Friday, May 27, 2011

Barely There

Moments before stepping out of the shed he called home, my motorcycle racing grandfather would do a pseudo sign of the cross: "Spectacles, testicles, watch, wallet" he'd repeat.
Today I experienced moments of amusing panic today when I felt like I needed to remind myself to "check tits" and that my top was still on.
This 1940s navy silk blouse is so sheer it felt light enough to blow away.
I mean, it felt like ... air!

Once again, these pics were taken when I came home this afternoon which is why the skirt of my 1940s suit is looking a tad rumpled.
I feel like I should be tapping out a film noir script on my ancient Remington in some seedy studio office facing a dingy brick wall.

"Sure Mr Gable, I can get Miss Colbert to hitch up her skirt!"

I came home yesterday to surprise parcels from that divine pair, Sarah Misfits and Vintage Vixen.  Heaven.
Among the lovely goodies were this pair of Topshop tights and Barry M green nail polish from Vix and pin-up girl brooch from Sarah.
Squeeeee!!  These girls know what makes me tick.

I wore the blouse with a 1950s longline corset-style bra.  Keeps those girls in control;).

 Look, sparkly dots!  I like them with these wedges printed with 1950s beauty ads.

And ... 1970s sunnies, 1960s earrings and silk flower clip. 
You can see the satin, braiding and pin tuck details on the blouse here.

Are we all having a wonderful Friday?
Desiree xo


  1. That is so funny! The blouse looks great, and at first I thought the bra was built-in, it looks like they belong together!

  2. you look fabulous, darling!!

  3. Noi I had a horrid day buit seeing you put a smile on my face and Bailey again is sitting on me knee and loves your spotty legs.She wants to know if we can see you again when we go to Brisbane.You must have hot her heart strings lol
    What lovely gifts you have arent they awesome girls?
    Love that blouse but Id be checking my bits were in place too.
    You must get skype as this email not working caper to you aint fun xxxx

  4. All the bits look great - love the polka dot tights. But - OMG - where did you get those shoes? I want a pair!

  5. You are soooooooooo funny. I loved:grandfather would do a pseudo sign of the cross: "Spectacles, testicles, watch, wallet" he'd repeat.
    So true, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You look adorable as ever. I have fallen in love with your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Just arrived home,but not quite with it yet.

  6. Gorgeous shirt, you wear it so well, great suit too.xx.

  7. Your outfit is gorgeous and I love those wedges!! My ex boyfriend used to do that same sign of the cross as your grandpa.

  8. I thought that beautiful top was all-in-one. My boobage is such a sorry affair I don't think anyone would notice if I exposed myself.
    Love that suit and those tights look perfect with the wedges. You look incredible. xxx

  9. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE THE WAY YOU DRESS? !!! l.o.v.e.

    The whole film noir thingy with the jap-fash styling of polka dot tights and color blasted shoes is like an arrow shooting straight to mah heart. The sheer blouse is pure gravy!

  10. Gorgeous Desirée - as ever! I am still smiling at your grandfather's cute mantra! The blouse is divine and the brassiere's quite saucy - yet elegant! Just perfect!

  11. Hi Desiree, my first comment but have been lurking for a while, having been recommended to check you out by lovely Vix.
    You look amazing, very delicious, though that gorgeous wispy blouse would make me a little nervous too... But you wear it (and the underwear) with style!
    Looking forward to more loveliness,
    Curtise x

  12. Bloody amazingly perfect as always! Sparkly polka dot tights!!! The suit is so fab on you and that blouse is just divine. I ADORE your entire outfit and the little lady brooch is the perfect finishing touch - so glad you like her!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Oh wow. That blouse is great. And I love those tights, too!
    -Andi x

  14. This outfit is so darned fun!!
    I love the blouse, tights and ESPECIALLY those shoes!! How cute!

  15. Tee hee - love your grandpa's take on the sign of the cross. You look divine! Very sexy secretary - Viv Westwood would be proud!

  16. Such an ah-mazing outfit! I love the top and the tights especially.

  17. wow, what a great outfit, I especially like the shoes and sheer top, although the polka dotted tights make me smile too

  18. I adore your eye for putting things together! And those earrings need a little love in these comments as well -- what a cute little pop of color!

  19. ...sigh... sometimes I just don't have the words Desiree. You are fabulous!

  20. ooooh that blouse and bra .. just the biz for being a prim saucepot :)

  21. this sheer blue blouse is so gorgeous. perfectly mixed with the corsage..
    thanks for your nice comment. yes, i'm very happy about being able to wear different styles at work. i would die, if i had to wear suits at work everyday, ten hours a day... so, earn less money, style like you feel. ;)

  22. Wow, absolutely great :)))

    LOVE minnja

  23. You look amazing as always. I love the way you put things together and your brilliant tights! The blouse and bra are fabulous.

    Aren't the girls great? Love your nails and the pin up brooch! xx


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