a badass character fighting demons in stilettos! You look killer in what has to be my favorite BM leggings ever!

  3. After having a child i now have no time to read, i used to get through so many books pre baby now im luck to finish one in a month! But hey im reading blogs so that counts hey? Plus even better if they are blogs with lovelies as fabulous looking you you - just adore those leggings! Scarlett x

  4. Great tights! I've always been a fan of comic graphics on clothing.
    I do have a hard time finding time to read but my favorite place is definitely in bed with a cup o' tea.

  5. Your shoes are amazing! I love libraries and books in general. I wish I had more time to read a bunch of the classics. I've read Frankenstein and I LOVED that book. I'm working my way through Dracula right now.

  6. Oooh! How fab do you look?
    Now my children are grown men and not around that much, I have all my reading time back. My favourite place to read is on my spot on the sofa, with the cat and a cuppa. Bliss.
    I've just finished The Little Stranger...t'was a good read indeed.

  7. nice to see that public libraries around the world all look the same! I can't read more than one book at a time. I love your shoes! and your frou frou petticoat!

  8. I do not read books, I eat them! If there is such thing as a book addiction, I have one, and I usually have a half dozen or so going at once, because you never know what mood you're going to be in when that glorious nugget of time to read appears.

  9. Well, I am a little intimidated to comment, seeing as you're so intellectual and serious... Haha!
    Is petti-skirt a real term or a Desiree-ism? I love it! I think I'm going to wear mine on its own, they are too beautiful to hide under something else all the time.
    I reckon a turban speaks of literary talent. And comic book leggings scream comic genius!
    So - books. Ahh, reading is such a joy, yet I'm a bit like Krista, I get through lots on a voracious roll for a while, then I stop and crawl through one book over a matter of weeks. I think my brain can only take so much. I was going to set myself a task of reading various classics which I am ashamed to say I never got round to before (and me an English Lit graduate...) but I've just stuck to my usual mix of crime, thrillers and the occasional attempt at "proper literature". Depends what you've got the head space for, maybe... xxxxx

  10. That blue is fantastic!! Love it ~and super cute leggings makes me think of Warhol and pop art especially paired up with the blue ...I am usually reading 10 books at once as many as will fit on my nightstand lol!! but I always have to leave enough room for a cup a tea that is how I know I have reached my limit lol!! ~ enjoy your weekend ~Love Heather

  11. I am just like you when it comes to books! I have 4 on the go at the moment but I'm neglecting them for the Game of Thrones books which I am enjoying so very much, I'm finding it very hard to put them down!

    You look somewhat like a bit of a flapper here but with some 80s thrown in! Very awesome style! xxx

  12. Note to self: I desperately need to acquire a sequined top, a petticoat, and eat a Tim Tam before I die (I had to look them up last year when another blogger mentioned them.)

    You look very smart. In all ways :D

  13. I like to read right before bed, in bed, with a cup of tea! Depending on how fast my sleep meds kick in, I might read 1 page or a couple of chapters! Divine blue heels, dearie...and seeing that turban reminds me...I really need to make a glitter turban one of these days!

  14. I love this ensemble darling Desiree! That blue top is gorgeous, the red petticoat is smokin', and those leggings are totally you.

  15. I am exhausted reading all those fabulous comments!!!! I need to find more expurlatives (exclamatory superlatives, not to be confused with expletive superlatives or excretive superlatives).

    I will say:

    I love what you are wearing - no big news there


    I like to read in bed.

  16. YAY for turbans! You always look so delicious, Miss Desiree!

    I ordered some leggings that just so happen to be similar to be these. I'm beyond excited for them to get here--and seeing you in these babies sets my heart even more a-flutter! Love the blue sequined top. Such a divine ensemble! XO

  17. PS - I often have 7 books going at once..then I lose track of which bag I've tossed them in.. lol

  18. You are the best book in the library!!! Look at how fabulous you are. Love the red skirt and blue shoes.
    I never read books when I was young so I am making up for lost time and have been reading kids books now.
    Love V

  19. Well it was a reason I could have done without, but during the 8 hours I spent on a train to and from Wales to attend a funeral recently, I managed to finish a vast Scandinavian crime novel without any disturbance from the kids...

    Otherwise I've found that my current YA (ie teen) reading phase is upping my annual 'read' total nicely - they're so much quicker to get through!

    Loving your serious intellectual look!

    Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

  20. Wonderful all over, my dear Desiree.

  21. I just love those blue shoes, they are absolutely divine. I go to bed early just to read! I'm also a 4-books-at-once reader, although one or two are usually old favourites or quick murder mystery distractions. I'm also loving the Miss Fisher mysteries! I've read all those and I think that's the only reason I can stand to watch the series - it's purely awful Australian TV at it's best in my opinion - bad lines, bad acting and utterly gorgeous sets!

  22. Fabulous! I love the mixture of colours and textures!

  23. Especially love the turban and sunglasses!! Also anything shiny these days!

    Love, Jean

  24. I love the leggings and would have loved a pic of you contorting to read the bit on your derriere! Sometimes, I just take a day off from the blog to up is a book by Rachel Maddow entitled Drift.
    Happy reading.

  25. Where do the Tim Tams go, I ask you? I can't even look at them or I gain weight.

    I only get time to squeeze in a few pages every night before bed. Last year I didn't finish one single book, so this year I am finishing them all. One book a month, so far.

  26. I don't have time to read at the moment its all i can do is to try and catch up and read a few blogs. But when i do read i like to snuggle up on my sunbed in the garden either with a blanket or with the sun. You look gorgeous today love the pettiecoat, dee xx

  27. Found your site when I typed in Fashion Forums. I think I take chances with the way I dress but you are giving me inspiration to get even more creative. Great site and attitude!!! The blue sequins at the library......yeah....why not???

  28. I love this outfit, especially all the rich blue. That skirt is awesome, and the shoes! I absolutely adore reading too, but I don't read anywhere near as much as I used to, or want to. Other things always manage to pull me away. Right now I'm working through Stephen King's Needful Things!

  29. I love to read scary stories at night before I go to bed,usually read books on my iPad.
    You look like a 30's turban Goddess amor!
    love your comic style sick of men leggings.
    red petticoat envy and blue Melissa shoes..bliss.

  30. I used to read constantly, any spare moment I had, but now my reading for pleasure is confined to those few minutes in bed before I conk out for the night. I've taken to reading more magazines in the last few years like the New Yorker, because I can take them on the bus with me and squeeze in an article or two while in transit.

  31. It's so fuh-reaking fantastic to see you wearing the awesome petticoats you bought from me!!! Kind of a dream come true to have an amazing fashionista bring these clothes to life.


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