Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She's All Woman!!!!!

I can honestly say Helga is real.
Yes REAL I say!
From her gorgeous topknot to her delicate tippy-toes and all the firm, rumptious bits in between.
I cried when I first held her in my arms.
"You're real, you're real!" I screeched repeatedly.

Yep, real.

And she really made this amazing halter frock out of a curtain with her own fair hands!

Darling Kitty picked up our fair Queen from the airport and we met for screeching, crying and  a nosh-up at Kitty's lovely cottage.

Helga arrived with wee gifts for Kitty and I, including a lovely little parcel from the darling V of Two Squirrels Vintage ... pics to come.

I had to get a shot of Helga's glorious Art Nouveau-style back tattoo, which I've admired for oh so long!

I had a 70s cotton frock for the Queen and then it was time for some frolicking dress-ups.

The 50s plastic earrings reminded me of fig leaves.
So what does one do with fig leaves, but wear them!
We were all in agreement of course.

Kitty gifted our Queen with a stack of glorious frocks, thereby doubling her weekend wardrobe.

All for the price of a bite on the arse.

Kitty took delivery of a beautiful 1950s duchess satin evening gown while we were there ... so beautiful!

Then it was off to Paddington for its oppy hunting grounds and much nipple tweaking.

Kitty demonstrates the super quality of this thick cotton 70s suit ... covet away.

A lovely burgundy 60s nylon nightgown, it was a bit over-priced for an oppy, but I could really see Helga rocking this saucy number.
Alas, after trawling the Paddington Antique Centre and stopping for coffee and non-stop chat, our time was up and Helga was on to the next chapter of her weekend.
I feel like I've known Helga for years now that I've met her and the three of us had the most thoroughly wonderful love-in.
Thank you Kitty and Helga for a day I will never forget!
Catch up on Kitty and Helga's wonderful posts and more memories to treasure forever:).
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Ooh I've been feverishly checking my reader for the last few days waiting for this post!!
    Fabularsehole, as our Helga would say!! Totally agree, it *was* all too short wasn't it, we must entice her back here again pronto, and I'm sure you'll agree my love.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. So many fabulous frocks - and boob licking, crotch grabbing and general groping! I'm so so glad you all had such a wonderful time - isn't she THE BEST? I'm so completely in love with her! You all look amazing and so so happy - I have loved seeing all of your posts - thank you! Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  3. I'm exhausted and I wasn't even there! If your gathering had been filmed as a reality TV show viewers would have changed the channel, they'd think it was scripted - there's no way people could have so much outrageous fun! You guys are an inspiration to seize the day!

  4. WOOOOOOO I'm still waving my painties in the air for you girls!!!!
    This is the best event of the whole decade and I'm so glad to see all these amazing photos!!
    I'm going to built a three goddess shrine with them on!!
    Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and for share such fabulos times!

  5. Ooh I looooove all the frocks!! Especially that red satin gown, how thoughtful of it to arrive right at that moment. I want to go shopping wherever you were! Your leopard knicker flashing made me laugh quite a lot. xxx

  6. You guys are just the best.. the world is a much better for having you crazy women in glorious frolicsome frocks in it! Absolutely love these pictures! :D xxx

  7. You look like you all had a wonderful time!

  8. oh my goodness you three are so fabulous!!! These piccys are amazing!!! I wish I could have been there to see the mischief you guys got up to!!

  9. I love you all, you fancy, crazy girls! Don't know anybody who's only a little bit like you in my area. Everyone is very serious here. Go on and have another funny days.

  10. What a delicious day with the divine divas! I have so loved seeing all 3 posts you, Kitty and Helga have done, the photos are a hoot, and I have laughed enough to just about stop feeling jealous that you didn't invite ME!
    Can you imagine a big old party with all the blogging gals? Guaranteed to blow your mind! xxxxxx

  11. YUM!!!

  12. You all look like you had a ton fun! It's great that you guys hit it off and had a wonderful time together.

  13. You gorgeous girls, I'm so jealous!! Not only did you get to fondle Helga's booboids but she got to slap yours and Kitty's divine arses at the same time...arghhh! I don't know howe many times I've scrolled up and down your's & Helga's blogs today in total awe at all the colour and downright fabulousness.
    Please tell me you managed to undress that dummy and steal that 70s suit, it would have looked a million times better on you! xxxxxxxx

