Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's the Way, A-ha A-ha I Like It

Don't cha just wanna slap that smug look off my face?

You too can feel wonderfully smug when you I show you something really gross to pep up your day. 

Yep, there's the contents of the laundry/storage area thrown out the back door.
More evidence of domestic sluttery.
Isn't it just so disgraceful and heavenly?
I had no idea we had so many empty boxes and junk rammed into such a tiny space.

All gone!
I did a massive purge today and everything has been taken away by the garbage truck heroes or waiting tidily in the shed for the next load.
There's nothing quite like a wonderful garbage enema is there?

My reward for all that hard work?
Well, I don't have a sweet tooth, so chocolate wasn't the teaser.
It was playing around with outfits and coming up with something to wear with my new red tights from Sock Dreams.
Her Holy Fecking Hotness Helga has inspired me to go for red legs, something I've never done before.
I love red, but rarely wear it, yet I have been enjoyed my "new red 1960s hat and DIY headband.
Yowza, I'm a red-tights convert!

This homemade 1950s frock is probably the most tame one I own but I love wearing it.
It's a dark cream embossed satin that has softened with age and loves a stiff breeze.

So "Wilma", my 1960s Vanity Fair half slip is just the thing to spice things up for those cheeky puffs of wind.

 I'm also wearing a load of thrifted junk jewellery that I adore, some earrings from Bookhouse Creations; 1940s fur cape; my current fave vintage handbag and one of my DIY floral headbands.

 Oh and sparkly boogie shoes of course.

My head is stuck in mid-70s roller disco mode these days, thus the red tights perhaps?
I can't shake the KC and the Sunshine Band 8-track-player-on-a-loop in my head and I don't wanna.
Where are my bloody roller skates when I need them?  Roller Girl, did you nick 'em?
Get down tonight!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Haha garbage enema, love it! Love the outfit too, I just love how you wear vintage! Those red tights look amazing!

  2. I hate cleaning but I love the feeling of getting rid of junk! Those red tights are awesome, my vintage ones make me look sunburnt.

    Love the sparkly shoes!

    E :)

  3. Ha ha, garbage enema, LOVE IT!!! A stiff purge is a good thing, chuckouts must be coming your way.
    I'm loving this 70s disco thang your on just now, for me it never left and I don't see why it ever should.xx.

  4. Move up near me PLEASE!!!????!!!! You rock girl! and miss Bailey who is sitting next to me said look theres your friend.

  5. The red tights are so perfect with this outfit! That and the leopard print go lovely with all the cream. So pretty!

    And my whole flat looks like your garbage enema!

  6. I really think I need red tights now. Your legs look amazing. I also need to do loads of housework, but that's by the by.

  7. Dearest Desiree,
    I'm loving your DIY headdress, it's awesome! I'm so with you one the garbage enema, hubby & I are about to embark on 'LIFE LAUNDRY - PART 2'. We did really well earlier this year but so much more is needing binned, or sold or despatched to a charity shop.
    At least I'm not bringing home so much cabbage from the car boot sales anymore, my self imposed £5 spend limit is ensuring quality rather than quantity...that's what I like to think anyway ;)
    I love red but it can be a tricky colour on tights. I think the secret of how not to look like you've dressed for Christmas Day is to team your red tights with colours other than red, like you have done.
    Hope you are doing well :)
    Lot's of love,

  8. Gosh you've got great legs girl! And those tights make them look even better. Totally awesome outfit :-))) I wish I had your 'throw it all together and it looks wicked" skillz. :-D

  9. I love your cheeky smirk in the first photo! You are looking absolutely smashing, and those red tights are divine.

    I had a good garbage enema today as well. Gotta love packing! ;)

  10. Do a little dance, make a little love...
    Nothing wrong with the roller disco soundtrack, Desiree!
    You are such a hottie with your red pins of delight and your sparkly shoes, and I think capelet+leopard print handbag+headband is fast becoming your signature look. It's like old Hollywood glamour mashed up with 70s disco! And what's not to love about that??? xxxxx

  11. Red tights! They are the best ones yet! - by the way your roller skates may or may not have been in that last lot of garbage you just threw out. Just a thought to keep you up at night. xx
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  12. Congrats on the laundry! Now, whatcha gonna put back in? Hard to believe you've never sported the red legs before...as I think you are the queen of interesting legs!

