Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gifts and Gratitude

When I started blogging almost a year ago, I hadn't anticipated being on the receiving end of such kindness and generosity.
I'm overwhelmed by your encouragement and words of support, especially when I share something that I figured only very close IRL friends would lend an understanding ear.
Thank you so very much, I feel very lucky.
Speaking of luck, today I received a parcel from the gorgeous Sarah of Misfits Vintage after winning her beautiful bag giveaway.
The darling included some little unexpected surprises including this utterly STUNNING kimono, printed with beautiful leaves in shades of my favourite colour: green!

Sarah also sent me a yellow silk scarf, which I've attached to my bangle here, plus a gorgeous stretchy sparkly bracelet (on left wrist) and delicious wee hanky (in the bag!).

How cute is this bag with its double clasp, jangly beads and dinky little chain strap?

I made a very brief stop at my local Vinnies this morning and found this strapless jumpsuit for $9 by Brisbane designer Sacha Drake - weeee!
The fabric is incredibly soft and I love the way it sweeps and drapes.
It's been ages since I've thrifted any clothing, it's been mostly little bits of jewellery and bags.
VW Wedges make yet another appearance - sorry, I will change my shoes one day;).

The 1950s cocktail head piece was an eBay find.
I love the combination of a black veil with white and green flora.

This is my Gloria Swanson pose a la Sunset Boulevard.
I'm sure her character, the has-been actress, Norma Desmond, would have appreciated the drama of a kimono and fluttery scarf - hehe.
Norma Desmond: "We didn't need dialogue.  We had faces!"

Thank you so much Sarah, I hope I've done justice to your beautiful, gifted treasures.
BTW there's a spot of light reading for you lovely readers, I did a wee interview for Smashion here.
Thanks Smashion!
Desiree xo


  1. Dear Desiree,
    WOW, you look AMAZING, that kimono is spectacular!
    You lucky gal ;)
    The dinky bag is really cute too.
    Take care luv,

  2. My dear desiree, the bag is fantastic, and you are a true queen of style, my friend.

  3. Oh my darlin' that kimono is a stunner! I love how you added all the yellow to the outfit- it really makes the green in the kimono pop!

    I think a faux kimono might be next on my list of things to make- you know, since I did the whole faux obi (faux-bi) belts thing.

  4. Hello just popped over from Christina's after reading your comment, so glad I did, what a lovely blog and you look incredible in that outfit, you have styled it beautifully.

  5. Oh I am SO glad - it's perfect on you! You're perfect in IT! YAY! I knew they were your colours... You look so beautiful, as always.

    Sarah xxx

  6. It was ment for you!
    you just get prettier and prettier every time i see you!
    The GREEN SHOES would be perfect with that too. (I love to always tell you to wear the green shoes)

  7. oh my! I LOVE your silk kimono! Amazing colors!

  8. You look gorgeous in everything, Desiree but I must say you look particularly fabulous in green! That kimono was made for you, Sarah couldn't have chosen anything more fabulous.
    You rock my world. xxx

  9. Woweee!!!!!
    That is all :)

  10. More greeeeen to make me green with envy! Lovely gifts, suited perfectly to you!

  11. You look gorgeous! I love your outfit!! I follow you!!

  12. Darling,you look SO divine!You really know how to work items I would never have thought of!You inspire me so much!!That headpiece is totally fabulous! I must start finding something like that,I'm most peeved that I haven't found something that gorgeous in my travels yet!
    LOVE the frock on your lasy post,I thought of Vix too!
    Stay divine,and super congrats on the 2nd non drinking anniversary!!

  13. Just love your POSE with the bag!! reminds me of a friend of mine--she does the same thing! Oh, and just love Sunset Boulevard--you do a fierce Norma, GF! Sacramento is right; you are the queen of style! Love Paula

  14. Wow! Desiree you look bloody amazing! You are certainly rocking that outfit. The kimono is absolutely beautiful and so is the bag. Sarah picked brilliantly and it's perfect on you.

    If you'd like me to send you The Duchess of Duke Street DVD's please email me your address to tinalindsay@mac.com. The only thing I ask is that you post it on to the lovely Sacremento when you've finished watching.

    I've seen the whole thing twice. All my friends love it too. Definitely British period drama at it's best. And it's funny too.

    Have a great day, love, C xx

  15. That kimono is beautiful, and how well does it go with the scarf and bag! Sarah sure does know how to pick 'em xx

  16. That kimono is beautiful and looks so great on you! And the jumpsuit too. You just look so lovely :)

  17. I love this outfit and keep the shoes! I love them more every time I see them. Also, so great to add the Sunset Boulevard quote. One of my favorite movies. Good ol' Gloria!

  18. You totally glamed up that bag,love your kimono and that dress shows off your sexy Mama curves amor.

  19. The bag was meant for you. You were meant to be seen. This is why i love blogging. Blogging provides a world stage for fabulous people. and you are just fabYOUlous. with a capital YOU.

  20. You look fantastic! That headpiece really inspires envy. So darn pretty!



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