Friday, September 2, 2011

Hot Pink Frocker

I don't know how you all do it.
It takes a dedicated blogger to get their kit on and snap off glorious shots for us to ooh and ahh over.
Overwhelming fatigue has taken over my brain this week, yet I always look forward to Frock On A Friday.

This little 1950s number has led a hard-working life in her day-job and whenever I slip it on, I get goosebumps.
It's silk chiffon with a lovely ruche waistband and it's EXTRA tight around the knees - so goes the wiggle-walk;).

Ooh it's a tad breezy so I popped on my 1940s fur cape.
If any fur-lovers have any ideas about what type of fur this is, I'd be most grateful as I'm stumped.
It's extremely soft, has no sheen and the fur is very thick and fine.

 I'm wearing layered thrifted tights, Saba leather bag I won in a competition, while all the jewellery is thrifted, including my latest purchase, the lovely jingly Indian earrings I scored for $2 this week.

I have been able to manage some creative entertainment this week.
The Stylist and I have been on an obsessively, manic, floral headband-making malarky.
There really is something about the power of a hot glue gun - you just want to go around glueing things like a mad thing!
This purple one with green leaves was my first and so far favourite attempt at a floral headband.
The first time I wore it a girl came up to me and wanted to know where she could buy one.  Chuffed!

 I felt this outfit needed a bit of a wild card thrown in, thus the VW Melissa 3-Straps.

Close ups for all you detail floozies.

I hope you're all ending the week on a high, I'm so relieved it's finally Friday and I wish Franca of Oranges and Apples all the very best on her wedding celebrations this weekend.
Desiree xo


  1. I love those shoes so much!!
    And the tights =] Layered tights for the win!!!

    All in all, you look fabulous =]
    (As per usual =p)

    Lee x

  2. FABULOUS, as always, Desiree. I'm sorry you've had such an exhausting week and I'm so glad you frocked up for Friday...

    I completely forgot to frock up and wore capris - what a dag!

    I love all of your bangles and bracelets and rings - and those new dangly earrings are gorgeous.

    The frock is spectacular!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Desiree, that is one fabulous frock!!! That bright color looks great on you!!! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. Oohh that headband really is wonderful! How awesome you got a comment on it so soon too. It's the most awesome feeling when you can say "I made it!" to such compliments. Yay :-))

    If you get really crazy with it you should put them on Etsy - who knows where it could take you!

  5. I think this is one of my favorites- and I love the headband! I was watching this Korean TV show called Playful Kiss and the mom in that show had all these awesome outfits and headbands- kind of reminded me of a tame version of you. In a very complimentary way, I promise!

    There was one dress with a heart sewn huge on the bust and I'd love to see you in one like it. ^_^

  6. Desiree, you are HOT! What's not to love about what you have on for Frock Friday? I love the detail of your dress and those tights a friend loves to die for! Awesomeness!

  7. Utterly fantastic! You always look like you are having so much fun and your outfits reflect that! Kudos!

  8. Yeah, I am so glad it's Friday. Those jingly-gypsy earrings look fab, bet they're so fun to wear. LOVE the pattern of that dress. The shots of you with your hair blowing in the wind make me think of magazine glamour fashion shots heh. That is an awesome headband, too, can't believe you made that! Mad glue gun skillz!

  9. gorgeous frock, the fur might be chinchilla

  10. What a great dress! Love the color and the print, so beautiful! And all the colors of the outfit - blue tights, purple headpiece)))
    Great outfit)

  11. I just figured out my favorite thing about you....the way you pose. DAng Desiree you can swing and park that hip like no other. That's it I'm gonna work on getting a pose :)

    You look beautiful today love that dress VA VA VOOM!

  12. Oh my green strappy shoes you look fantastic. I love the layered tights what a cute look. The dress is fabulous your floral hairpiece excellent. You always make me smile when I see your pics. You are a bundle of beauty and happiness.

  13. Fabulous! Great make with the hair band too :o) Scarlett x

  14. oh i really love this fotos of you, you have so much glamour like hollywood stars in the 40´s on that ones, and your hair and make up is so beautiful!! really it is a pleasure to look at this post of you;)
    love and kiss,mary

  15. Love and want it all, Desiree, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love you!!!

  16. O my fecking GAWD,Desiree,you delicious thang!!! Every detail here is making me swoon,and I am so happy,cos I am taking inspiration from you today on what to do with a drab coloured frock!!!
    Ah,hot glue guns!!Love 'em,except when I get the shit on myself-OW!FAB headband,fecking FAB I say!!!

  17. You and your blog inspire me to not strive to be ordinary but dare to be fabulous. You look mahhhvolus dahling! -T

  18. Amorcito,
    I am perving at your booty wiggle, you look so hot in this gorgeous frock.
    damn,bloody heels are always so fabulosos.
    you know I want that hairband in all colors. :)
    you dont look tired, you look younger and perkier.
    have a great weekend!

  19. That dress! The colours and the fit are suburb! I wish I could see the fur in person as I'm good at identifying fur, but the clues aren't sparking anything, sorry! hey maybe it's a crazy down under fur -- emu? Heehee!

  20. You continually amaze me! Love the print on that dress, the headband and the triple strap shoes. Unbelievable!

  21. I vant those shoes.Next time you go on a shoe buying frenzy let me know and Ill share postage for a pair for me coz you buy ones I always want.
    I love that headband now must go find my glue gun too.
    You always look wonderful tired or not I think I may have a granny nap today myself.YAWN xxx

  22. What wonderful windswept photos - I love your floral alice band! That fur cape and wiggle dress are so wonderful together.

  23. I would call that an incredibly successful hot glue gun mission! That deep purple looks incredible with the pink of the dress.

    I think you would fit right in in an early 1960s office. Well, the other ladies might be a bit jealous of your ability to add a zillion accessories and still look damn good, but regardless, you'd rule that office!

  24. Amazing – I love it. I want to buy one of those flower headbands too ;)

  25. Perfection.

    We totally need a wiggle video/tutorial.


  26. The whole outfit rocks and you in it. YOU are so going to be my Citizen Rosebud spokesmodel one of these days.

    And yes! Best wishes to the lovely Franca on the weekend of her nuptials! xo. Bella Q

  27. Love that dress! I like it with the blue tights and green shoes. It's unexpected but very on-trend. Makes me want some green three strap pumps too!



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