  14. Look at you ladies getting into all sorts of trouble. How much fun it must have been. Love the frocks.

  15. This is the third blog post this week I've seen your pants young lady! Looks like you all had the best time xx

    It's so fabularsehole to keep re-living it as each of us posts!!! Fark it was a great time!! I've been exhausted and missing you saucy wenches ever since! I wanna play EVERYDAY!!! we're all real and we're FABULOUS!
    Love and Lustipops!!XXXXXXXXXXX

  17. Of course, she's for real. Looks like the three of you had a fabulous time.

  18. Wow ...you wonderful ladies and all your dresses!! This blog can barely contain you!! Ha you guys had way to much fun!! Thank Goodness some one is having a good time lol!!! Life is to short! xx Heather

  19. Wow ...you wonderful ladies and all your dresses!! This blog can barely contain you!! Ha you guys had way to much fun!! Thank Goodness some one is having a good time lol!!! Life is to short! xx Heather

  20. Oh happy happy times!!!!! You ladies are just purely FABULOUS!!!!!!! The pics have been so fun to see!!!!
    Oh I am thrilled the beautiful Miss Helga delivered a little sparkle to you. I hope it was a nice surprise. Thank you for being you.
    Love v

  21. Goodness you lovely lot had a freaking fabulous time didn't you! I hope one day I will meet the glorious Helga too. xx

  22. such fantastic photos! I would dearly love to meet you all, you're all such gorgeous tarts! Such an array of stunning dresses too!

  23. Oh. My. GAWD! this is fabulous! I love this soooo much!

  24. Look at you guys! Gettin crazy, looking awesome. This is a meetup that must have been seen from the moon for sheer brilliance. Also, can I get a-l-l of those dresses. So cute!

  25. I figure it was for your own good the visit wasn't much longer. I fear you 3 would have ended up behind bars if the madness continued! =p

  26. OMG you three need your own TV show RIGHT NOW!!! If I had been a fly on the wall at your get together, I would have expired from laughing.

  27. Fantastic, you guys are fab. I can feel the fun emanating from these pics hehehehe!

  28. Oh your freaking frocked prostis!
    look at all the delicious grabbing and perving of poses. I knew Helgita was all that and more.
    I enjoyed lusting over your leopard crotch shots. Look at Kitty bitting away. I need to go slap your putas ass too.
    love you bitches!

  29. AMAZEBALLS! I hope it's not too long before I meet you & Helga for myself!

  30. I'm alerting the Perfect Blog Post Fairy immediately.. :D

    This brings me heaps and heaps of JOY. You are a beautiful trio, and I love reading of your adventure! XOXO

  31. At the very beginning I thought I was on Helgas blog and then, scrolling down I realized you gorgeous women were together... how fun was that!! Im the only one missing in that place <3 ... you ROCK!!!

  32. Looks like you three had soooo much fun. I'm quite happy for you. You are my style heroes.

    Have a great new month

  33. Just when I thought it was impossible to be any more in love with Helga than I already am... she goes and wears a curtain!!! I tell you, if I wasn't married, Helga would be in trouble!

  34. I would have loved to be with your, my dearest girls, and hug you tight for at leat 6 seconds each ( that is the time the brain needs to realised it has been hugged, and segregates endorfines)Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I want to be there, one dayyyyyyy

  35. Aww, isn't she a hot potato. So glad you girls has a great time together! x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  36. What a riot!!!!! Oh would loved to have been there with you gals xx

  37. I can't stop laughing at the fig leafs... and fig leafs never are the same after this :D
    I totally agree what Vintage Coconut said ... you would have ended up behind bars if that would have continued longer :D YOu are such darlings!


  38. YOU ARE A STAR!! (Actually, this is a comment for your Jun 1 post - I can't load or comment on it in my Google Reader. I must investigate.)

  39. Okay, you ladies are officially my role models! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. I can only hope to be even half as fantastic as any of you someday! You all look like you've been friends for ages, all so comfortable together! And some of those dresses, wowza. That cotton 70's suit is pretty bitchin' too... I'd wear that.

  40. Oh, it looks like you had such fun! What a fab group you make.


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