Friday, May 11, 2012

No-Fear Friday

It's Friday.
It's a day ending in "y".
Be brave.
You can dance.
You can wear anything.
You're alive.
And it's foo funky in here to be shy.

1940s fur cape - eBay
1930s silk PJ top - Etsy
1980s leather cut-offs - Bitching and Junkfood
Docs - retail
Rings - gifted by fecktacious Helga
Bag, bangles - thrifted
Headband - handmade, more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Barry M nail paint - gifted by darling Vix
Leggings - Black Milk
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne

The beautiful Sandy of Vain Glory Sinner awarded me a Dark Sunshine Award (how cool is THAT?!!)
She had a few questions for me:
Favourite colour: Green and 1930s-knickers-peach.
Favourite animal: Cats and fox terriers.
Favourite number: Seven
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Tea! Tea! Tea!
Facebook or Twitter: FB
My passions: The Phoenix, my spawn, treasure-hunting and wearing my "art".
Getting or giving pressies: Both, but I love finding "the thing" obviously meant for a certain person.  And I love surprises.
Favourite pattern: Lurex and stripes - together.
Favourite day of the week: Everyday!
Favourite flower: Rose.
Thank you Sandy! x

And here's some puppy love for you:).
Have a fabulous Friday my lovelies!
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. Happy Friday darling Desiree! I love the fur, the docs and the fun!

  2. You're such an Aquarian, LOL!! Have a great weekend hon, let's catch up soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway!
    Ooo, Poppy love! And accent love too!!
    Z xx

  4. She is SO excited!!
    Me too !!!
    And it is like blummin AUTUMN here (May - what are you playing at?)!!!!

    As my friend up the road says better to be above the grass than under it. He's quite the philosopher.

    Loving the Van Gogh legs and wriggling doggie xx

  5. You are positively gorgeousness! And you got Le Cafe's! I'm tossing up between the Starry Nights & Der Kuss for my next Black Milk purchase...closely followed by Aurora Skyes, Monsters, and everything else.

  6. Poppy is certainly a squirmer! I love her! My female jack russell hates having her jumper put on too, she refuses to walk in it.Is that your eldest? He looks vastly unimpressed by the proceedings - tee hee

    You look stunning, those leather cut off are hot! And the peach cami with the fur stole - gorgeous! xxxx

  7. Oh, Poppy is gorgeous. Give her a big smooch from me. She looks beautiful in her new jumper.

    Those silver shoes in the vid are divine. Love.

    *whispers* I love your fur. I am scared to say that out loud.

    You have the most amazing legging collection I have ever seen.

    Have a good weekend, lovely.


  8. I've been wanting a fur collar for the longest time but all of the ones I fine have some issue with them.
    Your dog is a darling.We had a rough coat Jack Russell a few years ago. She was the most hyper dog we have ever had. She could literally jump for hours if she saw you looking at her. We had to keep her in a kennel. She was really good at catching and killing chickens.

  9. Ahhh, look at you basking in the Autumnal sunshine! You are bloody gorgeous and those leggings are sublime!
    Poppy is such a squirmer but you can tell she loves it really. That jumper is soooo cute on her.
    Love, love, love your purple eyeshadow...I think I need to copy you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. a fun and youthful outfit, I like ...

  11. you look so fabulously pretty and funky, love your fur cape and leggings, and shorts and boots, and everything!!!!!, too much gorgeous to be described!!!
    besos & rock

  12. ahahaha love the puppy video!! I was worried for a second you would not be able to get the sweater on but your an amazing dog wrangler :) ~Cute video!! and you look wonderful I love love love that fur foxy thing you have on! My daughter busted out of her room with this super furry vest on today and she just looked so cute as well. Today is a great day for fur I should have looked for one when I was at the thrift store!! ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  13. Oh Desiree! You are a sunbeam on a cloudy day! You look amazing as always.....have a fabulous Mother's Day with your little sweeties!! Hugs my friend! ~Serene

  14. My absolute fave photo of you is the one where you are just loving the sun on your face. You look serene and so beautiful.
    You are the leggings queen, of course, and you combine 1930s silk, Docs and fur like it is the only way to wear them. Maybe it is!
    Oh poor Poppy, she doesn't want a sweater, she has her own FUR! Bless her squirmy little self! xxxxx

  15. Oh goodie! You're on YouTube? Off to subscribe...

  16. THOSE LEGGINGS! AHHHHHH! You'll have to excuse me..2 of my favorite things..together..Van Gogh & leggings. :D

    You're inspiring me to sport a lovely, silky PJ gorgeous..and that fur cape..beyond glam! In love! XO

  17. Looking so so very beautiful today Miss Desiree, Mr foxy fur is lovely wrapped around your shoulders.
    Sending roses and squirrel hugs.
    Love v

    Poppy is a little wiggle monster, So so so cute.

  18. Fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend.xxxxx

  19. It's always so darn uplifting in here! Often if I'm reading this with my morning coffee I'm ready to jump up and get dressed!

  20. Thank you darlink, I needed that! What a little wiggle worm you got there! The sweater is adorable.

  21. Hi Desire!

    Thanks for dropping by! long time no comment and on my part as well!
    Yes i have fab children, happiest mother's day indeed!

    I have been catching up on your blog - you are as creative and crazy, funny, spectacular as ever, do not change !


    Ariane xxxx

  22. Hope you had a great weekend sorry im late with my comment i have a weeks worth of blogs to catch up with. You look gorgeous and funky as always ;-)) dee xx

  23. I love '1930s knickers peach' as a fave colour! Keep on wearing your art xxx

    ***Ta-dah! Tuesday tomorrow - link up your amazing makes, fabulous finds and outrageous outfits!***

  24. Your surprises make my day. You are forever stunning!

  25. YOWZA - only you could combine leather, fur, silk and docs so gloriously! I love those leggings - I wonder if Black Milk ships to Canada?

  26. Too funny your lil puppy is quite a spaz! Peetee freezes when I put clothes on him, the house could be burnin and he'd just stand there mortified he was in clothes:). I love seeing you so happy, the kids just hanging round and your free spirit flyin!
    Love that purple shadow too!

  27. A visual cornucopia of fun!!! Love the fur and Docs, and all the bits in between. I'm also a tea fanatic. Iced tea is the norm here, but I'm strictly a hot tea gal.

  28. I swear,there were 2 seconds where she was still!! I love those little foxies because they are so wriggly!!Adorable little bums!
    Love you squatting like you were bron in Shanaghai!You're antural!Naturally DIVINE!!!
    I adore that fur.I'll shout it:

    Love and lustipops! XXXXXXXX

  29. Amor,
    Can you be anymore fabulosa?
    Peach top, furs and docs and leggings=heaven.
    Poppy is so adorably wiggly. Doggies really hate us dressing them up, but im sure it was for his own good.
    Perving at your pibs and gorgeous purpke eyeshadow.
    Your the best Mamacita I did ever see.


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