Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheeky Bits

Are there any "real" op shops left?
I've rediscovered a local gem in recent weeks.
A place where generous citizens donate their pre-loved goods and they're not tagged at despicable prices.
I found this 1970s shortie jumpsuit for a thrilling $3, the same day and place I bought my two dollar lounge-room-curtain-skirt.
Those jolly good hunting days are rare.
Are op/thrift shops becoming greedy or am I just being a Scrooge?

The neighbour's pussy seems to be spending more time with us and I think its owner is getting a tad annoyed following a spate of cuddly sleepovers. Oops.

Now that's one naughty little zipper option up the front huh?  
Hmmm ... how much will I show off today?  
I only wish I had a wonderful chola gingham bra like the gorgeous La Dama wears ... drool.

I got the bag for $3 at an op shop, it's made from 1970s curtain fabric - gotta love that old orange and brown combo eh?
I decided on purple tights from Sock Dreams and my blue VW Melissa's that the ever-scrumptious Suzanne of Idee Fixe picked up in the NYC sample sale.

The 1960s green earrings were 50 cents from the same oppy.
The collar and wee arm pocket are an orangey-red colour - lurve big pointy collars!

I can tell by the hemline that the jumpsuit has been kept at its original length.
Jolly cheeky innit?

As the weather warms up I'll be wearing this jumpsuit to death.
It's the perfect thing to wear while picking fluff off the carpet on The Phoenix's side of the bed;).
Desiree xo


  1. oppies are getting greedy (how if like to work in one tho lol) and you are getting more delicious every time I see you.I wanna move closer just so me and you can haunt the oppies together.Maybe you can come up for hols one day?

  2. agreed! Op shops are big business now - they even have air-con and price tags! Real op shops were sweaty, dusty shops that you took your wears to the dear old lady up the front who made the prices up as she sorted through the clothes (ranging from .50 cents to $5 per piece) But that was back in the day when op shopping wasn't cool - it was a place where 'strange' people got their clothes. Ha. Times are a changin'!

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  3. I find the smaller non chain oppies are much cheaper. The younger the staff the higher the prices is what I have noticed. Love your finds that bag is divine!

    E :)

  4. The jumpsuit is fab and shoes off your wonderful pins well.

    Here in UK some of the charity shops are getting really pricey, I once found a battered and overused pair of shoes priced at £25. Ridiculous. X

  5. That jumpsuit is fabulous! Very cheeky ;)

    Lee x

  6. this jumpsuit is so fabulous and so your stunning legs in this beautiful blue tights and heels, i guess you have a million pair of tights right? ;) well i have to say it is the whole outfit again, u really rock it, this bag is amazing too, what a great fabric. and it seems the neighbour cat has taste;)
    love and kiss,mary

  7. WOW you look gorgeous and you have the most amazing legs ;-)) And those shoes look so cute on you. And i love the bag to. I agree with you that chairty shops as we call them here are very expensive these days. Infact some things you can buy cheaper in a full price shop now thats not right at all. Have a wonderful day, dee xx

  8. I saw a ratty top from Tempt at my local Salvos selling for $15!! That's more expensive than if you had've bout it from the ACTUAL shop - AND it was all worn and horrible too.

    There's not much to find in op shops these days. I think all the good stuff gets picked out long before it gets to the shop.

    It's all rather depressing. What do the people who actually have to rely on op shops for their clothes do? It's hardly fair on THEM.

  9. What a great jumpsuit!) Love the stripes (as usuall)) and thius great purple tights <3
    You have such a great legs, oh my)

  10. Lovely Desiree,you are not a Scrooge. I have also noticed in England that most Charity shops have gone really expensive.
    You look adorable, like a true pin up girl

  11. You are certainly not a scrooge! I remember being a little girl & going op-shopping with my Nana. She'd give me a $10 note at the beginning of the day, and that would last me until the end of the day. I'd come home with a nice little pile of things, and it kept me occupied for the day. :)

    That jumpsuit is divine! It really shows off your gorgeous legs, and I love the zipper up the front. Meow!

  12. That is a very cute romper and is that another of your gorgeous hand made floral alice bands I spy?

  13. THAT ROMPER IS ADORABLE! Love it!!!! And I love those earrings, so cute.

  14. That outfit is cuter than cute, it's tres adorable(!) and I love everything you've paired with it. I went to a Salvation Army recently and they had a special section called "collectibles." I was shocked out of my mind and I'm never going back there again. The prices were ridiculously expensive. There was a teapot I wanted but not at that price.

    xo, Bonnie

  15. Wowzer I wish I could look half as good as you in a jump suit like that you look stunning. x

  16. The legs! They are stunning! You are so original, love it. When did a size 14 have a 28" waist????

  17. I don't know what an "op" is- must be lingo different from my California speak. Is it like a charity shop?

    Anyhoo, you look like one tall glass of water in your shortie. Love how you style things.

  18. WEET WOO, that's my attempt at a whistle, this romper needs a loud catcall! Hot mama!!

    Here in Portland, Oregon most vintage shops are WAY overpriced. You can still get good deals at the bigger OP chains but nothing real vintage there.

  19. Oh wow that is such a cute little romper! :D

  20. She's got legs - and she knows how to use them!
    Never mind that jumpsuit being cheeky, what about YOU?
    Looking hot hot hot, as always!!

