Saturday, September 17, 2011

She Is Mine!

Remember that line in Wayne's World when Wayne first spots hot rocker Cassandra playing at her gig?
Don't lie ... I know you've seen it.
"She will be mine ... oh yes, she will be mine".
Well, I had the same response when I spied this awesome yellow nylon jumpsuit in Sarah Misfit's fabulous sale.

Say hello to Peaches.

 Super-comfy with awesome buttons and massive wide legs, I couldn't resist popping this baby on straight away and spending the whole day wearing it - what a treasure.

 I'm double-bagging it today, with my granny bag and a 1960s leopard handbag from Dandelion Vintage.

 Old green velvet Nine West wedges with red and gold toes.

 I made the headband.  It's quite a big one and they seem to be getting bigger!  I'm hooked on these little darlings, of which The Stylist and I are accumulating quite a DIY collection.  She and I had a bit of a manicure session today, being the first day of school holidays.  Pink on one hand ...

... green Barry M nail paint from the scrumptious Vix, on the other.

How's your weekend looking?  Hope it's as bright and sunny as Peaches.
Desiree xo


  1. Yellow is a colour I love, but it always looks awful on me. It looks great on you though, I love it. I love your flowery head dresses too. X

  2. *sigh*
    That is the most amazing jumpsuit I have ever seen.
    And I'm familiar with the Wayne's World scene =]


    Lee x

  3. Gorgeous! I do love a good jumpsuit but I'm usually too short for them but WOWZA you have the height and grace to pull it off. superb show my love.xx.

  4. That jumpsuit was ment to be yours from the beginnig. It fits you like a glove. I adore the touch of pink flowers.
    You are so unique, my dear Desiree.

  5. Hahaha,I was Wayne's Worlding earlier in the week!Great minds think alike!! Fecking foxy,sweetcheeks,peacy keen,delicious-all these things!I aodre your double bagging!!!
    Slurps and gropes! XXXXXXXXX

  6. Love the yellow! I have never seen double bagging before, I think I would get too confused! Your headbands are gorgeous.

    E :)

  7. what a fabulous colour, and very envious of the leopard handbag

  8. super colour, super

  9. OMG you look AMAZING Desiree! The jumpsuit was definitely meant for you and I ADORE the leopard bag. And your headbands get more spectacular every week! Happy weekend gorgeous woman!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Awesome, it looks amazing on you!!! And I am absolutely going to have to watch Wayne's World today :D

  11. love this!

    looks so great on you!

    Meena ♥

  12. Just love the outfit the jumpsuite was made for you and I think your leopard print hand bag is darling.

  13. Looks like those old beach pajamas, nice score...

  14. I noticed those buttons immediately. I do need to try making one of those headbands. Looking great, lovely lady! -T

  15. Love the hair piece!! :)

    Annest X

  16. Wow, Peaches has definitely come home to mama!
    You look fabulous, especially with your trademark headband and double bag!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. You are hot and cool at the same time! Love the floral hairpiece, you wear it so well, and look fierce.

  18. So lovely! But I've always hated jumpsuits! How is it possible that a jumpsuit can look so wonderful? (cognitive dissonance)

    Thanks for challenging my assumptions. (And for the Wayne's World giggle).

  19. I absolutely love this on you!! It looks so comfortable and airy and fun! I'm so glad that you got it! I can imagine all sorts of crazy colourful outfits using that lovely jumpsuit!

    I adore the green and silver ring on your middle finger on the Barry M hand! xxx

  20. ooooh i love this yellow mellow jumpsuit and your wedges!!!! that is really a great sunshine outfit;)
    love and kiss,mary

  21. I always thought I didn't like jumpsuits...but this is the second amazing one I have seen online this weekend. I love your headband too - cute!

  22. Oh wow wow wow wow wow!
    You look smashing in that jumpsuit Des. And I love the head bands you are making they are striking!

  23. I was wondering who scored this baby! You look amazing in yellow. Love the jumpsuit, love the bracelets, and especially love the headband!

  24. You were born to wear that catsuit, you look awesomely gorgeous in it and of course it's accessorised to outrageous perfection. Sarah must be so proud!

  25. Gosh you are divine. Simply and absolutely out of this world divine. LOVE everything, the jumpsuit was made for you and the headbands... oh WOW...

    [I may not be commenting much but I'm lurking, looking, liking and LOVING!]

  26. That jumpsuit make me want to get one of my own! You are an inspiration, GF! Love it you are still double-bagging. Love ya!

  27. Desireeita,
    Ay, mama !You look divine,like a star. you make the jumpsuit glow.
    I understand your double bagging,love your mexican bangles
    Oooh another gorgeous headband.Love the colors and the big flowers.

  28. Oh, my goodness. That jumpsuit is ah-mazing! What a find! It looks crazy awesome on you too. Looks like it must be fun to slink and swish around in. You know what would make this outfit even MORE awesome? Tassels. The headband is great too, and so awesome that you and the Stylist make them together.


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