Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comic Relief

Famous last words and all that, but I don't think I can see myself breaking my no-denim pledge anytime soon.
I've gone tights mad.
Can you blame me after this pair turned up yesterday from

They haven't left my legs since yesterday morning, apart from a bedtime breather.
I'm wearing them with an all-thrifted outfit: a 1960s wool cape and cotton blouse, leather shorts, earrings and bangles, plus the bag which was a gift from Nelly.

What's that you say?
Are you choking or what?
Oh the shoes! 
Yes, the shoes are rather grand aren't they? Hehehe.
I'm afraid they were the last pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa Wings on Amazon and they happened to be in my size.
If you have size 10 feet, you would have been in luck.

Sigh ... it's true, patience is a virtue as I saved up for quite a while, then ended up getting $100 off the full price.
Oh what joy!

May many drool-worthy bargains await you this week too:).
Desiree xo


  1. You gorgeous thing, those tights are amazing remind me of my coin purse, I got in California.
    I still want a red cape, you and Helgita,Vixcita always inspire me with all the fabulosa capes and fashion, thos3 red wing shoes are to die for amor.

  2. Darling DD I love teh tights.I remember comic shirts back in the 70s I know I had one.
    I cant believe tiny you has size 10 feet!!!
    I must get your Ph number of LLs phone so I can send pics on my phone when I come across a size 10 pair of cuties that you may like.
    Did any of my emails from 2 weeks ago ever reach you?

  3. Those tights are crazy! I love that cape, it's gorgeous. x

  4. LOVE it! The tights are great and the little wings on your shoes are adorable and cool at the same time!

  5. Shoes=little sex wee!!! ha ha ...just gave you a little shout out on my blog too! x x x

  6. You know I am in love with your shoes. I thought they were black???Or have you got yourself another pair of these angels???.
    I love, love your tights, they are so much fun, and so you.
    Love you, my dear Desiree.

  7. oh wow those tights are amazing, and the overall look today is 'perfect'♥

  8. Too fabulous for words, my love!!! I totally love everything, but especially the shoes, OMG!! Red shoes rule the world, in case you didn't know...but I think you do!!

  9. The tights! The shoes! The cape! Where to begin, it's all so fabulous!! I love this outfit to pieces!

  10. HURRRAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    Those shoeees mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Looking good Bargainista!

  11. Quite possibly the coolest tights ever made.

  12. Lovin the tights!! BUT HECK those shoes are IMMACULATE! Omg I love them! You look amazin in your outfit.

  13. Those shoes are amazing, if I was a size bigger I'd be over to pinch them off you. Love cape and those insane tights soooo much. xxx

  14. HOLY...they...are...RED!!! I think I can die happy now

  15. I LOVE your shoes :)))

    LOVE minnja

  16. Ahh, dear Desiree, I finally get to catch up with you at last.

    What a treat your outfit is!! The cape, the tights, the SHOES! Fabulous. I love them all xx

    PS. Thanks for the comment on the cape. It is sort of wrong but I like it in a mental parka sort of way

  17. I totally love your outfit. The cape, the tights, and oh my goodness with stars and bells, those fabulous Vivienne Westwood shoes. You have inspired me to go and buy some new colourful tights.

  18. What fantastic tights! I bought my first pair of patterned ones just this past week--clouds, but I haven't a clue how I'll dress them up. Lucky score on the Westwoods!

  19. Those tights are so freakin' unbelievable!!! What a fresh way to dress, GF. And the shoes are a perfect match.
    No one can do this look better than you--and I mean that in the best way~love, Paula

  20. they had to have been made just for you

  21. Could you be anymore fabulous? Well, yes actually, every day. From top to toe Desiree... you are one big barewa*... ;D

    Seriously ahhhmazing shoes! And tights!!

    (*I'm hoping you do know what that means!!)

  22. FECK ME!!!! I'm choking over those tights,the cape and the shoes AND how freaking fabulous you are!!! I just showed you to G,and he agrees!
    Fecking hell,I'm going to have to have a look at this tights sight.FECKING HELL WOMAN!!!!

  23. You are definitely fashion's Superheroine in your blah-fighting cape'n'tights!!
    You look amazing, the shoes are a little work of art. But then so are the tights...

  24. AY CARUMBA!!! The cape! Tights! Shoes in RED!!! You are so fabulous - I would just LOVE to play dress ups with you Desiree!

    Sarah xxx


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