  21. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of months now! I enjoy the fact that you are I am! I also love the fact that you wear what you want, and your humour is fabulous! :)

  22. Dear Desiree, You look as fab as ever. No, you're not being a scrooge they have increased their prices. I think it's become a lot trendier to shop them and they realised their clientele are more well-heeled than they have been previously and so have increased their prices to reflect that. I know that there's been times when I haven't been able to afford to buy something from an op-shop when I was an art student so that's pretty jaw-dropping. Salvos in Sydney are the worst for prices. You can still pick up books very cheaply but it's rare that I find clothes at bargain prices. I think they face a problem as their overheads are probably quite large but they are doing fashion parades, have websites where they sell online and I know they have to compete with EBay but if they make items too expensive then the people they are meant to be helping can't afford. Have a beautiful Monday! xx

  23. O,Horatio frigging HORNBAG! How bloody saucy and delicious!What a great score!! Pointy collars are a BIG yes in my book,ahuh!Those earrings are lucious! EEEK!
    That zip is begging to be unzipped.......oooooer missus!!!
    Nah,you are not a scrooge,just a discrimate shopper?! Hahahaaaaaaa,tight bitches unite,I get rather peeved over the oppy prices these days,but what can you do?!

  24. There for a minute I thought you were wearing the jumpsuit I had my senior year of high school. The label revealed it could not be the very one...

  25. Okay first thing s first. You look positively spritely! I love it and your new bag with the shoes & tights. Only problem is I'm having high school flashbacks when we wore the same outfit, stripes, minus the cute orange embellishments and zip up the front! Oh how I hated it and was overjoyed when my bastard teacher made me keep playing on an injured knee, which a doctor got me out of PE for the rest of my HS days! I might've liked PE better if I had one of these sexy numbers!

  26. How do you do it - ALWAYS looking so outrageously fabulous and gorgeous? Regarding charity shops - yes, here in the UK they are not only increasingly more expensive, but also tend to be stocking more and more recent high street tat. It's much harder to find the charity shops that put out pretty much anything so long as it is clean and in good-ish repair. However, there is ONE local to me that I dive in and out of like a falcon hunting prey.

  27. seems op shops are slapping "vintage" in the name and putting outrageous prices on the items. Probably because someone out there will pay it, as it is now the "in thing". I can't wait until the fad wears off here in the US and we can get back to reasonable prices. BTW, great bod! -T

  28. What does "op" stand for?
    You look ravishing, as per usual! My mother sported a similar romper--still have the pictures to prove it. It was in the 70's. Hers was terri-cloth but striped also. Funny how we can remember clothes so well.
    Love the measuremnts on the tag; how useful.

  29. Awesome jump suit I love it! And look at your legs woman!! Hot stuff!!

    So true about the op-shops, siiiggghhh. Have you been to those ones in Annerley on Ipswich road? I like the Life Line REtro shop but it's so pricey. Some really nice pieces though. :)

  30. I think they never really existed in Germany... the second-hand clothes stores still ask more than fast fashion stores for their used quality items, and the few charity-owned second-hand stores - which are far and in-between - have such strange opening times that I've never been able to verify their pricing! Your jumpsuit is cute, I wouldn't dare to wear such a short piece :)

  31. Bloody hell! Legs, VW shoes and a fabulous pussy, I'm slobbering on my keyboard here. I'm not surprised the moggy choses to spend the night with you, who in their right mind wouldn't!

  32. Hello gorgeous! This post should come with a warning of *watch out for super hotness* xxx

  33. Hot Desiree,
    Your making me hotter than a hot salsa. I am perving over that cute jumper. what a bargain. I am annoyed how charity shops are way out of price tease us with that zipper. your so cute for mention me amor. I will look out for gingham bras for you. Melissa shoes and blue tights gave it the added touch. I bet the Phoenix likes you picking up stuff while wearing your sexy romper.
    no wonder you even got cars sleeping over.
    luv ya

  34. I've read that the Goodwill had to up it's prices because of all the trendoids purchasing their groovy second hand duds. I did get an ironing board there for $5 but I find the clothes aren't as cheap as I'd like them to be for the ratty stuff they usually sell. Over at "Out of the Closet" the clothes are nicer and sometimes they go on sale too. The vintage stores here abouts are super pricy - like dresses between $300 and $500, and those aren't the designer versions which can be in the thousands. Still like them though!

  35. Jesus mary and joseph, I'm a lesbian! Pick my carpet fluff!

    Wait, what? HAAAAA!!! That was totally unintentional - but so horrendous that I'm leaving it in!

    You look EXQUISITE in that FAB jumpsuit, amor... just amazing actually.

    The vintage is becoming more difficult to find in op shops... and the prices are going up. Which suits me as I am currently in a mad minimalist phase. I even had my pits waxed today... everything must go!

    And just once more...
    you + that jumpsuit = PHWOOOARRR! HUBBA HUBBA! AND WOO WOOOOOOO!

    Sarah xxx

  36. Nice pins! That jumpsuit looks great on you. I think a lot of places ARE getting greedy. They know people are into thrifted and vintage and they try to get more money out of us... which defeats the whole thrifting thing in the first place, so far as I'm concerned.

  37. I bloody love this outfit!! Look at your lovely long legs and that pussy is a very fine specimen indeed!

    I have now added you to my blog roll, I swear I added you a while ago but it appears not! These blog gremlins are nasty little critters! xxx


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