Monday, September 12, 2011

Treading Carefully

I couldn't keep up with The Stylist on our walk to school this morning.
Tights and flatforms are a rather tricky combo and require much concentration.
The following distractions didn't help:
  • Very smiley old man proudly doing a big double wheelie in front of me ... on his mobile scooter!
  • Little girl to mother: "Mummy are those funny shoes?"
  • Too many people slopping their coffees, tripping over, walking into poles and shop windows for me to keep my mind on the job at hand.

I think I actually managed to distract myself in this wee outfit.
Now that's something that doesn't happen often at all.

 I just want to say thank you for the wildly positive response to yesterday's Domestic Sluttery post.
It seems there is much need for an open forum on slatternly personal habits.
If you have any pics you want to share of you wearing an outfit in your shameful habitat, I would be most keen to share them here.
Release the beast in you!

 As you can see, I'm perching on Number One Son's lovely amp and huge feck-off speaker that are stored outside under the house.
I'm surprised they haven't gone walkies or died a sad, wet death.  No, they're high, dry, dusty and disgracefully stored.

 I'm wearing a thrifted 1960s, wool tartan frock, vintage cardi from eBay, blue tights from Sock Dreams and VW Melissa Wings on sale from Amazon.
My granny bag, belt, sunnies, jewellery and watch are all thrifted.
I made the rose headband myself and the sweet wee lassie who serves me coffee each morning asked if I could make one for her in white and she'd pay for it!
Can you believe that?  I can't!
She said her friends have headbands from chain stores but they're "boring" and she wants to stand out at a music festival she's going to soon.
I think white flowers will look lovely against her long black hair.

 I love giant-sized watches because then I can't ignore the time.  
I'm wearing pink and orange nail polish and MAC's Ruby Woo lippy.

Mouldy outdoor chairs, under-used mop, peg basket and strange poo-type mark on the wall get showcased today.
Happy Monday!!
Desiree xo


  1. Love the plaid! And that headpiece is fabulous!


  2. Spectacular combo - I just love that leopard cardi and those shoes - and the whole combo is divine.

    I am not surprised at all that someone wants to buy your fab headbands - they are works of art!

    You're always amazing, Desiree.

    Sarah xxx

  3. I would be moving the amp for my teenage son...but admiring the jumper with the shoes.

    You are a GODDESS!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. You could go into business with headbands like that- trust me! I hadn't even gotten around to commenting on yesterdays slutty post and here you are with another one, yikes! I won't need to worry about what my house looks like when you visit-lol! a brave post but obviously it struck a chord with a lot of poeple, well done.xx.

  6. Very beautiful outfit!
    you awesome~

  7. I am loving the flatforms - especially with the little wings! Gah!

    I love the headband too - I've been thinking of making myself something cute and flowery for the spring:)

  8. oh you are truly wonderful. I feel inspired to make more effort - a lot more xxx

  9. Looooove this combo! I do adore a nice plaid. And, I'm not even slightly surprised that people want to buy your headbands. They are amazing!

  10. I love this outfit. So much. And... Those shoes... HOLYFUCKINGSHITTHOSESHOES! I need them in my life. In the real world. Not just on the interwebs where I have to see them on other people and they break my little heart... *starts thinking about who I need to bribe*

    Lee x

  11. You can tread on me anytime Doll, as long as you look like THAT! HELLO!

  12. I see why those shoes would be difficult to walk in but they sure are GORGEOUS! I am not suprised you have a custom headband order yours is amazing!

    E :)

  13. The head band is lovely and the plaid dress is great.

  14. Desireita,
    You sexy plaid wearing Mama.dress is fabulosa, you can walk me anywhere wearing your red divine shoes.
    I am still eyeing youe flower creations.

  15. you're so cute! this outfit inspires me to wear plaid and leopard together

  16. This outfit is amazing I love the dress! You know who has those shoes?

  17. Love the floral headband, no wonder someone wants you to make them one! So wonderful too. I tried on some bright red lipstick earlier today... I kept staring at myself like O_O in the mirror, still not used to it. I think I'll stick to admiring your lips in red and stick to mine in pink for now heh.

  18. what a combo!! I love the shoes and the arm candy! ;)

  19. I really feel my wardrobe needs an armload of bangles. I will have to keep my eyes open. And I love that plaid dress. It's making me wish it would hurry up and cool down so I can wear my own, much humbler grey and brown, plaid dress.


  20. I appreciate and LOVE anything with a tartan-twist. Loving your tights as well. great style!

  21. Lovely combination of gorgeous things, as ever. Of COURSE your coffee lass would want one of your famous headbands, they are beautiful, and you wear them so well.
    And as for those shoes - I have some flatforms too, though I didn't know that's what they are called, and they are not a stylish as yours (no wings or cute little chunk taken off the back) but I FELL OVER in them. The shame... Ah, fuck it, I've made more of a fool of myself than that in my life, who cares?!

    PS. Great frock too.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. That plaid frock is freaking fabulous on you and I adore the headband thingy.
    I should use the disgarded amps, guitars and other crap lying around the house to strike a pose in your honour, you divine creature. xxx

  23. So uplifting seeing your outfits and reading your musings. At some point, someone is going to HAVE to do a hidden camera record of reactions as you waltz past looking fabulous. As for your 'outing' of youself in your 'domestic sluttery' post - how utterly reassuring and brilliant. Sounds something like our house!

  24. You look about ten in these photos, Desiree. You look aaaammazing! xx

  25. You are a vision and your headwear if beyond creative!

  26. Your looks are so fun!
    The red shoes with the little
    wings on them...ADORABLE!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  27. I want you to make me a headband too, it's amazing!

    And I would steal those shoes off your feet if I didn't live on another continent!


  28. whou, you're so inspiring!, love your plaid & blue tights combo, so nice and bright!!, and the cardi is simply the perfect contrast piece!

  29. I love the way you added the whimsical wreath and loads of bohemian jewelry to this pinup-inspired outfit. Great contrast of the red and blue colors! You go, girl! =)

  30. desiree u are my new style-godess!!!! really i love this plaid dress madly but this combo with leo print blue and blue tights red shoes is more than divine. i adore your creativity!!! you look so fabulous and the world is always your runway!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  31. So so awesome, I love the mix of prints, colours and textures!

  32. I WANT A ROSE HEADBAND TOO. I do believe it.

    This has got to be one of my all time favorite outfits in a sea of all time favorite outfits that I like to call YOUR WARDROBE. Plaid paired with leopard is genius, and you look ah-mazing in your get-up. I want to hang with you, all day long!


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