Friday, May 18, 2012

Fundamentals of a Frockin' Fabulous Friday

Firstly, get yourself someone very cute and snappy like The Stylist to click off some scrummy pics.

Find a fabulous location, let's say, a sunny boat harbour.

 Feel the awesomeness of Frock on a Friday and just get your kit on baby.

  Focus on rockin' that fur.

 1930s evening frock and 1940s fur - eBay
Headband - handmade, more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Earrings - Etsy
Rings - gifted and thrifted
Bangles - thrifted
Melissa shoes - Amazon

Frolick with a fine bunch of glammed-up fillies.

 Flirt outrageously with the biggest camera lens in sight and put your best foot forward.

 Any questions?
The photo session was snapped this afternoon for a fundraiser I've been invited to speak at in two weeks.
Apparently some people might be interested in hearing about my take on vintage and personal style, in addition to dinner and a night of entertainment including a fashion parade (not me this time).
Meanwhile, next Friday will be extra special as Kitty and I get to fondle, arse-squeeze and generally get very excited about seeing the extraordinarily fabulous Helga, who is spending a day in Bris Vegas!!!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!
Thank you for your get well wishes, I'm dying to visit you all, I miss you!!
Molti baci and arse-squeezes all round,
Desiree xoxo


  1. That evening frock is to die for!!! The fundraiser sounds like a ton of fun. Uberrrrrrrrrrr jealous that you get to meet Helga. Oh the mischief you will get up too. xx

  2. wowsers that cape is amazing and the pictures are fabulous! Good luck with your talk. I bet you girls are going to have a hoot! Take lots of pictures! Have a vino for me1 ;O) x

  3. You look so so beautiful, Desiree! What great pics The Stlist takes, your blue rose headband against the blue sky, just gorgeous.
    Now all those ladies are lovely, and the photo of you all stepping out is great, but you really stand out as the individual glamour puss of the bunch. I know, I'm biased because I love ya, but it's TRUE!
    You, Kitty and Helga will have SUCH a great time together, I think I'll be able to hear you all guffawing from here. I'm a little bit jealous... I wanna play too!
    Oh, nearly forgot to say how much I adore your frock, it's stunning. And of course people want to hear your take on vintage style! Look at you! xxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh Desiree! Your dress is divine!!! I can't wait to hear how your speech goes (wish you could tape it for us!). I'd love to HEAR you speak about your passion for vintage fashion. Big hugs to you my friend! ~Serene

  5. I"m crazy about your shoes! You look fabulous as always!

  6. i'd pay good money to see you speak about personal style- hell JUST to see you for realz!

    And a well deserved windfall to squeeze Kitty and hug Helga!

  7. That color looks great. The fur cape glams it up even more. Looks like y'all had fun.

  8. And that is how it's done! Bloody fabulous. How exciting...I'd love to be in that audience.

  9. YOU LOOK LIKE A GODDESS!! Did anyone come over and give you a yacht? Or name one after you immediately? If not, the harbour-dwellers of the parish are most lax indeed. (Tuts to herself).

    Also - you and Helga in one place at one time? I am beside myself with squee. Will the world ever be the same again? Hopefully not.

    Have a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxx

  10. I wish I could see you,too!!!!
    Have a blast!

  11. You are radiant in that sunshine! Those girls will always remember you and be inspired I'm sure of it! You're such a good example of being authentic and free.

  12. Hello my dear - you look great! DOn't know why I haven't followed you until now as Vix, Helga and Sarah are all fans of yours, but glad I've joined!

  13. Do tell me where you meeting Helga Id love to see her too and its my weekend to go to the Gold coast:)
    I so wish I lived near you Id be so proud strutting the street with you xx

  14. Well you look simply glamorous and ready for a stroll along the boardwalk. Those photos are fantabulous! Have a wonderful weekend :) xxxx

  15. Looking gorgeous and peachy as ever I see. And really, people would be interested in your personal style - well of course, we can't all be wrong! Very exciting xx

  16. You look wonderful - I just love the combination of the dress and the shoes! Hope you have a great time with Helga, and I am looking forward to seeing pics.

  17. So jealous that you get to meet Helga face to face! I love the art deco detail on your dress, the fabulous fur, and the headpiece is just SO blue against the sky. Everyone looks gorgeous!

  18. Gorgeous dress, and amazing photos! I am totally bummed about next Friday - I'm going to be in Brisbane, but not until next SATURDAY. Nooooo, I miss fabbo Helgita's visit!

  19. I love it, you're the classiest one there amongst a bevvy of beauties! xx

  20. What a beautiful outfit! All the details are so fascinating, and that frock is certainly a piece worth showing off!

  21. Oh my gawd!! You look absolutely divine! (And the most fabulously dressed by a long shot I might add!) Love to hear what you said on the topic of vintage and personal style at this event - any chance of posting your speech?

  22. Good GAWD woman you are GLAMOUR personified! Am jealous that you get to meet Helga, and I hope that one day I get to meet you!

  23. Oh You looking truly beautiful!!!! STUNNNING!!!!!
    The fur is just stunning.
    Oh how exciting, miss Helga and you are going to have the most fabulous time.
    Love v

  24. You look so beautiful in your 30's gladrags - blooming stunning and I adore the dress! Scarlett x

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Hi gorgeous!

    Congrats about your guest speaker event!
    I am going to a couple of fashion events this week
    I will get a media card, cool isn't
    I love your dress and fur
    Love your union jack ring and earrings, so cool

  27. O



    You in this dress. Supermodel. Exquisite, timeless, amazing!

    Sarah xxx

  28. Work your it! You super modelo of awesomeness!
    Your the classyiest prosti dama your salmon/gold outfit with blue blooming rosas.
    Doesn't surprise me you get asked to speak about Fashion. Shit!Did they just meet your Fashionista self?
    I bet your beyond yourself amor.
    Oh and meeting Helgita and Kitty under one roof. I would faint of joy.

  29. Wow, I hope your talk will be filmed and put on your blog x


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