Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Caped Crusades

I've been on a bit of a bender of the caped variety for the past three days in a row.
My heart is telling me to start blowing the cobwebs off my 1940s suits and frocks, but I'm starting slowly by cracking out some capes and furs.
Hello autumn!

I picked up the rice paper parasol from Aid for the Blind today and put it to good use pronto as I lost my beloved 1960s orange frilly brolly a couple of months ago.

Chinese brolly, green granny bag, bracelets, metal locket, sequin beret, 1960s cape - thrifted
Glass bead necklaces - gifted by Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Black and silver ring - gifted by Queen Helga
1980s leather cut-offs - Bitching and Junkfood
VW Melissa Wings - Amazon
Top - dunno

I'm rather sleep-deprived this week, resulting in a rather nasty bout of tourettes-like behaviour.
Which means feeling knackered and close to blowing a gasket, but knowing if I don't make some sartorial effort, I'll feel worse.
So on Tuesday, blindingly bright leggings and a clashing 1960s Scottish wool tartan cape were just the thing to keep my pecker up.

Thank god for crazy leggings.
A year ago I swore off jeans and I'm still on the wagon.
I have leggings to thank for getting me through the past three days.
Oh and my beret to cover a couple of bad hair days of course. 

Sequin beret, pink frilly bag, green granny bag, vintage cape - thrifted
Tops - retail sales
Doc Martens - retail
Leggings - Black Milk
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Brrrrrr ... a bright but chilly Monday morning and hell I look tired!!
Quick, grab something, anything to get the kids and I out the door on time.

I woke up with enormous bags under my eyes but too exhausted to wear anything more than mascara and red lippy - the secret to looking half-alive as opposed to half-dead.
Plus, something super-shiny to take the focus off my face.
(Oops, sticker under my shoe!)

Aren't these wrist-warmers just gorgeous?
I felt quite the dandy wearing these little frilly darlings knitted by the very clever Nelly.
And what with this 1960s cape from Queen Helga to flap about it in and some confetti nail polish, I think I managed to fool everyone into thinking I was actually awake.

Oh the irony of crouching over a sewer and feeling like crap - hehehe!

1960s peach and silver cape, Frida brooch on tiara - gifted by darling Helga
Fur mouse clips (on cape) - gifted by the beautiful violinist and bunny-lover, Claire
Frilly wool wrist warmers - gifted by lovely Nelly
Shoes - F21 sale
Pink lace bag, green granny bag, plastic tiara, earrings, other brooches - thrifted
1940s green glass necklace - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Pearl strand - Circa Vintage, Melbourne
Leggings - Black Milk
Crappy black cardigan and top - ummm ... what I woke up in.

 Mother's Day on Sunday was so lovely.
I have four awesome kids that are so kind and loving.
Plus I love that a couple of hours of hair and glitter make up playtime with The Stylist is a tonic for both of us.
Desiree xo


  1. I do love a cape, seriously for that in betweeny Auntumn weather they are the best. The Scottish tweed one is my fave. I love your mad tiara too. Xx

  2. Ooh ooh I love your parasol - very Madame Butterfly. Sadly it would disintegrate here in mere seconds, April Showers have continued in May deluges. And you wear leggings THE BEST!

  3. Capes are just little pieces of heaven! Perfect for titivating any outfit, and don't they work brilliantly with your impressive leggings collection?
    Interesting capes on top + shiny/patterned/bright/crazy leggings on the bottom = great looks! Yeah, I did the math!
    Of course being beautiful helps too ... And so does your array of fabulous accessories. And that glitter eyeshadow is amazing. So are you! xxxxx

  4. I love your cape-a-thon! That parasol is really gorgous too. I saw some crazy leggings in Primark and thought of you - union jack, pink leopard print, tropical and Aztec!
    Lovely your sparkliness, the stlyist always does a great job! I hope all your offspring spoilt you! xxxx

  5. Oh sweet I hope you get some sleepy time soon. I find it is just the most horrible thing in the world when the night becomes a time to just stare at the walls. I have been the same. Grrr.
    If a cape bender is the answer I am up for that.
    You are looking just fab in the wee pink one and I love the fluffy fur clips.
    Sending a paddock of little sheep to count.
    Love v

  6. Hope you feel more energized soon :)
    Capes are great and they add a certain ladylike flair to outfits, don't you agree?

