Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Enough About Me, Let's Talk About Me

Yes lets!
But first, it's the end of a very lovely day and I managed to snap off these pics of today's outfit before it got dark.

I love this "new"1950s cotton ruffled blouse.
It's so very twee and deserves to be worn with leather shorts - ya know, just to loosen things up a bit.
The blouse was from Vintage JoAnn's Etsy shop; the leather shorts were thrifted for $10; old Geisha leggings from Black Milk; VW Melissa's from Amazon; thrifted bag and hair flower; mish-mash jewellery.

The shorts are a bit big but they're super-comfy.
I refuse to wear anything that makes me feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable - ever.

 Ooooh what's this?
Something I think the Vintage Coconut would go nuts over.

 Yes, it's a hand-painted polished coconut handbag.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

 Unzip it and it's cotton-lined and there's another zipped compartment.

 A cute little secret compartment.
I thrifted it for the massive sum of $10 today, but I've seen these tagged at $40 before so I snapped it up when I noticed a few more customers lurking around watching me fondle it.

Why am I covering my crotch?  
Because it looks like I got a massive woody every time I sit down.
Today a couple walked past me and the woman said to her fella "careful your eyes don't fall out".
Was she referring to my pants problem?
This and many other questions are sure to keep me awake tonight.   Anyway ...

Lakota of Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping is my idol for, among many of her gifts, being a Twinkle cover girl.
She wants me to talk about my favourite subject alphabetically.

A is for Age: 43 and no, I will never, ever have cosmetic surgery because I know if I do, I will truly miss my neck crepe, forehead wrinkles and crows feet.  For real.

B is for Bed size: Queen but I love romping on a king at every opportunity.

C is for Chore That you Hate:  All housework, especially dishwashing.  Dishes grow like mould and won't go away.  But I don't mind doing the laundry, pegging it out and admiring my artistic handiwork.  We generally live in squalor though.

D is for Dogs:  Poppy the Fox Terrier, but she lives with my ex because we don't have a fence for her.  Sniff.
 My gal Poppy with one of her babies.

Poppy is mum to Dexter and Winston.

E is for Essential Start to the Day:  Groaning, stumbling into doorways, loo, then strong tea.

F is for Favourite Colour:  GREEN!!
Here's some green stuff.

G is for Gold or Silver:  Both at the same time.

H is for Height:  5"6.  People think I'm really, really tall until they stand next to me so I frequently lie about my height, but never my age.  It's all very strange really.

I is for Instruments You Play:  None.  But The Phoenix reckons I do a fine job on the recorder.

J is for Job Title:  Contortionist.

K is for Kids:  Four.  Ages: 22, 14, 10, 8.  Three boys, the youngest a girl.  I always wanted a little brother and I had my eldest quite young so we kind of grew up together:).  

L is for Live:  Large-style.  I'm off the mortgage hamster wheel and not keen to get back on it - I'd rather travel.

M is for Mother's Name:  June aka Electric June: horticulturalist, jam-maker, cake-baker, rose-gardener, seamstress, knitter, best gravy-maker, DIY everything.

Here's mum in a 1940s silk suit my Nana bought her - must have taken up quite a few WWII coupons!!  
The pic was taken at a family reunion in the mid 60s with her two sisters and brother - they're all still alive!
Mum would be about 40 here.

For years, my sisters and I quietly struggled over the ownership of the suit when Mum couldn't wear it anymore.  Guess who she gave it to about three years ago?

N is for Nickname: Des.  I know, really original eh?  But we don't get to pick our nicknames do we?

O is for Overnight Hospital Stays:  One night each after babies three and four.  Number one was born at home, I went home a few hours after pushing out number two.  Aren't I just a frickin' legend?

P is for Pet Peeves:  I hate shopping centres and malls.

Q is for Quote from a Film: "Are you my three o'clock?" plus "So there was this huge guy f**king me in the ass and there were these two guys dressed as cops in my mouth an' I thought to myself: 'I love acting'" - both by Mira Sorvino aka Judy Cum in Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite.

R is for Right or Left-Handed:  Right.

S is for Siblings:  I'm the youngest of seven.  Two brothers and four sisters.  Can't you tell? "Look at meeeeeeeee".

T is for Time You Wake Up:  Twenty minutes before the kids have to leave for school.

U is for Underwear:  Most days.

V is for Vegetable You Hate: Choko.  Yuk!!  Why do people leave bags of them on their neighbour's front doorsteps?  They're frickin' weeds!!

W is for What Makes You Run Late:  Me.  I still get everyone else ready first - a habit from the days of having lots of little people wrapped around my legs or a baby hanging off a booboid.  Then I grab a mish-mash of stuff and end up looking like a crazy bag-lady - you've seen the results.

X is for X-rays You've Had:  Two.  Broken toes from running through the house at 13 with size 9 feet.  Then last year I fell on my right elbow - now it just clicks.

Y is for Yummy Food that You Make:  I lost my cooking mojo when I had a couple of breakdowns two years ago.  Now I can only manage great salads, minestrone, roast and pancakes.

Z is for Zoo Animal:  My kids.


  1. That coconut purse is freaking cool, I know Vintage Coconut will be jealous. That suit is gorgeous luckily she picked you!

    E :)

  2. Guess who is having a right old giggle after reading that?

  3. Yes, Desiree, you ARE a legend! Lovely coconut bag

  4. I knew I'd like reading yours. And of course you won the suit power struggle - it was meant to be yours!
    Coconut handbags seem to be thin on the ground in South London - although I do have a palm tree in my back garden...

