Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He's Leaving On a Jet Plane

Today Number One Son left the emotional safety of his home town.
He's swapped the sub-tropical sunshine of Brisbane for cosmopolitan Melbourne, a job promotion and a new chapter in his adult life.
At 22, he's the same age I was when I brought him here from London, a chubby 11-month-old baby in 1990.
It was just the two of us for a long time.  Good times.
My how he's grown.

He spent his last night with us, wolfing down everything, playing with his siblings and as usual, introducing me to some new music.
These pics were taken minutes before stepping into the car for the trip to the airport this afternoon.
As you can see, my biggest boy, despite the prospect of an exciting life in the bright lights of a big, new city, was feeling some trepidation about moving.
The realisation that he was leaving his hometown had just hit him.
Obviously I had to wear something that would make us both smile.
I dragged my favourite kilt out (a bit rumpled) and decided it needed to meet my leopard-print silk shirt, my new pink tights and my favourite new find from Sunday's flea market, leather glitter shoes!!!!

I love these 1970s sunnies thrifted for $2 last week.  This was taken on the return trip home.  I look a bit grim don't I?

 My 50 cent earrings made him smile.

This is the view from the front room taken just before we drove off.

Good luck son!
Love Mum xo


  1. AAhh absolutely fabulous! Great color combo! so much fun!




  2. What a handsome young man, mind you with a mum like you he wouldn't be anything other than gorgeous looking.
    It must have been a sad day for you both but you did us and him proud by looking bloody fabulous. I adore those pink tights and those huge sunnies (and the plane earrings, obviously). xxxx

  3. well I hope he likes cold weather cause it is very cold in Melbourne today, and now at 5pm RAINING too.. don't worry, Melbourne is a great place for young people, I wish him every success in his new adventure.
    YOu, dear Mummy, looked WONDERFUL!!

  4. You could be brother and sister, my beautiful Desiree.
    We bring them to the wold, and hope one they they will fly solo. All we can hope for is that the wing they have grown with our love are strong enough.
    I bet you are proud.
    Loving your animal print mixture.
    One day we should definitely meet.

  5. Aw good luck to your son! It must be hard to say goodbye. Hopefully you will be able to visit him in melbourne

  6. Such a bittersweet moment, I'm sure-no wonder you look pensive on the journey back home, I daresay I would too. Can't wait to meet you this weekend.xx.

  7. Oh darling DD isnt it hard when they move so far away?My 21yr old is only 8hrs away and that is too far.Hope you are not feeling too sad.
    They grow up so fast!!
    I have emailed you a few times but they have failed to get thru so says my unable to deliver email tells me.

  8. Um - wow. He is gorgeous.

    I adore those earrings!

  9. Oh Desiree! Your son is such a cutie! Sometimes, don't you just want to gather up your chickies and put them back in the nest?! You look amazing and good for you for keeping a "stiff upper lip". I hate sad goodbyes! Super huge hug to you my glamorous friend!! ~Serene

  10. I know your beautiful boy will thrive in his new environs! You look delightful as the mother seeing her boy off, dear Desiree, dee-light-full!

    I love those pink tights- ok, I really need to order a pair (only summer's comming) and the mix of animal print with plaid deserves a Nobel Prize for prints mixing. Seriously.

  11. Awww bless - not goodbye - more see you soon I'm sure. Here's to new chapters xx

    Also - glitter shoes squeeee!!!

  12. He is very handsome! My son turned 21 a few weeks ago and he lives about 2 hours away.

  13. What Cat son you have, wish him luck in this new stage know that the mother's heart should be tight and at the same time happy, that's life!Xoxo

  14. what a lucky son you have to have such a cool mom :) Love your outfit today!

  15. Your son has your smile! so cute. And mine leaves too in a few days for the OTHER coast--he is a bit nervous too--but I hope they both can live out their dreams! Love, Paula

  16. aww bless you both. It is so very hard letting them go at all the different stages in their lives. But this an exciting chapter for him and he will always need you no matter where he is or what he is doing. keep smiling your beautiful smile, dee x

  17. Of course your son would be totally cool!! He has your smile!Wishing him all the best and oh Desiree I know how it feels... when my older kids moved out I 'grieved' for ages! But it is so important they understand true independence.

    LOVE the outfit! You are so fabulous... and traveling with an 11 month old son on that loooong flight... hats off to you!

  18. Such a strapping young man!! You deserve to be proud to have produced him!!!
    Looking so hot,I bet no other 22 year old' Mama looks as hot as you!He'll be proud in return!

  19. Good luck to your son! And indeed, those tights - and those earrings! - are awesome.

  20. Road trip!

    Brisbane --> Canberra --> Melbourne - LET'S GO!!!

    Melbourne is my home town so I am ALWAYS happy for a road trip. Just name your date!

    Sarah xxx

  21. I'm loving all your photos, but that first one of the two of you is wonderful in all kinds of ways! Best of luck to Number One Son in his new endeavors! (And I'm really glad I found your blog!)

  22. Awww! Thank you for sharing this - your son is a strapping young man - how exciting for him. Guess you'll have a good excuse now to visit Melbourne!

  23. How lovely you can see the sea!

    Your son looks gorgeous. I'm sure he'll have a great time and be back to see you very soon. What a cool mum you are! You look brilliant, your outfit is inspired xx

  24. Off into the world he goes! I sometimes forget that not everyone left home at 17 like I did. I'm 22 myself now and I have had the same full time job for over two years, have a college diploma, a car, an apartment... I wish your son all the luck in the world!

  25. he is candy to the eyes!


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