Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mama Gets a Day Off

Well I wasn't alone, but a few hours out on a Saturday with The Stylist is such a treat.
No kidding, she's awesome company.

 The gal practised her photography skills again today.
I just gave her the camera and told her to go for it.

 But I had to snap one off of the wee cutie in one of her headbands during our "scoffee" break.

 Can you see how freaking awesome this 1960s lurex top is from the deliciously fab Helga?
She sent it to me in a parcel a wee while ago, with the promise that it would likely fall apart within a couple of wears.
Uh-uh, this would be about the sixth time I've worn it and I freaking LOVE it!!!
Thank you gorgeous!!
I'm wearing the top with Black Milk velvet bell bottoms, which happen to be so soft I had to check I was wearing pants.
Bring on No Pants Saturday!!

 Yes, this is my bitch-face "don't keep me from my cake any longer" look.

It doesn't look much, but this fruit slice is my bit of heaven with coffee.

Mama has a gob-full, attempting not to shove the whole thing in at once in public.

 Somehow I resemble the fish at the pet shop.

 The Stylist took pics of buttons and fabrics galore - she loves the colours and textures.

Our bags and one disgraceful, old bag.

I hope you're celebrating just for the hell of it this weekend!
Baci, Desiree


  1. Look I am the 1st to comment at last.How wonderful you and the stylist are.When are you moving near me?

  2. That lurex top is divine I didn't notice the pattern until your close up. Those velvet bell bottoms look really comfy.

  3. I adore the top so much, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Your daughter is growing fast and beautiful. Soon you will look like sisters.

  4. Fantastic outfit Stylist - oh and you too Desiree

  5. Your stylist is just fab! You are an inspiration Desiree, you make me laugh over my morning cup of tea,and i love it. Em x

  6. Am loving your outfit today. Very chic!

  7. Desireesita & Bella,
    Gold lurex top another fab gift from Helgita. would love to see you wear this top with lame gold skirt. I do adore velvet, you look gorgeous in everything. look at all the pretty fabrics. I want to go have coffee with you and Bella. I love when Bella takes your fotos. she is a natural modelo like her MaMa. I am loving your bitch face/fishy red lips.

    Have you and Bella have great weekend.

  8. The stylist is gorgeous - and how much like you?! She is also an excellent photographer, I could do with her skills. If she ever wants to freelance, send her my way. My small boys are less than satisfactory snappers so far. Looks like a good girly outing, I am overdue a mama and Boy1 day - I owe him cake.

  9. The Stylists leggings are so bloody adorable! Look at that little bow on the bottom!

    I love your super soft bell bottoms! The lurex top goes amazingly well with them and your shoes are just SO gorgeous! xxx

  10. oh I'm loving that animal print kelly bag! Looks like you had a fab old time indeed. Tea and cake are always essential.

  11. Your hats are always a delight, along with your entire ensemble. The Stylist has quite an outfit as well!

  12. Your top + shoes are killing me with beauty. And how adorable is your little gal??

  13. Now YOU are no old bag - disgraceful, maybe, but that's a good thing, right?!
    The lurex blouse from Helga is gorgeous, just like you and the scrumptious Stylist, whose photos are fantastic - love the button shot.
    Hope you girls enjoyed your scoffee.
    Looking forward to No Pants Saturday!!! xxxxxx

  14. Aaaaw, she's cute! Family resemblance! Yay for getting lots of wear out of that top!

  15. The stylist is looking pretty stylish herself and her photos are wonderful. Love the lurex with those green shoes!

  16. oh, the stylist did a great job! gorgeous pictures and an amazing outfit (hers as well)... the lurex top looks so good on this velvet pants.

    lovely post.

  17. The Stylist is such a gorgeous minx,and what a fine example she has to look up to!!
    YAY that lurex top has a little more go in it than I realised!!It just seemed so fragile,but I loved the fabric and the shape!! You are wearing it DIVINELY,darl!!! YOWZA! Cake?! I can think of better things to do with your gob,like PASHING ALL THAT LIPPY OFF!!!! Phwoar!
    How very splendid!!! Love that headband,another fabulous effort on youra and The Stylists part,no doubt!!! Scrummy outfit,scrummy scoffies!! SCRUMMINESS!! Ought to be illegal,but I'm so pleased it's not!

  18. I will bet you and the stylist were the best dressed at your little sweet treats place you visit.
    I love the both of your outfits.
    Your girl is gonna have tons of great memories of the stuff you did together when she gets older.
    When I was her age my Mom used to pick me up after school and her and I would sneak out to the thrift stores while Dad and Brother were at home. =D

  19. Yay, it's ALWAYS no pants Saturday in this house!
    Those bell bottoms, wowsers! I'm in love, they are so fabulous I want to come and stroke your legs. That blouse? Only awesome.
    The Stylist is shooting up, she looks beautiful. xxx

  20. I liek no pants Saturdays!
    (i don't have any skivvies on in my post today! Shhh ;)
    I go 'commando' most of the time, unless i'm in my hubbies undies!
    LOL! That sounded funny!
    The Stylist has a similar eye to mine! I LOVE photos of endless lovely things that consume the entire photo.
    LOVE the button photo!

  21. Desiree you are one of the best bloggers out there along with Helga and Vix! I hope i will find more like you guys, so funny, so cool and not afraid of being totaly crazy!

    Ariane xxxxx

  22. You both look fantastic! What a perfect way to spend the day. -T

  23. Your bitch face makes me giggle and they go oh no better not mess with her. I love these velvet bells on you and that gold, no one does metallic like you but Helga is close :) The stylist is adorable as usual and she is well on her way to being a professional behind the lens.

  24. The stylist is hugely stylish. What adorable headbands, and I love your lurex top, fabulousness! I am also totally appropriating the portmanteau word 'scoffee' over here btw.

  25. Looks like you and The Stylist had a fun time. She has quite the artistic eye doesn't she. Desiree I loved the post you did on Mrs. Doyle! It was fabulous and you've got a gorgeous house and kids!

    xo, Bonnie

  26. I think I need a sparkly blouse myself - to put it on on a rainy day and feel amazing)))
    The picture with the buttons are so cool - love the buttons)))))

  27. Look at your beautiful daughter! It makes me smile seeing the two of you thoroughly enjoying yourselves :).

  28. Hi hi.what a lovely blog.Just love those pants and top.And those shoes.Love the color.You have gorgeous blue eyes.What a beauty.

  29. You know you are amazing right? Just sayin'. 'Cause you totally are. And your "fish face" is frigging adorable. I wish we weren't at opposite ends of the globe, you are such a groovy lady, I wish I could meet you in person.

    Those velvet pants are also ah-mazing. They make me kinda want to wear pants again. And they look GREAT on you. Especially paired with that gold top and the shoes and ahhh... stellar outfit.

  30. I am actually enjoying this megadose of you and The Stylist - perhaps I'll save up your posts for a weekly humungous delicious serve every week!

    You both look amazing - I love the stripes and spots (always!) and your lurex blouse is EXQUISITE! And I'm off to find me a pair of those velvet flares!

    Sarah xxx


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