Monday, May 2, 2011

But I Feel Good

... But I Feel High.
Groove Armada say it best and there's not a stimulant in reach.
There's a quiet celebration happening here today and those London lads are just right for the occasion. 
It marks the second anniversary of the day I quit drinking.

One must wear a frock for such an occasion and blow the candles out on a strawberry cupcake to celebrate the achievement.

Then enjoy with gusto!

Even the neighbour's cat, Smokey, wanted a cuddle from the "no more dragon breath" lady.
Like all cats with good taste and distinction, Smokey has decided she needs to adopt an extra family.
You know, just to fall back on in case of hunger and available warm, sunny spots.

That is a very strange look on my face.  That's a pussy-stroking look if I ever saw one!

I had the gorgeous Vintage Vixen in mind when I picked out this 1970s cobalt blue jersey evening dress to frock up and kick back in with cake and strong cups of tea.
Groove Armada and Daft Punk provided the non-chemical beats;).
Just the dress for a bit Studio 54-type, dance action and yes, gettin' down is how I get my kicks these days.

So here's some of the lowdown.
Burning the candle at both ends wasn't getting any easier while quaffing countless daily units.
Something had to give, my brain melted and I had a breakdown.
With the Phoenix's encouragement I gave up the grog for good and he help with my recovery.

Experiencing my divorce last year and other family-related issues, it would have been easy to pop down to the pub for a few large ones.
I'm so glad I didn't.  Any problems would still be there while I nursed a hangover.

Socialising can be tricky and I've had to turn down a lot of invitations because I didn't think I was strong enough.
I admire people who can have a couple of bevvies and not think about or plan their next drink.
Now, on hitting the two-year mark, suddenly my sobriety does not feel like a fluke.
Damn, I worked hard to get here!!!

Try dancing for three hours sober and you might get an idea of where I'm coming from.
In any case, enjoy a bit of Daft Punk synced to these gorgeous ole time lads.
Desiree xo


  1. I am so happy for you,my dear Desiree. Anything that rules and blurs your life is better left behind.
    So proud to be your friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. congratulations, your hard work has and will continue to pay off. LOVE the dress today! just my style (back then)♥

  3. Yay! I'm really happy for you.
    Been there, done that as they say - drink crutches are the worst. The dress is fabulous, the film clip amazing and you simply glow, my dear xx

  4. A brave decision, I imagine it would have been a difficult road. Congratulations on two years!

    Ps. Thankyou so much for the shoe advice! I've just seen the new VW flocked pumps & am now deciding how many colours I'll NEED in my wardrobe ;)

  5. Good on you, I have had my own battle in a similar vein and I really know how hard it is. My next one is to lose a bit of weight!

  6. Congratulations, you're right to be proud! and you look fab!

  7. Many congratulations on your two year anniversary!!!

    Best to you.

  8. Good on you Desiree, you've come a long way. Great choice of music. Daft Punk one of my favs.

  9. Congratulations! And that pic of you eating the cake is so adorable!

  10. Well done you I have been lucky not to have any type of addiction bar op shopping but my eldest daughter has addiction problems and put us thru the ringer many times.I would so love to live nearer to you as you are so much fun.Love that dress too.Do you ever look terrible? lol

  11. Dear Desiree, how lovely to have found you. Your blog is amazing and so are you!

    I love your beautiful blue dress, you look stunning in everything. I also love how you put your looks together. Can you come and style me please?

    Congratulations on your two years of sobriety. The way I deal with it is I either go out or I don't. I'm a bit all or nothing. Luckily for me drink isn't an issue although I'd love to give up smoking... there's always something isn't there?

    I am adding you to my blog list immediately so I don't miss any of your posts.

    Lovely to meet you. Christina xx

  12. Desiree, you are so utterly FABULOUS, there are hardly any words! What an accomplishment! It helps to see all the fun and beautiful things that there are in this world....that alone is a wonderful high! Love to you pretty lady! ~Serene

  13. Congratulations! Also, that's a great dress, and I know this cat behavior of adopting extra families!

  14. That is a gorgeous dress and the colour suits you so well. Happy birthday :O)

  15. You had me laughing with the smokey visit
    she wanted some of that yumee cupcake I DO BELIEVE.
    I am very proud of you!

  16. You go girl!! Well done on your 2 year anniversary xx

  17. You look divine, I'm honoured to be worthy of a montion by you, my style inspiration! That dress is glorious, such a beautiful colour and as always, accessorised to perfection. I don't blame Smokey for trying to nuzzle you.
    Just when I don't think I could love you any more you go and mention Daft Punk & Groove Armada, bloody brilliant. xxx
    PS Congratulations on being alcohol-free for 2 years!

  18. Congratulations on reaching the two year mark! That is quite an accomplishment. You look great and the cupcake looks scrumptious. As for the pussy stroking...

  19. Congratulations it takes alot of determination to do what you did!

    I love how you celebrated and that lovely blue polish compliments that dress so nicely! You look beautiful!

  20. Congratulations! We have many sober friends now, and one of the hardest things they have doing now is DANCING! Evreyone dances drunk! so when they become sober, they no longer can do~lol.
    Love the blue dress on you--you are, as always, SOME CLASSY LADY!

  21. Congratulations to you! That is a super accomplishment, esp when times get difficult. you look gorgeous. Love the dancing video. :-)

  22. I've said it before of you, and now this confirms it. You are a very brave woman! Congratulations! I wish I could kick the cigs, I've no other vices left and quit all the time only to return. Can I borrow some bravery? You look goregous in this -- you're lucky to be able to wear so many different colours so well! I love the pussycat pics, what a little lovie! Makes me miss my old girl, but I'll give extra cuddles to my sweet Westie instead!

  23. Congrats Desiree. You look so amazing - healthy and clear-eyed and beautiful. You are wonderful.

    Sarah xxx

  24. Congratulations on two years sober! I'm not a big drinker, but I'd probably find it difficult purposefully not drinking again, that takes a lot of conscious effort.

    And for the record, you look absolutely smashing in this dress. It's so long and sexy and elegant and marvelous. Of course a marvelous lady needs a marvelous dress.

    Your cupcake-eating-face is adorable, too, btw :)

  25. What an inspirational post. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this with all of us. You look divine, by the way.

  26. Congrats amor, you are so strong and inspirational.lovin you in that blue starlet dress. your a true star.

  27. Bravo. It's amazing what our minds can do once we make them do it.

    One word lkeeps coming to mind when I see you and read your words. magic. Certainly in this dress. OHGAWD. divine!!!

    Um... "pussy stroking look"... amd I completely in the gutter or do I know exactly what the reference is???!! because that's bloody brilliant!! :)

  28. What a beautiful dress -- it's so vibrant, feminine, flattering, yet it looks comfortable and perfect for dancing.

    Congratulations on your sobriety. It must have taken so much strength. Your fine figure and energy are testaments to the benefits of laying off certain liquid refreshments, though!

  29. Happy Celebrations Desiree! Well done :) Very proud of you! Such style and an inspiration to all! May you continue on your path and reap many more cupcake treats!!!

  30. Wow - congratulations! I'm glad you feel like you can share this with us. It's so inspirational, no batter what kind of addiction (or event just bad habit) you're battling. You should be very proud of yourself!

  31. Two years, what an achievement, just shows you what you can do one day at a time. Recently found your blog and I love it!


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