Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where I Help Fix the Car

Our neighbours keep well clear of us.  
We're largely ignored except for the young lad next door who never fails to linger and give me a wink and a nod if I happen to be signing for a package or watching the towing guy winch one of our cars off his flat-bed.  Again.
Maybe it's because there was this one time The Phoenix raced down the street in his undies to hand me my birthday present that had just been delivered.
Or it could be due to the time I reversed over The Phoenix on the driveway.
Despite the disgraceful behaviour, we are largely harmless, even if we do look a bit strange when it comes to practical matters.

Yes, "we" are assessing the state of the ignition coil, battery and other very important things relating to Victor the Volvo's private parts.
The Phoenix in dressing gown, me in evening gown.
Comfort is vital.

 See? Helping.

I had to relinquish the red welding gloves, even though they made fabulous gauntlets.
The pics were taken for Vanessa's "Dress Up for the Heck of It Day" even though I needed no excuse to get frocked up.

 And lookie here!  I actually cleared a space where I keep some of my clothes.  
People can actually walk to the kitchen now, without tripping over piles of storage bags and furs!

It kind of looked like this before when yet another one of my overloaded clothes racks gave up on me.

This is the only tidy spot in the house now and I can give you a better look at the 1940s sheer frock I bought from eBay.
I thrifted the spotty bow tie for 20 cents, earrings for 50 cents and the 1950s veiled cocktail hat for $5.
Gold VW Melissa's from eBay.

 I like the intricate veiling used for this hat - oh so mysterious sweetie!

Back view, there's a lovely rose attached to the hat's circlet. 

The ring and a lovely yellow dress were gifts included in a parcel of goodies I bought from Ms Minx.
Thank you darling!!

You thought I was naked under the dress didn't you? Ha! Foiled by this 1940s rayon slip that doubles as a fabulous frock in summer.
I think my booboids are awesome in this pic.  Not bad for six years breastfeeding four babies eh?
Hope you're having a booby-liscous weekend!!
Desiree xo


  1. What fun! I am impressed...I breastfed three and am decidedly "relaxed" these days. The netting on the veil is quite wonderful. And, the Phoenix is a good sport I see...

  2. I have broken a few clothes rails in my time. I love the net veil and I totally thought you were nude under that sheer dress!

    E :)

  3. Desiree. GAWD!! You are just... the most magnificent, wonderful, one of a kind, fantastic, fun, strong, resilient, stupendous... ahhhhh I just don't have enough words. You are just fabulous.

    Who wouldn't want to live next door to you????

    I LOVE the dress. LOVE the way you help (have to admit I'm a grease monkey. LOVE you wicked wit. And the boobs are indeed boobyliscous!!

  4. You look like one hot little number in this ensemble.

    Dressing gown and evening gown (Now would you have ever thought that there would be a time in your life you two would be dressed so opposite fixing a vehicle??)lol

    p.s. That is the prettiest little hat I have ever seen.

    I was totally perving at your boobs,convinced I could see some nipple shadow!!! DANG!!!
    Fark me,but you look MEGA fantastic and PERFECT for some car maintenance!!! I just want to frick you up,you sexacious beastess! PHWOAR!Divoon frock,divoon hat,divoon details generally.....and what a splendid glimpse of your delicious wardrobe bits.......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    I feel faint.

  6. oh desiree you are my star!!!! i love you in this green dream robe!!! haha and this also happened to me once o twice a week that i oveload my clothes racks ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  7. aaawww you look so beautiful i love the green dress. You have the most gorgeous old school beauty look about you, you ooze glamour to me and you just wear red lipstick well it was made for you. I would love to spend an afternoon looking through your rails of frocks with you ;-)) And i agree your boobs look amazing ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee xx

  8. Our neighbours don't really talk to us much either. If only you, Vix and Helga were my neighbours, life would be such fun! Love the hat by the way. X

  9. You look like a queen))) What a dress! And that little hat, and polka dotted bow tie! <3
    Amazing)) Your posts are always making me smile)

  10. Well of course you were helping, by remaining fabulous in the face of a mundane task, if that's not being helpful then what is?!
    That boob shot is bloody gorgeous and the naughty see thru' frock and don't even get me started on that hat. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hahaha, OF COURSE the obvious thing to wear when "helping" with car maintenance is an evening dress. What else?
    That hat and veil are so gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as those BOOBS! Wish mine were where I left them before I breastfed 3 kids...
    Good work with clearing a space. I have yet to follow your example but I will, I will!

  12. I love, love that boob shoot, must of been cold. the Phoenix is his rob is priceless. shit I would go over your house just to steal your hats and wear your frocks as veils since they wont fit me.
    I have some rails that a ready to collapse at the moment. your earrings are fantasticos shiny hat is so divine. i am hypnotized by your fab hat.

  13. Oh yes just LOOK at that boobage, you'll be rivalling me any minute now-LOL! Helping fix the car in a frock like that is just perfect my dear, it must have made the whole ordeal seem sooo much less dull!!!

  14. MAMACITA! Wow! you just blew me away with glamor!

  15. So gorgeous, that dress! I love the sheer dress. And ooh, those red welding gloves look like good props. Adoring the polka dot bow as well. :-)

  16. That's an awesome dress, and I do love the birdcage veil hat! I once watched a movie where a first-love-couple reunited as elderly people went on a road trip, their car broke down, and he fixed it using her silk stocking :) being well dressed can be useful!


  17. oooh welding gloves - i LOVe them (make note: want want want suede welding gloves).

    As to your collapsing rail - my ironing board did that over the weekend lol. Oh dear - yet another attractive bin bag full of laundry ...

    Love your nakey slip and stacked rack rawwwrrr .....

  18. Both you and Helga have the prettiest eyes and yes your boobies are quite lovely :) What a sweet dress and I love the lil glimpse into your place. That hat is darlin!

  19. How delightful that you and your DH The Phoenix are in it together, having a great time, and disturbing the neighbors! You two should move to our street, which needs a bit of livening up :).

  20. Such a lovely green frock & also love the hat:D

    Also....I remeber clothing racks collapsing under the weight of my clothes too;)


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