Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fecktacious Helga!

Unexpected gifts from goddesses are pure, delicious nectar.
And the heavens shone their full glory on me this week when the Grand Goddess Helga von Trollop sent me a parcel of goodies that set my tail feather on fire!
I may or may not sleep very close to some of the items.

Included in the parcel, the items of which I will dissect into several posts, was this amazing 1960s peach evening frock that I have worn three out of four days this week.
It has a very narrow hem which necessitates a serious wiggle walk.

There seems to have been quite a bit of cat-calling from the audience for a wiggle-walk video.
I'll have to organise my production team and get my wiggle on for you;).

Helga made this amazing brooch from leopard faux fur, lace and a lovely old piece of sparkly jewellery.
It's utterly exquisite and I'm utterly gob-smacked that she made something especially for moi.  I love it!!
She knows I'm a total sucker for animal-print!

The usual suspects accessory-wise, except for another pair of Indian jingly earrings I thrifted last week for $2, my 1930s leather embossed clutch and brand-new grosgrain and embroidered shoes that were marked $270 ... I thrifted them for $20.
When I was trying them on, a bloke sidled up to me and said "you should buy them, they make your legs look fantastic" ...  ooooh errrr ... cheeky bugger!

 Gratuitous boob-grab, coz they're there.

 The vintage blue sequinned cocktail hat turned up this week from Etsy, a bargain at $13.  Happy!

 Close-up of the scrumptious, soft, bubbly fabric and waist trim.  The dress came with a shawl but I wanted to show off Helga's brooch and the boob-tastic dress to you today.

How are you travelling this week sweeties?
There seems to be much excitement around the world at the change of seasons ... spring and autumn are both such spectacular times of the year.
Desiree xo


  1. Miss Helga hasd exquisite taste doesn't she? That dress looks great, and I love the blue sequin hat too, I have something similar in red. Xx

  2. I don't know where to start! I think I'm having a conniption!

    The frock is SPECTACULAR - and doesn't it fit you like a dream!?

    The hat is EXQUISITE. The brooch is FABULOUS - isn't she a cleverpants?? The shoes are super sexy and all of your accessories are, as always, perfection.

    And you know I LOVE a boob grab - so thank you for the pic!!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Gawd what good taste that gal has!! Is this the first time we've seen you in matching dress and shoes?? what's going on here?! wait 'til you get to my house, it'll be matchy-matchy fever!!

  4. You're brilliant Desiree, loving the booby grab - why not indeed !

  5. Just delicious she sure knows you well.You look scrumtious and what great finds on your part too.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Desiree you look like a prince in a fairy tale.
    I love everything I see, including that yellow nail polish.

  7. Wow she did send you some goodies, I'm jealous that frock is fab! I'm not good with narrow hem's I tend to fall...

    Gorgeous outfit!

    E :)

  8. That is a fantastic frock and the brooch is beautiful!!!
    And I love a bit of boob ;)

    Lee x

  9. You are such a fox! That frock is absolutely amazing on you, and I love the cocktail hat.

  10. Wow, Desiree, you look just peachy! Helga IS a good girl, isn't she? That dress is perfection, and the leopard print rosette is gorgeous - you look like you just won first prize in the Foxy Ladies competition!
    Topped off with blue sequins (well, naturally) and bottomed off(?) with sexy shoes. What's not to love??? xx

  11. My God, I can't imagine anything fitting better if you'd had it made to measure. Helga is an absolute goddess and so are you in that frock and cheeky hat. I bloody love it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Ha!! it appears you seen to have the same magic mailbox that Vix girls get such spectacular mail I am utterly jealous!! That looks Fantastic on you and it looks like it was tailored just for you. It just has to be fate ~Enjoy your new peachy frock have fun wearing it out!! ~Love Heather

  13. What a fabulous peach dress, and all the trimmings, as only you can do!

  14. I caught a quick glimpse of your post this morning and couldn't wait until lunch to pop back on and see the whole ensem'. I can see why strange men are hitting on you! You look great. -T

  15. Oh my my Helga totally hooked you up sista! I want to see a wiggle walk video!!!!!!! You look gorgeous as always and I love this peach number on you and that brooch is super duper cute!!!!

  16. Ahhh you look as scrumptious as peach cobbler in that dress Des.
    I adore your sparkly hat and the brooch Helga made for you too!

  17. Desiree, you are such a hoot and a gorgeous one at that! That dress was MADE for you! Those shoes are perfect with it! Helga is so sweet! She obviously knows what suits you! Big wiggle hugs to you! ~Serene

  18. O MY GOD you look blinking gorgeous ;-)) What a stunning dress i would love to have recieved that it looks like it was made just for you though. Its a beautiful colour on you to. And the brooch is lovely how clever is Helga bless her. Enjoy all your lovely gifts. dee xx

  19. That dress is a sherbet delight, and love how you've made up your eyes...great look!

  20. Helga knew what she was doing. The dress is a gorgeous color on you.

  21. OMG if you make a wiggle video I may just have an apolexy!!!
    Hurrah, I say, the frock fits!!! Peachy goodness, that one!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE how you have accessorised it!!FARK but you have an amazing eye!!! Yee,the centre of the booch is actually a button, one of 4 I found in Greeenwich markets in London in 1992!!! I've only ever used one other,and that was only last year!Hahaa,when hoarding pays off!
    BOOB GRAB!! YEAH!!! SHOUTY GRRRRR of these days I'm a gonna get hold of your booboids and there will be major gropage!!!

  22. Desiree,
    You look esquisita in your new peach frock. doesnt our Helgita have the best taste? I still need to wear the blue frock she sent me ages ago. will save for my next necklace photos. I am so in love with shimmery blue hat,reminds of the vintage cigarrete girls. would love a wiggle vid class from you amor. leopard brooch she is such a genius.
    I'm guessing the Phoenix is passed out somewhere in your yard from all wiggle walking.

    Have a great weekend amor!

  23. Oh WOW!!! You look absolutely amazing - peach looks sublime on you. Wonderful dress and wonderful accessories!

  24. That dress looks amazing on you! And I LOVE the hat!

  25. Lucky you ... that dress is gorgeous, made even more so by your 'figure to die for'. Check out my latest post - I did a fair yesterday with a woman who has a site called Vampilicious - her clothes were amazing and I thought of you! Have a good week. M x

  26. wow i can´t find the right words you really look so gorgous and i don´t know what i love most the incredible fabulous dress, the brooch the small hat or the clutch, i don´t know how you do but you look so glamourous and perfect every time!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  27. Hi Desiree, that's been one of the unexpected joys of the Blogging world to me was that several people sent me gifts. It's really lovely when you find kindred spirit folk and form a connection. And that dress looks amazing on you. It has a good home.And you are right about the seasons. They are very joyful, transformative times of year. xx

  28. such a gorgeous dress... so fabulous!

  29. The dress is so elegant - what a lovely color! It's like it was made to be worn with this shoes))
    And what a bold combination of the dress that blue hat!)))


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