Monday, May 7, 2012

Meet Me at Babylon and Ting

"Hey love, just popping out for some milk, tea and fruit!"
"OK, but when we go to the uni thing, can you not look like something out of a Fellini movie?"
"Too late babe."

I love living in my own movie ... especially when there is a vintage silver crinoline involved in the plot.
And comic-print tights.
And plastic shoes with huge feckin' balls on them!

I still have my stage hair from Friday night's hi-jinks ... which is where I bought the crinoline.  
She screamed and shook from the rail, begging me to take her home ... how could refuse?
She's just the thing for a one woman show.

Who needs a stunt-double?
Not me thanks.
I prefer to do my own flat-on-my-arse-work.

Have you noticed my tricky new headband?
Quick, have another perve ... yes, it's double-sided!!
Two headbands in one - bloody brill for a low-budget movie don't you think?

"I'm ready for my close-up Frederico!"

Silver crinoline - Lady Vintage Wears
Double-sided headband - from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa Dragon Ball shoes - shopped by the ever-delish, Suzanne
Earrings - Etsy
Pink sparkle necklace - gifted by the scrumptious Krista
Silver granny beads, silver locket and crochet bag - thrifted
Happyeeeeeee Monday!!!
Desiree xoxo


  1. This is marvelous--the tights and the fantastic crinoline and the tee and the headpiece! Don't know if they have this saying in your part of the world...but in the US, those in tinfoil hats are the conspiracy theorists. Don't know what a tinfoil crinoline might make you.

  2. You are such a doll!!!!!!!!!
    I so love you!

  3. Beautiful outfit, as usual!!! My oh my, they say "something out of a Fellini movie" like it's a bad thing...?! And that metallic crinoline is so so marvelous; now I wanna get one, as I can only imagine how it'd add some sparkle under a plainer dress!

  4. I like your tights! I have an umbrella with a comic print that cheers me up on gray rainy days (which are plentiful around here).

  5. Beautiful in every way! If I don't find some tights like that some day I'm going to just glue the Sunday funnies to my legs!

  6. The blue eyeshadow looks amazing. AMAZING!

    And I am not into leather, really, but that jacket is gorgeous.

  7. Just SPEC-FRICKIN-TACULAR from head to toes! Double sided floral headpiece is INSPIRED! The silver petticoat is DIVINE and the tights are FABULARRRRRGGGGHHSE!! Fellini movie... I WISH I looked like a Fellini character! I had a bf once who 'accused' me of looking 'boheeeemian' and he said it like it was a disease... I was thrilled to look boheeeemian! Sarah xxx

  8. My God I love those tights so much!! x

  9. Desiree, is there any way we can clone you and send an army of you to my city? We are in desperate need!! I would watch a movie starring you - but these clips are just as good. I saw a hairpiece in a local swanky store a couple of days ago,$250 and far, far inferior to your gorgeous handmade pieces. You are so talented!

  10. You are beyond gorgeous, and in my PINTEREST bloggers love now, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. who could resist that crinoline? love the double sided headband too!

  12. This is an awesome start!!
    You are a POP goddess!Love every single piece of this breathtaking outfit..Madonna, the earrings,the tights,the headband and the silver space oddity skirt!!
    It really makes my Monday!

  13. I love your silver frou frou petticoat! Love the tights, the
    shoes, the double headband - it's all amazing!! xxxxx

  14. Your petticoat reminds me of the dress the Pessy Sue worn in "Peggy Sue got Married." I want to have petticoats in every color of the rainbow. You look fabulous as always.

  15. What with today's and yesterday's post you've made me very, very happy! That double headbanded, foil skirted, pin-curled, Madonna teeshirt, ball encrusted shoe and killer tights combo is legendary. You rock my world. xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. your outfits every day are more interesting and fun, beautiful ...

  17. Darling - there is NOTHING low budget about you. Nevah.

    The words silver and crinoline pretty much stopped me in my tracks when you mentioned them originally. The double-sided headband needs to be patented immediately. I'm in heaven (and if you ever start doing lily headbands I'm going to go bankrupt or gnash my teeth to stumps. Oooh sorry about that (passes the mind bleach)).

    That skirt is too good for the Madonna tshirt - it needs some carni-action. Or Lurex. Mmmmmm.

    Love this xxxxx

  18. Oh, that petticoat is just wonderful, and naturally you have styled it to perfection with the leather jacket, wild tights, shoes-with-balls, and fabulous headdress. You don't need a stunt double, you can do it ALL perfectly brilliantly!
    You are such a sexy minx! xxxxx

  19. I love that skirt and the leather jacket too! And your tights are awesome!

  20. Raaaaawwwwr !! a new Sassy Vamps design.. two tone thats cool... fantastic photos and glittery eyeshadow... love ya!

  21. I'm speechless over your latest outfits. You're a real top model and you surprise with always new posings. It's so much fun to browse through your blog and read your funny and fancy descriptions. You always manage to make me smile. Thanks a lot for that!

  22. Silver crinoline!! Yes please! I do love those sassy headbands & colourful tights as well! xx

  23. I must say, you do look like a movie star! Every piece from head to toe delights. And you never disappoint in the headband area!

  24. That man is just purely blessed to be seen with you and that crinoline. Tell him I said so! :)

  25. You are your own movie, and it deserves an Oscar for best Costume Design.... I still haven't figured out how to style my silver crinoline for its public outing (I have worn it under something to an event). I love how you've made it very rock and roll! Love the double headband, and I will be ordering one of your designs soon.

  26. Aah you know he loves it really - who wouldn't want to live with their very own filmstar? Today is another favourite - the silver crini and comic tights are INSPIRED! And of course the headband is a masterpiece - all those people who said you couldn't pack light if you tried - what do they know?!

    Thanks for linking up! xx

  27. He really just says it so you can be your usual extravagant self. He should worship you in such lavish silver petticoat!
    You definitely are your my movie star amor.
    amar how you paired it up with comic leggings and oh that two tone flower headband is genius.
    You have the best collection of petticoat heaveness.

  28. You are so completely beautiful xxx

  29. You are awesome:) I love your style!! I LOVE those tights...I am now on a mission to find a pair. I had no idea these existed!


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