Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Guess I Shoulda Known By the Way You Parked your Car Sideways It Wouldn't Last

Aaaaaaaaaand three more sleeps to go before Circus von Trollop comes to town!
I've ramped up my circus boot camp routine as I'm sure Friday is going to be one hell of an exhausting show!

Miss Camel-Toe is supervising my limbering up routine, we have some wonderful adventures together and she's always whispering to me "go for it baby!" if I'm in any doubt about an outfit.
I have no doubts about the practicality of this get-up in working up a moist sweat for Friday.

I was only just discussing with darling Sarah Misfit today that  a wise woman said, "OK well you think I look crazy then fuck you".
See?  Simple.  And it gets easier with age ... I would HATE to be 20 years younger. 
Yeah, I can hear the snorts of disbelief, but I mean REALLY, it gets easier with age to just listen to your heart and wear what you love!

Another pair of super-comfy velvet stretchy hot pants from the darling Jayne's Etsy shop, BOODWAH.
Perfect for limbering up for Friday's Helgita and Kitty hi-jinks!

Oh it's all so very exhausting.
Have you been busy making any super stuff in the past week?
If so, it's show-and-tell time at Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday!

More evidence of a blissful weekend spent making new headbands ... this wee darling is heading for the shop.
She's called Little Fluffy Clouds and I've branched out into using peonies, one of my favourite flowers.

Velvet hotpants - BOODWAH
T-shirt - Ms Mink
Tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Headband - in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Silver Streak mineral eyeshadow - CALLA Cosmetics

Here's my lame attempt to do a bridge pose in heels.

The Stylist demonstrates how it's supposed to be done.  
In heels.
Her outfit + 'tude = LOVE!!!
Big hugs,
Desiree xo


  1. You are the cutest most limber chicka out there! I so LOVE YOU!!!!!
    I wish I could be there!!!!
    Hugs always

  2. But you're the kinda person who believes in making out once, love em and leave em fast...

    I sing this song from start to finish EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE SINCE 1984!!!

    More and more every day I'm caring less about being POLITE and caring more about being ME. I'm sick of being respectful and keeping my mouth shut and avoiding confrontation at all costs - I am much more likely to just laugh and say "FUCK OFF!" and tap dance away.

    But I still have MUCH to learn from YOU and HELGA and KRISTA and VIX and my other amazing inspirational friends... but I am getting braver and caring less with every passing year... and isn't it fucking FABULOUS!!!

    So, enough about me, let's talk about how fabulous YOU and Bella are... What a couple of divine circus freaks. So beautiful and FLEXIBLE and fabulous!

    Those long long long legs go one forever and your smile is like sunshine and how have I lived this long without a peony headpiece???

    You and Helga will have the most AMAZING time - I am STRICKEN with the most wonderful envy that you will have that time together!

    Thank you, Desiree. You rock my world. Sarah xxx

  3. She's her mother's daughter! Love both your outfits today.

  4. Insane in the membrane lovey!!!
    Can't wait 'til Friday, now seriously starting to freak out about what to wear!!!
    Like mother like daughter, legs eleven, legs up to heaven...
    all I can say is that if I were a man and Anto aside, you'd be gone-skis LOL!!!

  5. Well The Stylist is just the most gorgeous creature! The apple plunked straight down from the tree, eh? Big honkin' hug to you girly and sooooooo excited to be keeping up with you on Instagram!!! ~Serene

  6. Darling photo of your little one. Her legs and shoes look very cool. I remember trying these poses with my kids from a standing position and coming down on my head. ouch!!
    Your dressing room looks like so much fun!

  7. There is too much fun and flexibility going on up there! I can't wait to see pics of you and Kitty and the Helga-tron together! How fun and explosive is that meet up going to be?

  8. OOOO The tight's, the shoes, and the hot pants YOU LOOK MAGNIFICENT DES!
    I adore the stylists outfit too!
    Her shoes are delicious and love the stripey legs.
    You two would surely be the main attraction at the circus!

  9. Bloody wonderful! I can't wait to see what happens when you and Helga get together!

  10. Work It Girl!! You look fabulous and your crazy limber what a fantastic combo!! Wishing you a Wonderful Week and an Outrageous weekend xx Love Heather
    p.s. the stylist is cuter than words ;)

  11. still a far far better attempt than I could make! Love the stylist's look too - do they do those clothes in adult sizes?! You look extremely sassy today! and vampy... XXX

  12. Great stuff as always - Those hot pants are totally HAWT!

    I agree with you, with age one cares less and less about what others think, what is appropriate, etc.

