Monday, May 21, 2012

Roll Up the Circus is Coming to Town!

Yes folks, Circus von Trollop will be making a flying visit to Brisneyland this Friday and I'm in quite a tizz!
I'm working out my routine in suitable circus gear, practising my arse-squeezes and generally getting myself in a right lather.
Oooh errr as the Goddess Helga would say!

The fabulously tacky prosti leotard is a homemade job I picked up at Aid for the Blind for five bucks.
Isn't she heavenly?  
I'm sure Helga would love a performance in this wee number.

Oh dear, my circus girl earrings are hiding, she's not quite ready for her turn on the tightrope.

 I got very busy making headbands over the weekend, I think the glue went to my head as I really went nuts with this new number I've named Heading for Madagascar.
If you're gunning for some cannon ball circus action, I'm pretty sure this will blow quite a few fuses!

 Number Three Son plays the ringmaster for the evening.

 Leotard - thrifted
Purple and pink fence net layered tights - Sock Dreams
Midas silver glitter shoes - flea market
Headband - now available from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Circus girl earrings - Etsy
Happy Monday one and all!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh wow!! how fun... I would love to stay with you and your lovely family few days... you could make the best circus ever all together :) ... you look HOT and that crown/ headpiece is fantastic :) Loooove ya!

  2. I will join Aminta and stay with you too, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I want some of your wonderful magic...

  3. Your new headpiece is circustic!!
    I love it so much that tears roll down my eyes...and the layered tights: brilliant!!And the thrifted leotard: amazing!!! Can't wait to see you and the astonishing Helga together, more attractions to see!!

  4. I wanna be the ring master and Peetee and (what was your sweet dogs name) can be our mascots! Your newest Sassy Vamp creation has my liver quivering, it's the mother of them all! Please tell me you named her Mae. Your are gorgeous in those pink and purple tights and sexy leotard! Sexy pins too:)
    wuv U~

  5. There's a circus in my livingroom just reading this!! haha Can't wait to see photos of you and Helga together. Now that would be a kick. I've dreamed of meeting some of these bloggers in person. Too much fun it would be!

  6. You look like a trapeze artist! I like the new headband too. It has great heat and flourish.

  7. You were definitely a circus girl in a former existence, Desiree! Your new headpiece is an extraordinary creation, and perfect with your leotard, tights-x-2, and silver shoes. Not to mention the amazing silver glitter eyeshadow.
    And look at you with your leg up in the air, woo hoo!
    I can so see you standing up on the back of a horse (on one leg, of course) trotting round the circus ring waving to all your fans! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Helga will be in for a real treat visiting you as you will getting to hang out with her!
    I am sure you two girls could cause quite a RUCKUS under the big top.
    That head band is IMMENSLY AWESOME.

  9. Love the stocking layering !!!!! YOU QUEEN FABULOUS ! $$$ LOve all the GLitta ! the flowers ! the glitzz the shiny !! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  10. Lordy woman - how do you DO that with your leg?! I think you really are a show-girl - ringside seats please and your legs please, or failing those - at least your tights!

    Feck ME,you hot minxy circus prosti,I want to rub myself all over you!!!You're SO giving me the horn in this SEXACIOUS number!And that headpiece?!OH! I think I have died and gone to Desiree Heaven! EC+vERY detail,and that shot of your fine ARSE is making me quite MOIST! Can't WAIT to thrust myself upon you!
    Love and Lustipops!

  12. You two are going to have a ball, I can't wait to see your photos xx

  13. Are you sure that Brisbane is big enough for the two of you?

  14. These photos are my fantasties come to life. All you need is a white horse with a pretty hairstyle!!

  15. Oh this is going to be the most wonderful get together in the history of fabulous and beautiful ladies!!!!!!!!
    Yay yay yay!!!!!! I am so excited for you.
    Look at you looking just amazing in the most gorgeous headband.
    Sparkle silver eyes, dreamy!!!!
    Love v

  16. That headband is fantastic! Your legs look a mile long in those tights and gorgeous sparkly heels, love it!! Such a fun outfit. xxx

  17. You incredible, fantastic lady! This outfit totally made my day. :)

  18. OOoooh so splendid!!! That headpiece is AMAZING - the leotard and tights are FAAABULOUS! I see spectacular circus shenanigans in your very near future! Sarah xxx

  19. Sorry for the delay in commenting! was just about to when my sarcastic walked in an accused me of internet shopping (I NEVER do that :P - then it was sunny and I've been soaking up the heat when hardly ever appears...

    Love the prosti leotard! Wow, it's amazing! And those tights - sexy! I still want a sassy vamps headband! Have loads of fun with Helga - give her squeezes from me! XXXX

    You are much more interesting than work!

  20. Oh can be the circus prosti that serves your drinks and rubs your legs all day?
    Oh my you exceptional prosti criatura.simply amar this phenomenal circusy putona outfit.
    eyeing this headband so much that I gave myself a Chiari biatch heavy head.Your eyeshadow looks marivillosa.

  21. OMG---I am all a-gog at that FreakingFabulousness that is that headband!!!

  22. pink fishnet over purple tights....awesome.


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