Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's Play Paper Dolls

Each year on our annual family camping holiday, Mum would give me a book with a pop-out paper doll and paper clothes.
I remember as a child, sitting in the shade of our tent spending hours playing with my treasured new "toy".
I didn't have a Barbie doll, but paper dolls brought me more than enough joy.
Today I took part in the Paper Doll Project.  
The title alone was enough to lure me in, but I didn't fully realise the potential for fun until I paired up with my partner Julie of OAGJ.
Julie's job was to dress me in this black kilt that I've always liked but never worn.

I've always found the length a bit tricky; between knee and calf-length and I must admit I did feel a bit guilty for lumbering Julie with something so old-fashioned.
But the darling took the bull by the horns and went through my blog archives to find things to go with it.
This is what she came up with.
Isn't she clever?

Julie chose my 1950s bustier and Collette Dinnigan black lace dress.

She chose this 1970s teal velvet jacket and one of my furs as a choice of winter cover-ups.

The Stylist added some floral decorative elements and helped me out with pics today.

One of Julie's stipulations was that I wear some kind of hat.
Who am I to deny Julie her hat pleasure?

I bought the watch pendant for 50 cents at the Salvos on Saturday.
The yellow silk scarf was a gift from Sarah Misfits.

Back view: thank god my arse doesn't look humungous.  Kilts can do that to me.

The Stylist insisting I balance on one leg in my 1980s red suede stilettoes.
I layered thrifted teal tights with black fence-net tights from eBay.

Vintage grosgrain bag with 1960s white bobble earrings and 1950s veiled headband.  Love.

I'll definitely be doing the Paper Doll Project again and can't wait for the next challenge.

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday:).
Desiree xo


  1. oh you look great in a kilt.. and love the matching of the tights to the jacket! your kilt is very dull colouring so that worked well. Maybe you should try a brighter tartan next time you get a kilt♥

  2. Oh Desiree, Julie did a brilliant job. Who'd have thought a mid-length kilt could look so killer? Those fishnets and the bustier top and those splendid shots of colour make you look absoltely beautiful.
    The one legged Flamingo pose is epic. xxx

  3. Fabulous! We'll have to get together and compare fur collections one day.xx.

  4. she did a great job, it looks fantastic!

  5. Oh my gosh she did a fantastic job! I love this outfit- I love the plaid and the blue and the lace all together! The red shoes are amazing with it- she's a genius. Awesome outfit.

  6. I do remember playing for ever with the paper dolls. Do they still make them??
    What a fabulous idea.
    You are looking fantastic as a paper doll.
    Much love my dear friend.

  7. The picture with your one leg up is cute, they are all great pictures. I dont think you could take a bad picture if you tried!
    great outfit!

  8. I love that your daughter is in on the fashion bloggy goodness. I did the project this month too and it was way more fun than I expected, definitely want to do it again.

  9. So much to love about this! The textures, pops of color, proportions ... love it all.

  10. you look gorgeous as always! i am in love with those tights!

  11. I love the bag and the shirt with lace!

    kisses honey,

  12. Very clever indeed,she did a top job. I also like kilts with high heeled long boots, brings a bit of dominatrix to granny chic ;) x

  13. Very original pairings. Very clever.

  14. I remember paper dolls! And having a tartan kilt as a kid (which I loved) Great job Julie on styling you with the kilt! I love the teal stockings and jacket with it!

  15. Oh Desiree - you look FABULOUS! I hadn't heard of this paper doll thing but now I'm off to find out more - what FUN!

    I do LOVE you in that gorgeous hat/headpiece and those shoes are divine!

    I wish I had a stylist to show me some excellent poses such as the flamingo - I always end up pulling my skirt up and pulling ridiculous faces!

    Sarah xxx

  16. Desiree,
    Amor paper doll is a fabulous idea, i used to watch a mexican soap called papwr dolls.
    You look wonderful in that kilt, i love tartan.
    What a great stylist you have.
    Your shoes are always stunning.

  17. Love your lace top! So chic, and with that jacket! Perfect!

  18. I adore this whole look! Every piece! It's so refreshing to find other fortysomething bloggers out here in the cyberspace. There are so few of us and there needs to be MORE! Love your style!

  19. Fecking hell,that's a fantastic outfit-you have been styled beautifully,and rather truthfully to yourself,I think!!!
    I especially love the colours!!


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