  7. Hey!!!! Happy Mothers day <3... my wonderful lady! ..
    That parasol is such a beauty ..

  8. I especially love the plaid wool cape and colorful leggings here. It's so creative and the two pieces work so well together. I can't even find the words to describe it. Kind of like looking at a painting and being moved by it but not necessarily knowing how to articulate why.
    Happy to hear about your lovely Mother's Day. I was stuck in parking garage for 4 hours broke down. Ukh!

  9. Your capes are awesome! I have a soft spot for capes. It's the romantic in me and reading all of those darn romance novels. Glitter makes everything better.

  10. Your cape is super awesome....and you pull it off so well!

    All your looks are edgy and beautiful..

    Shubhi's Revels!

  11. You just might be my new favorite super heroin! Tank girl move over Desiree is squeezing on in! I love the Union Jacks with your tartan cape, brilliant babe! The last picture however is a new favorite, you look happy and playful, and you just reminded me GLITTER RULES!

    I have been wound pretty tight lately maybe there is something in the air, as Dora said to me yesterday, BREATHE!

  12. That last picture of you is just so beautiful, you look so peaceful and serene! I'm delighted you had a good Mother's Day, you darling woman.
    You know I'm a cape whore so I love all of yours. The Union jack leggings are insane, I want them! xxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Oh No! About losing the orange Brolly! But your rice paper one is quite fabulous, so I suppose it's okay. I love that bright red / orange? stretchy bracelet.
    That cape is yummy and your Union Jack leggings are AWESOME.
    I adore you hair in the last pics with your tiara and you model Nelly's wrist work well.

  14. Capes such a weakness! You look frolicking scrumptious in all of 'em, but my pecker is up for that tartan cape business! Yum!

  15. Awww hope you are feeling rested and refreshed by now and you're right about playing dress-ups and confetti nail polish being a remedy for what ails you. Also the parasol and glittery cape are swoon-inducing.

    Are you sure that's not a magical trap door to sewing heaven where the sewers live?

  16. You look gorgeous, tired or not! I'll take the red sunglasses, the winged shoes, and all the little cape-y, collar-y things!!

  17. Here's hoping that everything is okay at your house and that this lack of sleep is merely temporary. I just recently purchased one of the rice paper umbrellas at an auction. And the leggings in outfit number #2 are a pair I don't think I've seen before.

  18. I am like a blue jean addict I really do need to kick the habit it keeps me from wearing all my cute stuff!! I need a blue jean intervention a friend needs to come into my house and steal them all so I can't wear them! The Vivienne winged shoes are so adorable! You look great love the capes and the leggings for someone tired and grumpy you still look Marvelous you should see what I look like tired and grumpy lol!! ~A very Happy Mothers Day to you Belated!! ~Enjoy your week

  19. You are so utterly fabulous! Those leather shorts are gorgeous!

  20. How much fun to have you for a mother, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Mydear Desiree, you are so wonderful

  21. You definitely have the pins to only ever wear leggings!!!!! That tiara is so freaking fab. xxx

  22. Your capes are out of the world. So perfect with the leggings. I covet the wrist-warmers, especially with the glittery pink nails.

  23. No one,and I mean NO ONE wears capes as fabulously as YOU!!! I'm crazy in love with the red one,adoring the plaid one,and am so stoked the peach one is so divine on you!Peach for a peach!
    You inspire me every day,even when you feel like crap you just pull it outta the bag!!! I can't WAIT to touch you!
    Love and Lustipops!

  24. Desireeita,
    You always kill me with your capes. If you cant find your umbrella ask Saint Anthony to find it for you. Just say a prayer and promise him a bouquet of flowers.
    you look magnifica, i dont see any tiredness.
    So want a tweed cape, lusting over your red cape too.
    Your crown should be sold at Sassy Vamps too.
    i am tempted to rub those shiny leggins.
    Love the last photo of you so glittery and linda.
    So nice of you and Bella prosti yourselves up.
    Are those bows your wearing?

  25. You have to be the coolest old person fashion blogger ever. Check my blog out and follow I followed you
    xx gabi

  26. You look ah-mazing in every single one of these outfits! I am loving you rocking the capes. It makes me think I need to start scouring the op-shops for some capes. I wasn't too sure about the Starry Night leggings until I saw them on you - they are gorgeous! (My Der Kuss & Aurora Skyes came in the mail today, and I was so excited).

  27. ... looking through your blog has inspired me to buy one of your beautiful head bands! I can't wait for it to arrive :)

    ps LOVE your blog x


  29. Your spectacular collection of vintage capes is making me delirious with envy. Love it!

  30. Love your cape collection D, and your eye glitter is amazing x


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