Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

If Max didn't have a wolf suit or he was a rather girly Maxine, I'm sure he would be happy to wear wild-thing red ruffled bloomers and a pegasus with a 40-a-day habit.

And purple glitter eye shadow.

The swimsuit print was taken from a post-WWII Japanese cigarette advertisement.
Interesting way to get people to take up the habit eh?

 When I heard the author of Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak, died today, I immediately started reciting the book I read to Number One Son every night until I knew it word perfect and would recite it at work to my colleagues.
Boy that must have been annoying, but they seemed to enjoy the theatrics of the story.

I was never read to as a child, I taught myself to read and it was probably the greatest pleasure of my childhood.
Second best was herding chooks, "illegally" wearing my sister's precious lace-up knee boots and a Wonder Woman cape while dodging sheep poo in the paddock.
It's Number Three Son (hiding above) who out of all my kids, is completely addicted to reading.

 I found this tacky wedding garter in the 20-cent bin at Aid for the Blind and spent the day with it around my wrist.

 1950s silk and fur jacket - over-priced vintage shop
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Vintage cotton bloomers - eBay
Headband - handmade, more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Patchwork bag - Two Squirrels Vintage
Earrings, purple beads, silver dancing shoes, garter - thrifted
1950s sunnies - flea market in Auckland, NZ

Today we visited my dog, Poppy, to squeeze the new winter wooly jumper I bought her onto her squirming, wriggling, worm-like body.
We can't have her at our house as we don't have a fence and we're not supposed to have pets.  Boo.
I hope you're having a wonderful week and you have a couple of days left to sign up for Lakota's Jubilee Swap at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping!
Desiree xoxo


  1. I fell about laughing when I saw that swimsuit. It's priceless! If I had one of those babies, I'd wear it non-stop.

    Your dog is precious, by the way.

  2. Oo-er, luverly jacket! I especially like the matching glitter eyeshadow & necklace.
    Stupid no-pets-rule. She looks so cute! xxx

  3. Cute dog ... can't you rustle him in and out in your handbag?
    Such a shame about Maurice - we love that book.
    Kooky swimmer and frilly drawers combo! M x

  4. Ooo, I'm all for a bit of rumpus!!
    I adore this colour scheme on you, spesh the pearls and eyeshadow. And how I wish I was small enough to fit into Black Milk goodies. Didn't know of 'em before I found you and I think their designs are beyond fabulous.
    That is such a shame about Maurice, but, wow, what a legacy to have left behind!
    I hate the idea of you being apart from your pooch-that's just cruel! Tummy tickles all round!
    Z xx

  5. Hey, that looks like my tacky wedding garter! ;) Love the photo of you on the back steps. Looks like the morning sun is coming up.

  6. oooh i didn't know you had a squirmy little jack russell too! Just like mine! Poppy looks so squeezable!
    I love your jacket the best but I love this whole outfit! The smokin' pegasus is amazing with his repitllian wings! That garter was a great find too!

  7. I really like that smoking Pegasus! Not that I encourage smoking but it its pretty cool. I was the only child out of five that enjoyed and still enjoys reading. It's so sad that younger kids don't enjoy reading. It really does take you away to a different world.
    I play on knitting our cat sweaters once it gets chilly again. Animals in cute sweaters are cute.

  8. What a cool original bathinsuit amor.
    your red bloomers are divinos.
    I am pervying at your purple glitter eyeshadow. love the idea of garters as bracelets.lusting over your 1950s silk and fur jacket. There goes that wonderful blue rose headband again.

  9. Love that shot of bloomer on your new header!
    And those are some pretty amazing red bloomers you have on too, you must have the most eclectic and wonderful vintage lingerie/nightwear collection ever!
    You look amazing, that little silk jacket is adorable, and Smokin' Pegaus is... smokin'! Just like you!
    Give Poppy a tummy tickle from me. xxxxxxx

  10. That swimsuit if one of the craziest swimsuits I have EVER seen. I love those red bloomers nothing as cute as a ruffle butt!
    Your poochie is SOOO CUTE.

  11. That suit is over the top as are you in those red bloomers but that is how you roll and we love that. May Maurice Sendak tell his stories to all the fun fabulous peeps in Heaven! BTW your comic book tights from yesterday are gorgeous!!!! That store is in my back yard and I adore anything from there.
    LOVEYOU and your sweet doggie!!

  12. BEHOLD!
    The glory that is DESIREE!!!
    Fab print on that swimsuit!!!
    LOVING the bloomers,the fur trimmed jacket and your wriggly Poppy!!!I love wriggly small dogs!
    I don't think I have ever read "Where the Wild Things Are',I'm ashamed to spank me.
    Love and Lustipops!

  13. I finally have internet again after our move ugh it feels like I have been gone forever even though it has only been a few days!! ...and of course you are still looking fantastic not that I would expect anything else!! love the orange and blue :) ~Enjoy the rest of your week xx Heather

  14. When I saw your FB post I somehow thought it was going to be related to this rather fetching tattoo of a unicorn getting jiggy Phew!

    Fab swimsuit!

  15. Let the Rumpus begin!!!!! I wish I had fabulous frilly rompers to come play too....
    You are as always one amazing lady!!!!
    We are all Wild things at heart!!!! We just all wear a different monster suit. YAY.
    Love v

  16. Ahhh! Those frilly pants are the best! What do you reckon that horse looked like before he started smoking? He's a fabulously bizarre specimen but I adore him on you!
    Love your squirmy Jack Russell and would kill for that perfect jacket! xxx

  17. I'm not supposed to have pets either, but that doesn't stop me heh. I guess I missed out because that's just another of those books that wasn't part of my childhood, but at least my mother was a reader so she read to me. I first learned to read in English but to speak in French. Funny, non? :D

  18. another killer jumpsuit and the portrait shot with all the blue and purple is just gorgeous. When you mentioned $40 a day habit...I immediately thought of my thrifting habit.

  19. You look so beautiful; positively divine.

    ..and you make my heart so incredibly happy! :) XO


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