    Obviously I need to add 'Mighty Aphrodite' to my watch list!

  5. Dear Desiree,
    I've got just the thing to go with your coconut handbag, a small coconut shell coin purse, if you e-mail me your address I'll pop it in the post for you.
    I did actually spot a coconut handbag at the car boot sale not that long ago but I didn't buy it cause the seller wanted £2 for it...I'm such a Scroogette!
    Love your A-Z darling, you look so fabulous in green, no wonder it is your fave colour!
    Lot's of love,

  6. How I enjoy to know more about you. You are wonderful, beautiful and so funny.
    I refuse to wear anything that makes me feel physically or emotionally uncomfortable - ever.

  7. That coconut purse is unreal. So awesome! And that faux-woody thing your shorts did? A big reason I don't wear pants/shorts, right there. Pointy-crotch, an affliction I cannot cope with haha...

    Dexter and Winston are adorable. Kitties <3 Green is my favourite colour too :D

    And oh my god, that silk suit! So awesome she gave it to you. It looks fantastic on you.

    Hey, if you can make pancakes, you are still winning in the kitchen.

  8. You could fashion that cute coconut bag into a codpiece to wear over your faux woody. And nuts to anyone who stares!!!! I could stare at you all day, you look so peachy.
    Love your A-Z- hurrah for squalor, kid chaos, cats, contortion, roasts and silk suits, sounds like a recipe for a happy life to me. xxxxx

  9. You are a legend! What a great read. I lie about my height, too (hate being a short arse).
    Those animals, your family, you! All just brilliant and fabulous and beautiful.
    I wanted a cocnut shell bikini when I was in Brazil, I;'m going to have to make one now! xxx

  10. Just love your mum's suite, looks so lovely on you.

  11. You are marvellous! What a top centres/malls are Satan's own

  12. Amorcito,
    I love your 50's peach blouse, so frilly.
    lol@ your short comment.
    You are grandiosa!
    I adorar your Mamas 40's suit, glad she gave it to you. I could see a little of your Mama in you.
    you are making laugh at all your answers.
    kitties names are so cool. coconut purse rocks also looks like a Mexi-bag of some sort. marvelous tights as always. green hat is gorgeous, you look fantastic in green brings out your eyes more.


  13. You must get funnier as the years roll by, for each post your get me laughing more. YEAH for romping on Kings whenever you get the chance and double YEAH for raising those kids! You look great in green and that coconut purse is super duper cute even if you have horn over it!

  14. Oh you hot little coconut tease! *lol*
    I have a coconut purse but HECK it's not amazing as that one. Mine has no painted flower and a over the shoulder type strap. But you can bet your little stars if I came across one like that I would be running with it all the way to the checkout.

    I loved the family photo with your Mom in the mid 60's. She is lovely and that dress looked great on her. Imagine my suprise when I scrolled down and seen you in it!
    You look FABULOUS! Love the fishnets with it, it gives it some kick.

    You had yoru first baby at home?! Was it accidential like couldn't make it to the hospital in time? Or did you plan it that way?

    It was nice to learn more about you Des!

  15. I want a pair of leather shorts so bad I can taste it!!! Those look amazing on you! I enjoyed your alphabet! Hugs to you gorgeous! ~Serene

  16. Aw, aren't your animals adorable. I want to give them all a big squeeze! xx

  17. EEEEK,I have a cocnut bag,but it's no where hear as cool as yours!!! Face it,lurve,you are the COOLEST in school!!! Loved this A-Z,you saucy,meaty minx,and I'm wiping the drool off my chin after perving at your red(open SESAME!) legs last post!!! AYE CARUMBA!!!
    I gag in your honour,I jiggle my bosoms in your direction,I'd salute you with my wang if I had one.You are MARVELLOUS!!!
    O,I'm an only child........look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  18. Oh I love the coconut purse! I've never seen anything like that before - so fun!

    I've just done this A-Z thingy too - we share a favourite colour :) I think the rest of my answers are somewhat tamer than yours though!

  19. A lot of people have done these lists, but yours is the best!


  20. I love that blouse, and those Black Milk leggings. I also love reading these A-Z lists - your answers kick ass! Plus, you look great in green.

  21. Every time I read your blog you have me laughing out loud. You are talented in so many ways and a delight for the eyes and the soul!

  22. OOh! that coconut is faboo!

  23. I think I need a Pull Up Your Socks Vintage Calender with your outfits!

  24. Oopps! I forgot- you've been awarded

  25. You do look good in green. The coconut bag is so mushly, how cute!Love your shirt too x

  26. I love Citizen Rosebud's suggestion of a "Pull Your Socks Up" calendar - yes please! Though it would probably have to be one with an outfit for each day, not a mere one a month.
    Thank you for sharing your great humour in your A-Z, as well as such a variety of details. And magical to see the photo of your mum in that beautiful silk suit and then YOU wearing it - so special.
    A commissioning editor really ought to be snapping you up pronto to write a column.

  27. My LAWD I adore you. You look exquisite in every single thing ever and holy guacamole, I thought you were about six feet tall from your pics!

    I love that beautiful super pretty 1950s blouse. I love it all, actually, you are AMAZING.

    Sarah xxx

  28. I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, your mum is quite the dresser!

  29. Love you in your Mom dress, it looks hip and fresh on you! Laura Cottage and Broome


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