Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kitschy, Kitschy, Koo

Thanks a lot Blogger.  Not.
I'm reposting these pics due to Blogger's Friday the 13th spazzy, spack-attack.
But thanks for all your lovely comments before things went tits-up anyway.
You readers always make me smile.
BTW, I realise that some of you don't have blogs and come along for a visit anyway and I just want to say thank you to you all.
Send me an email so I can say hi back or if you feel like a bit of a chinwag.
If you're reading this Tralala and AB, yeah I'm talking to you too:).

I'm wearing a 1960s gold, raw silk wiggle frock - yes, they make you wiggle!!  Plus a 1960s tartan cape part of a kilt suit, layered lilac tights and VW Three-Straps.


DIY leather driving gloves; gold leather thrifted belt; white, mesh bag with (I think) a lucite handle; Mona Lisa earrings and some old brooches.

Last week's thrifted treasures - 50 cents each or for a pair - weeee!

I hope this week's blog glitch hasn't bugged you too much and you have a splendid weekend!
Desiree xo


  1. You must odel that outfit on your table and I love your jewellry bits even the coathangers.
    PS did my last email reply go thru?

  2. Wow, great finds! I love quirky earrings like these! ... the problem with wiggle dresses is that you can't bike in them! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the silk dress.

  3. My oh my, you look great! How I love those coat hanger earings, and you'd pull them off so well, I bet! You could make a gorgeous outfit out of toilet rolls (that could be a dare...!?)!!

    Love the owl cookie jar, we have a plump rabbit one in a similar style. I collect vintage childrens books too, aren't they gorgeous?

    xx Claire

  4. You look so so so pretty! I have to admit I loved the (Bugger off bug) picture it made me laugh!

    p.s. lovin the mini jewelery haul!

  5. I just love that sort of philosophy towards fashion! I have way more delicate/"formal" dresses than casual clothes, so I've stopped trying to dress down and just wear & enjoy my party frocks and 4-inch heels whenever I like : )

    You look so amazing here; your outfits are always so chock full of details and unique pieces, I love it!!

  6. I love that cape! And the bi-plane earrings are amazing. hehe. My mum has one of those little books of Naples or Venice, I think, that she bought there in the '70s. I think hers is a keyring, though.
    -Andi x

  7. I absolutely adore your outfit, you look amazing.xx

  8. Your posts are a true delight every time, my dear Desiree.

  9. Wow! I love that wiggle dress! (Some like it Hot is one of my all time favorite flicks!)

  10. That is the best outfit ever for running errands. Such fabulousness. You've almost got me wishing for winter again just so I can dig my mohair cape out in homage to your tremendous style.
    Those finds are insane. Coat hanger and plave earrings? Unbelieveable. Those shorts are stunners and the owl is cute beyond belief. xxx

  11. I don't know where to start! Your hair is particularly fabulous today... I adore that gold frock and the CAPE rocks my world!

    The earrings are bloody FABULOUS and the owl is ADORABLE! And the brooches... just so marvellously quirky and wonderful. I will keep my eyes open for more of those booklet brooches though to be honest, I've never seen one before!

    You are STUNNING as always Desiree!

    Sarah xxx

  12. I am dying over the driving gloves. You look like a hottie the artist Tamara de Lempicka would've painted cruising around in that green Bugatti!

    Also, I know what you mean re Diana's dress. Kate's was utter perfection but I still love seeing Diana getting out of that coach with that gigantic wrinkled puffball of a dress. She was so beautiful on her wedding day!


  14. Wow! You just come into my heart! I came to you today and I'm glad I'm getting older have also shamefully, so from now I'll be your follower unconditional and grow old together, yeah!

  15. What a hot sexy mama you are in a wiggle dress, shake it baby. Yes, i agree i enjoy puffy exagerrated dresses.
    Cant wai to see what u come up with.
    Love all your cute earrings,what a bargain.
    Especially the airplane ones so kitsch.

  16. Haven't heard the term "wiggle frocks" before but if there's no back vent I can understand the name.
    I like the watch pendant you picked up. Looks about 1970s-ish.

  17. Knock 'em dead doing your errands, GF! Love that philosophy too--time is running out. I'm not saving my favorite perfume anymore! Love all the pics~

  18. I love reading your posts because you use vocabulary that is so out of the ordinary for me! Makes things fun. I have to agree though... why save pretty clothes for a "special" occasion. We don't know how long we've got here, so we may as well treat each day like it's special.

    The little fold-open book pin is sooo cool! And your bug face is adorable heehee...

  19. omg those brooches are to die for! I mean, a NZ photoalbum! what more could you possibly need in life?

  20. Silly bloggy blogger I did comment on this post b4 it went spacky and looks like you lost all the comments so I am dropping in for a de-ja-vu moment and saying how I love those earings and that accordian brooch which I have never seen before.
    and a
    ps did you get my last email reply?

  21. I lost my comments, too, ahhhhhhhhhh so annoying. They are true treasures.
    You are so fabulous, my dear Desiree.

  22. OOoh holy-moley - as I'm mentioned in this post I'd better bloody-well comment. Also - I have just come from another blog where some whippersnapper was opining about what the older lady should wear. To look like she was wearing something flattering. I mean - yes we all like a bit of that - but what the hell happened to wear it because it makes you feel good? I do get tired of people telling me what would be more suitable - and I've kicked against it ever since school-uniform days. Gah!! You are such a tonic Desiree - I never saw tartan look more ravishing.

  23. Seriously love your cape and the way you've put together this outfit. Haven't seen fishnets look so chic in a long time. xx

  24. uch darling goodies,especially that NZ album brooch!!!
    Adore that cape,darl,soooo sexy with your fabulous wiggle frock!They do indeed make a girl wiggle!!!
    Hurrah for blogger being back!

  25. lovely finds!

    this wiggle dress doens't look like a wiggle thing. normally i don't like wiggle dresses or skirts but yours is just a beautiful treasure!

  26. I so love this outfit, this is so me. I will definitely be duping this look, but don't worry I will definitely credit the source of my inspiration ;-). You look divine my dear. Love your aesthetic.

  27. I really love those bi-plane earrings! Cool!!

  28. Darling Desiree i sent you a novel by email yesterday in reply to yours and its been delayed again Is there another email I can send it to?Am wanting to know your fav colour its green isnt it?

  29. As usual your outfit is amazing- the pins are fun- the colors work so well together,,,,but all I can think about is: I WANT THAT CAPE! You look gorgeous.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  30. I was 'lucky' enough not to have blogged the week this blogastrophe happened... but I had been visiting my favourite blogs (without commenting as my energy wasn't up for it and I don't do insincerity) so I had seen the original post... something about Sacramento loving your earrings and the funny caption you had for the "spider on my shoulder" pic!

    Anyway... I thought it then and I'm writing it now... you are delicious!

  31. I missed this blogger meltdown thankfully! I love the outfit - wiggle dresses are so ladylike and feminine and I love how you paired it with a cape - I am also very taken with your lucite handle bag!

  32. i have just popped over from dear Nelly's blog and i have to say you look gorgeous. What a stunning outfit the colors compliment each other so well and those shoes are stunning. You both look amazing. I will enjoy reading your future posts, take care, dee x

  33. I just found your blog via the fabulous Helga, I've just had to go and make a cup of tea so I can sit and read though it! Love that cape and your 30's nighties worn as dresses on your other posts has totally inspired me! x

  34. you are fabulous! adding you to my rss feed now to keep up with your fantastic fashion. :)

  35. I just LOVE your style, lady!

    Looking fabulous, as always.


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