Friday, September 30, 2011

Frock Off Mrs Doyle!

Well, well, well.
Who have we here?
It's Mrs Doyle sneaking a lovely cuppa in Father Ted's kitchen!

Yes, she's been run right of her feet today looking after all the dear fathers and brothers, clearing up after them in the parish house.

She's wearing a lovely cotton number especially for the grand occasion of Frock on a Friday.
Originally named Ugly Betty by our dear Sister Sarah Misfit, Mrs Doyle has seen fit to rename the frock after herself.
She's a bit of a domestic slut thank the lord, so she'll probably get that pile ironing into shape in a month or so.

And tell me where would Mrs Doyle be without her moustache kindly blessed by Saint Helga von Trollop?
She'd probably be less scary to this wee novice aka Number Three Son.
Oh he's too shy to accept a lovely wee cuppa to make it all better.
Oh go on. 
Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.
You'll feel much better for it!

 Father Jack's having one of his off days so Mrs Doyle gets a well-deserved break from turning this:
Into this:
Her domestic sluttery know no bounds.
It took about six months to get around to that righteously heinous task.

 Go on!

Oh it's jolly nice print isn't it?  Me blessed virgin would approve of this frock.

 Yes, there she is bless her.

 The laddie's coming 'round to the idea, I'm sure of it!

 Oh have a lovely cuppa on me all you lovelies and take a spot of Mrs Doyle with you into the weekend.
You're welcome sisters.


  1. I'm chuckling...and pleased to see that your son is such a good sport.

  2. and don't forget the biscuits...
    some Nice or Rich Tea tucked in the saucer so when you pick up the cup they slide down and you can't put it back again

  3. Oohh Mrs Doyle is SPECTACULAR ON YOU! As always, you have styled her to PERFECTION and I am TERRIBLY AMUSED by your tales of domestic sluttery. You are frankly exquisite, darling!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Awww i loved your post today it was blinking Fab ;-)) Great photo's it was just like a comedy sketch had me smiling from start to finish. I loved Father Tad and well Mrs Doyle you just have to love her ;-)) I loved your dress its similar to one im wearing today and your band in your hair just looked super cute. Have a great weekend, dee xx

  5. You are awesomely awesome and hilariously entertaining!Move near me will ya?

  6. You sure know how to make a gal smile. The look on your sons face is too funny. Mrs Doyle is the perfect name for this frock she ain't no ugly betty!

    E :)

  7. Hahaha, that has cheered me up no end! Love Father Ted, and you have almost reached the same dizzy heights of fabulous fashion as the sainted Mrs Doyle.

  8. Thank you so much you cheering me up and making a sunny day even sunnier.
    We all need a friend like you to blow away the cobwebs of boredom and
    encourage us to be ourselves, thanks for sharing and hope number three son has recovered x.

  9. Hahahaha! Oh Mrs D, you spoil us with your tea and your moustache and your craziness!
    No.3 son's face in the second pic of him is hilarious!
    Careful now, Desiree, you are in danger of losing your hard-won title of domestic slattern, what with all your tidying...
    And what do you say to a cup?
    Feck off, cup!

  10. Woohoo! Mrs. Doyle is an awesome role model ;D

  11. That is a kickin' dress! Great pattern. Love it paired with those tights.

    I've been telling myself to clean out the spare room for something like 2 months now hah. Maybe I'll actually get around to it this weekend? Hm... hehe.

  12. Love the dress
    you are just so darn fun
    I of course noticed the Michael Parks picture hanging on yor wall. He is one of my FAV. Artists.
    when we were going to move we just need to do (as you would say) "a cleaning Enama" and had a garage sale. I had the Michael parks picture of the Little Girl Blowing bubbles and a gargoyle was chasing it off the cliff she is standing on while another gargoyle sits by her watching. no one bought it, it went to the Goodwill. I wish I wouldnt have gotten rid of it.

  13. That print on you with those tights divine! The shot of you in that wheel chair is pretty freaking amazing, the look says it all. I love seeing more of your place and your sweet boy who politely said no :)

    I spy Ferby's no way, I have a king one that I love!!!! Cool cool cool. Lovely as always sweetie!

  14. Desiree, you are priceless! Mrs Doyle looks magnificent on you and Number three son's expression is priceless.
    I think you are in danger of loosing the slattern title, your house looks spotless. Where's the grubby paw prints on the windows and the swathes of dust on the floor? C'mon, have a word or we'll be chucking you out of the club.

  15. Ahahaha, that gave me a proper laugh :D You should keep the mo on all the time! xx

  16. All the family loves Father Ted, and I adore you.
    I cannot stop laughing.
    You are it, Desiree.

  17. Mrs Doyle is a national treasure. I had a tache, not unlike that sassy one you are sporting at a jaunty angle, when I was in my early teens. And a uni-brow. Tough times... You have made me laugh out loud today! Em x

  18. I love this post! "Oh go on..." we often still say that to each other when making tea;) Cute frock as well!

  19. I've giggled all the way through that!Super frock,most frocktacular,and you've made her all yours!Domestic slutaciousness,teapots,funky shoes,a mo-it's all go for Mrs Doyle!!Shame that laddie isn't taking to the tea like a good laddie should!!I don't know,the youth of today just don't know what's good for them!!
    Squee,you saucy sexpot,squee and squee again!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  20. I wish you give me a cuppa.
    Mrs. Doyle could never be this hot.
    I am laughing all the way through this post. while perving at your shoes and wonderous bakelite bangles. your gorgeous self and virgen frame are hpynotizing me.

  21. Tee hee - your moustache and your son's "no tea" expression is priceless! Ah Father Ted - what a great series - Mrs Doyle would be proud to see this glam rendition - what a fab print! And thank the lord for my fellow domestic slatterns!

  22. Ah thank you for this! A spot of bright sun and laughter! And you look smashing, as ever : >

  23. OOHH the cotton frock looks perfect on you. And what a story it has already told through these photos. *LOL*
    Another reason to like you even more I suppose. *hehe*

  24. You look positively domestic! number 3 son is 6'3" and I still scare him occasionally with my ecentricities. -T

  25. Father Ted is my all-time favourite show, this is a fabulous post!!!!! The dress is gorgeous and I love your glamorous take on Mrs. D!

  26. I wondered who ended up with Ugly Betty! Oops, sorry Mrs Doyle. You look fabulous, love the tights.

  27. Lord, I never even heard of Father Ted. You are cracking me up this morning!

    Your kids are lucky to have such a fun mom :).

  28. I just want to thank you for this fabulous post - you have made my day :-) I adore your dress and the yellow tea cosy.

  29. giggling.I love your stockings and sexy shoes.drool.Your son is to cute.You have such a fun personality.

  30. omg this is the first time i feel attracted to a teapot...come has fringe!!!


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