  13. You limber beauties!
    Your hot pants are making me faint again.I cant wait for Circus Helgita to come into town. I bet you prostis will blow up Bloglandia.
    lindisima peony flower headband will sale like mexi-bread.
    Look at Bellita! she is truly your daughter.
    I have been enjoying all your prostiness of glittery slap.

  14. Words of feckin' WISDOM!!!
    It's true,age does help,a gal just gets more comfy inher own skin the more she realises she doesn't have a choice!!!
    Jaysus woman,these poses are INSPIRATIONAL!!! And frisky!Weeeee!!!
    I'm so pleased Miss Camel Toe is helpful.She has to be good for something!!!
    Feckity FECK Friday awaits!!!!!!!
    I think I know what I'm wearing!!!

    I just have to think about how to clothe MY camel toe!
    Love and Lustipops!

  15. You're right that it does get easier with age! But, ouch, all these poses...tell me how un-limber I am!

  16. *SCREAMS* Look at those stripey tights!

  17. Yes! Yes! You said it! I'm playing catch-up, inspired by your incredible joie de vivre. The peonies on your head are bulbous delights. The Stylist has got the moves like her ma.

  18. Oh I was once told that the best kind of people get younger as they get older!!!!! You are Amazing as always!!!!!
    The excitement of meeting Miss Helga is building. Eeeeekkkk!!!
    Fluffy clouds of prettiness on your head.
    Miss stylish is looking too gorgeous in her yoga pose!!!
    Love v

  19. The stylist is definitely challenging you for best outfit in this post! You will definitely need to warm up for your Helga Experience - can't wait for the photos of the adventures you get up to. I loved Sarah Misfit's comment about how inspiring you, Helga and Vix have been for her. I wouldn't want to be 20 years younger now either, as I'm much more sane, confident, and just plain me than I was back then.

  20. Tis true, tis true, it IS easier to be true to yourself and not sweat the side-eye as you get older. I wouldn't want top go back 20 years either.
    You look hot as hot can be in your velvet hotpants, and Miss Camel-toe always adds some craziness to an outfit! Loving your poses, your peonies, and your Stylist (though not necessarily in that order!)
    Helga and Kitty had better get their circus gladrags on! xxxxx

  21. Wow i so wish i was as fit as you and could limber up like that. But since my pesky joints and back have flared up im in constant bloody pain these days i might have to psych myself up and start to go swimming but our pool is freezing. Right enough of that sorry. You look fabulous and i so agree with you that wearing what we want as we get older is the best we have nothing to prove to anyone like you do when your younger. Please tell the stylist i love her stripy tights and shoes ;-) Have a fab weekend with the girls. dee xxx

  22. I think you ladies all have wonderful style, and make everything so much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to with the lovely Helga.

  23. Dang Desiree your rocking bod could be motivation enough for getting back into yoga. You love lovely bent over, stretched out and pulled up. I do love the freedom that comes with age, finally not caring about what other people think finally dressing for myself. It rules!

    Have a crazy ass time with the gals, I think that's a given!

  24. Feck me, I must be blind. There's a chunk of posts I've missed this week, I'l blame our rare sun shine.
    I adore your hot pants and you in them. Oh to be as flexible as you and the Stylish, bastard arthritis!
    Accoring to my stats this week 7 people found me by searching "I couldn't give a fuck" Hoorah!
    Give us a makeup tutorial, please! Your sparkling eyeshadow is fabularse!!
    Have the best time with Helga and Kitty and take a million photos!! xxxx

  25. Just adore your attitude - what a great role model for non-conforming. And ah, if only I was half as flexible as you (the metal rods screwed into my spine put paid to that!)
    Looking forward to the photo stories to emerge from Friday's shennanigins.

  26. Oh so limber Miss, looking dazzling as ever in your get up! I want those tights! hehe. Enjoy the blissful and wonderful weekend activities. -xx

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  28. I have heard about you but never met you, so thanks for finding me. I did not know you were so limber. I'm highly impressed. I also love the f word and Sarah's sass and wit. Following, you can no longer get away.


  29. Never change, never EVER change. I know you won't because when you're born with the world's best personality and sass why would you but, you know, just saying.

    You are so fabulous. Just read Helga's post... you're all just so fabulous. So full of life and colour and fabulosity.

  30. The little stylist and you are just like twins !!! <3 Looking HOOOT on your boodwah shorts

  31. Ooh, these velvet hotpants are MEOW! And I love this shirt; always so happy to see when it makes an appearance! You have fierce lines, you limber vixen! :D LOVE the peonies! One of my favorites too.

    You are a muse of mine for sure, Gorgeous! :)

  32. You are so amazing and wonderful.I so love you!


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