Monday, May 30, 2011

Fair Go!

Vintage sellers must have the constitutions of a team of oxen.
I'm certain of this after meeting Kitty of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch, at the Gold Coast Vintage Fashion Fair on Saturday.
I mean really, there's so much work that goes into such an event.
Choosing your stock, pricing, packing the car, not sleeping the night before, up early, organising family life, unpacking, setting up ...
Then waiting for punters to arrive ...
Hmmm.  Well, the fair venue was changed at the last minute to a site next to major roadworks, people got lost and well, it was a quiet one.
Great for buyers, crap for sellers.

But, I got to meet Kitty with the beautiful shop on Mount Tambourine that sells amazing furniture, homewares and incredible vintage clothing.

It was easy to spot her by the amazing red top-knot and 1970s frock.
Isn't she just heavenly?

The first thing she showed me was this beautiful vintage pearl necklace cunningly wrapped around her top-knot.

And she wore these amazing, huge bangles! Ga!!

Some of the clothing from a Titanic-themed display.  
Look at those fine details!

One seller told me she'd been wearing this spectacular, late-19th century, Venetian, velvet cape for the past 20 years, but decided it was time it had a new owner.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the dosh to sweep off with it myself.

Kitty put so much effort into making her stall look beautiful.
So many little delicate knick-knacks, vintage rings, hats and 1960s-70s frocks galore!
I heard the strains of San Francisco and thought "This is Vix and Helga heaven".

A couple more stalls here ... who's up for the 1960s orange bikini?

I can't explain this one, but it was our favourite pic nevertheless:).
Don't we look naughty?
My hair is a mess as I knew I'd be trying on hats and oh yes, I have a new hat.
Thank you so much for inviting me Kitty, I had a ball ... purchase pics to come:))
From the look of lots of you bloggers out there, the weekend was a goody!
Desiree xo


  1. Thanks darl, it was lovely to meet you, can't wait to do it again.xx.

  2. Oh what fun I am so glad you caught up with each other Love that last pic you gooses lol
    That velvet cape was marvelous I would have wanted it too.
    Cant wait to se your buys xxxx

  3. You are so lucky
    I could have stayed there for days!
    Oh i can only imaging the treasures you still think of in your head.

  4. EEEK! Just LOOK at Kitty's boobage!!!Gorgeous!
    Yes indeedy,that is my idea of HEAVEN!!! OH!!!
    You two do look like you could get up to some splendid mischief!!! Poo,wish I could have been there!

  5. I would have loved to be there soooooooooooooo much.
    Thank you for sharing so much magic, Desiree.

  6. The spectacular, late-19th century, Venetian, velvet cape has my heart. I would have had a spectacular, late-19th century, Venetian, velvet tantrum and have to be taken home and no supper.

    That looks like a fabbu event - vintage is just a jaw-dropping ker-ching-a-thon here (and don't get me wrong - I'll happily pay a good price - but I've seen some folks so take the piss). That said, there's a young lady in our local market set up selling vintage clothes who has to stand there being slagged off by the folks who confuse her stall of treasures with a haggle-tastic car boot sale. There's a big difference between genuine 40s and Primark tat folks ..... plus, the girl is trying to make a living!!

    You both look awesome xx

  7. Wow! I wish I could have been there, it looks like heaven. That bikini is making me weep, I don't think I could have resisted that beauty.
    You and Kitty look fab, her boobage is magnificent in that maxi dress! xxx

  8. That cape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should have been yours!!!!!!!!

  9. The fair looks great, and Kitty's stall is so beautiful, I'm starting to drool a little - not seemly!
    Looking forward to seeing what took your fancy and came home with you.

  10. Those bangles are amazing especially that orange one it looks SPACE AGE!
    If I were tiny as I used to be I would LOVEEEEEE THAT BIKINI!! It is so cute I would want to run through sprinklers all day.

    The best picture ever is the last one of you and Kitty. It really cracked me up!!

  11. Loving all the new posts Desiree!! So much Glam! No idea how I missed this vintage fair. Next time!!


  12. her booth looks stellar! And I love the coat in the titanic themed picture. It's so pretty!

  13. One day I will shop with you. What fun that would be.

  14. How exciting, you got to meeet the Kitty, you both look hot Mamas, yes, Kittys breastest are splendid,and hair accesory is so pretty. yes, I agree should of got yourself the cape amor. lucky ladies, love the last pic so cute.

  15. That cape would have been perfect for you, but if it was too much the seller may still have it, you never know.

    I can so see Vix in the orange bikini!

    How lovely for you and Kitty to meet. Love the pictures xx


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