  13. Awesome tights, and that dress is great. I really love cleaning up and getting rid of junk, it feels so good to de-clutter and tidy up. At least I think so! This week I'm going to start working on the Animal Room... the critter shelves are in order, but the rest of the room is an absolutely horror. Hopefully I get as much done as you did.

  14. That dress is fabba dabba doo. I wish we had a laundry to store crap in, just for the awesome feeling when you throw it all out xx

  15. Glad some else has to do a mega clean / clear out now and then, thought it was just me, so heavenly when it's done so yuck when not.
    Truely love your honesty about house work and just adore your outfir, thanks for sharing.

  16. Desireesita,
    LMAO at garbage enema.. Thats good that your cleaning up all areas of your casa. makes room for good energy to flow into your home.
    Your looking marvelous as ever, I love red tights. I am perving over your boogie shoes. I so want a Wilma slip.I see your wearing one of your exquisite creations. your pretty headbands go with everything. Frock is a delicous color goes so well with fur cape.


  17. Very nice toss-pile you have there! Go ahead and look smug, you earned it. Love the red legs -- I can't believe it's your first time. Very cool.

  18. What an epic sort out, I bow down to your domestic goddess ways. If that was us we'd leave it like that for the next few months.
    That dress is perfect with those tights and disco shoes. I've still got my roller disco skates lurking in dad's loft, maybe I should get 'em down.

  19. The wilma skirt underneath made ma laugh
    My mom was a hoarder so I LOVE GARBAGE ENEMAS!!
    I go through theses cray spells where I go through the house and just throw stuff away like a crazy person.
    There was a time my husband ask me where a certain cooking pan was and I had to tell him that I through it away. My moms sickness of being a hoarder gave me the sickness of the "GARBAGE ENAMAS"

  20. I always clean to procrastinate! Rearranging my wardrobe is so much more fun than essays!

    you're adorable! love how you style your vintage pieces!!

    My giveaway is up and running:
    Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

    x Aliya

  21. I don't want to smack the mug off your face...what I really want is that dress or more specific to be able to fit into that dress. I like this look alot! -T

  22. And I thought you were looking so smug because you looked so glam! x

  23. I never thought I would say this to another female but... YOU LOOK GREAT with red legs! ;)

    There is that leopard handbag teasing me again! *God I love it* And the slip!! *OOO LA LA*

  24. Purge baby purge and let the whole world know!! Loving these red tights as much as your smile. Your smile makes me smile..BIG!

  25. We don't have a laundry room - the whole house is full of crap instead! Can you lend me some of your mojo? It's getting me down but I just can't be arsed tackling it all!

  26. I don't want to knock the smug look off your face, but I DO want to steal those tights right off of you. I thought I hated red tights! Who knew???? Wonderful. (And "domestic sluttery" is my new Favorite Phrase Ever).

  27. lol at the garbage pic of the backyard!!! Love those dirty little secrets...and it IS hard to believe you've never done red tights before! They are fun, no?

  28. I think I have a permanent blogger crush on you Desiree. You rock. And you rock. You just do.


  29. I love my red tights! Can't go without them! I'm so glad to see your fantastic pins in a pair though! They look wonderful ;)

    Lee x

  30. I LOVE that wilma slip! I am a long term fan of red legs - yours look great:D

  31. YOWZAAA! The frock and shoes are amazing... but I especially FRICKIN LOOOOOVE THE SLIP! AND THE HANDBAG! AND RED TIGHTS ROCK THE KASBAH!!!

    Seriously, you look amAAAzing, as always and I love a garbage enema too.

    Sarah xxx

  32. You are so funny! I'm going to make a point of using "garbage enema" in a sentence today.

    I keep meaning to model my own red tights. I bought 6 pairs!


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