Monday, September 19, 2011

Spring Queens

There's nothing like a coupla chicks sporting huge flowers in their hair to put the manic into a lovely Monday morning.

 I'm wearing a Biba silk top from Sister Wolf when she was raising money for her roof fund, leopard-print leggings from Black Milk, VW Wings and the usual mish-mash I usually grab on my way out the door.

While out shopping, The Stylist and I were stopped by nearly every second person asking us where we got our headbands.
The lovely Hungarian upholstery shop lady called us "spring queens".
I was very proud to tell everyone who asked, The Stylist made her daisy band all on her tod.
Clever girl:)).

 We had a lovely few hours on our own and we both wore our VW Melissa's.

 I couldn't stop photographing her - she looked such a treasure.

 I gave myself a layered haircut and dye-job last night - lots of razor cutting.  Well, I'm happy with it even though I'm sure no hairdresser would approve;).

Have a spiffing start to the week chaps and chapettes!
Desiree xo


  1. Just bloody gorgeous, the pair of you!!! No wonder the locals are stopping for a better look-your always inspiring, lovely lady.xx.

  2. That's it - I'm coming up for a visit! You are both SO BEAUTIFUL! The Stylist is so much like you, Desiree - and I ADORE her fabulous daisy headband - I WANT ONE!

    The blue top and leopard leggings are exquisite (I'm so getting some of those leggings) and your hairdressing skills are brilliant.

    You two are SPECTACULAR!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Lady you almost keep Black Milk in business! The amount of leggings you have from them (they are good aren't they??)
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  4. The Stylist is SO sweet.

    "Spring Queens" I love it!!

  5. You are both so fabulous, welcoming spring with a avengeance. The Stylist is gorgeous, so like you, she going to breaking a few hearts when she gets older.
    That Biba kaftan is just a beauty and teamed with the leopard freaking amazing. xxx

  6. You look great, I love that you and the stylist both have those head dresses. Maybe you should make them and sell them? Xx

  7. Well both of you gorgeous girls look adorable, Spring Queens indeed!
    You work a leopard print legging like no other, and The Stylist is a complete star, to match her frock.

    You should definitely get a cottage industry going making those lovely headbands, get The Stylist on it instead of homework!

    And your hair looks great! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. You two are gorgeous! No wonder you got so many comments on the headbands, they are just adorable. I love both your outfits & both your VW's.

  9. You spring goddesses, you both look stunningly beautiful.
    Love the stylist gold star dress, her button ring is so cute. daisy headband is amazing, stylist has natural talent. Surprised the girls at her school did not steal her wonderful flower masterpiece. I seen flower headbands at primark, so thin and with little itty bitty flowers. nothing compares to you and stylist.
    Awesome Blue biba top ,Adorar your rings.especially the green rose one. You cut your own hair? You did a great job. Did you get my emails?
    Luv to you and the beautiful stylist.
    She is so sweet, tell the stylist, i been sleeping better this week.

  10. You two ladies look great and it looks like a wonderful outing! -T

  11. Oh you always manage to brighten up my day - and evening. Cutting your own hair and all the crazy wonderful things you wear - you're my antidote to the corporate world. Your daughter is a classic beauty and looks like has inherited your amazing taste. Long may it live!

  12. You both look gorgeous! I love your head bands & all your accessories.

  13. Have a told you how gorgeous I think you are???Well, I tell you again, and again.
    About your daughter,She is a true beauty and a born fashionista, but I am not surprised with such a fab mum.
    You are both sooooooo lovely I could hug you tight and you would melt into sugar.

  14. You both look so beautiful. If you start making those daisy headbands, I'm buying! xx

  15. The hair looks great, you did a good job. And I can't blame you taking her photo, she's adorable! Stylish too, like mother like daughter eh? Her cherry earrings are so cute. And I love those leggings of yours!

  16. you guys are too cute, you look super happy in the pictures :) I love the flower headbands, I'm in the habit of making and wearing them too!


    Love your printed pants, very on trend!

  17. And dont you just love those platfors with no angle? Love your photos with your stylist--so cute together. The headbands are smashing--just like the two of you! love ya!

  18. You are both so adorable. I want the stylist's dress, I am a fan of anything with stars :) You both make me smile and I would stop you on the street and thank you for my SMILE!

  19. Lucky stylist to have such a fabulous, fun Mum. Lucky you to have such a beautiful 'stylist' (as well as your lovely boys). I would love to see you two out and about together. You must be the talk of the town - looking so glamourously gorgeous day after day.

  20. oh my, you are Spring Queens! <3 I love your head piece so much! <3)))

  21. What a cute pair you are! I love, love it!


  22. Simply GORGEOUS Desiree! Your smile is your best accessory! Hugs to you! ~Serene


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