Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Got Me Hummin'

The Stylist took about two days to get ready for her first school disco.
It involved many fashion parades much to the entertainment and delight of the The Phoenix and I.
And a bit of squirming on my part: "Gawd am I such a prancing show-off that I've spawned another?"
Well, if making an effort is showing off, then dammit I'm a proud show-off!  
And I'm glad I did, especially after seeing all the outstanding outfits the seven and eight-year-old little girls wore to sparkle and shine on Friday night.
Their sartorial statements included: princess tutu dresses, hair and body glitter, matching outfits, sequins and more sequins, tulle skirts, flashing lights in their hair, plus I saw one little girl in what looked like the actual red glittery shoes Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz and another girl wore her mum's sequinned mules (they were too big and I melted at her bravado).
I was not going to let The Stylist down and wore my new pink tights - which had many kids doing a double-take;).

I wore a 1960s green tweed and fur suit from eBay and a black sheer blouse that the lovely Nelly gave me on her visit the previous day.

I'm also wearing the bracelet Nelly gave me and the Etsy jewellery I wore here.

I forgot to set my camera for outdoor night shots, but here's The Stylist tearing up the dance floor without a rest.
Ahhhhh ... that's my girl!

We stopped off at the shops on the way home and she bought me a silk rose to thank me for taking her ... or maybe for dancing with her and her friends.
You get a better look at the tights here.  They are from Sock Dreams, recommended by Meg Needles.  Thanks Meg, I don't think I can ever wear black tights again!  The shoes are Vivienne Westwood Melissa 3-Straps.  The face and hair is by: exhaustion!

And the bag?  I actually won it in a competition and it arrived from Saba this week.
Entrants had to pick an item from their online store, right a couple of lines about it and then forget about it guess!
Can't believe I won the item I chose, this gorgeous leather bag called Monique, which retails for $249.  I know people pay that sort of money for bags but I never have ... makes it extra special for me.
My entry was this letter ...

My darling Monique, you need not stay in night after night so lonely on a dusty shelf any longer.  
Bright lights, clinking glasses, gossip and tittering laughter can all be yours.  
You want to see the night, feel a fresh breeze rustle over you and feel your new owner clutch you nervously at the sight of her lover.  
You will see it all.  
You will be loved.

Thanks Saba!
I hope you're all having a fabbo weekend.
I plan on spending the evening with The Phoenix watching something British with lots of lovely murders:))
Desiree xo


  1. You look beautiful as usual and your daughter looks just like her mummy.You desreve to win everything and am so glad you won that bag well done you xxxx Still smiling when I think of my visit.

  2. PS Bailey-ann just saw your pic and went hey thats that lady we met lol she got all excited when she saw you.

  3. That is an amazing suit, as always you look fabulous. :O)

  4. OMG imagine being a kid and having your Mum be SO FRICKIN FABULOUS and come to your first dance with you in pink tights and leopard and vintage wool and VW jellies!!! She must be the happiest girl in the world and you must be the best mother in the world! You look beautiful, as always, Desiree!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Oh, love your bright pink tights! how glorious. Funny you mention Dorothy and glitter shoes, I've written a blog post about that!

  6. love the pink tights. love this bag. and i adore this crocodile bracelet. i'm a maniac for animal jewelery.. a crocodile is missing in my zoo. ;)

  7. Wouldn't it be wonderful FOR EVERYONE to keep that thrill of dressing-up like seven and eight-year-old little girls? Can you image what the marketing folks of the world would make of us all eschewing dieting and wrinkle cream for Dorothy shoes and flashing hair lights....

    This all looks like such tremendous fun. Love the tights and the fabby bag.

  8. Your little one is gorgeous, just like her mummy! I absolutely love those pick tights with the posh suit and the VW heels and that bag is freaking fabulous. Well done on such an expensive freebie. xxx

  9. How very cute :) Saba do wonderful things, lucky you winning that bag xx

  10. such a fun and grear momma you are
    you deserved to win that purse and yep, ya wore them green shoes i love!

  11. Ditto Sarah, how cool to have you as a mum! You look fabulous and I love the pink tights. Hope you've had a great weekend xx

  12. Oh my god - your daughter is so flipping cute! I'm sure she was the best dressed girl there. :)

  13. Congrats on winning the purse! It is so cool that your daughter WANTS you to be with her at an event like this AND takes the time to thank you for it. I'll bet you were the coolest mom at the event.

  14. Ok. Now I NEED some hot pink tights. Wowzahs!

  15. Aww, I remember my first school disco - what fun! Tweed and leopard - aahh!! I like!!
    No wonder you won the bag with that entry - its fabulous and I love love love that suit. Your daughter must have been very proud to show off her Mum in her suit, VW shoes and pink tights to her sparkly tutu clad girlfriends.

  16. Yea, you wore Sock Dreams pink tights!! Sock Dreams are located in Portland Oregon where I am from. :-)


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