Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hot Damn That's Good Cherry Pie!

Well, well, well.
What?  I say ... WHAT is going on here?

Last night's Garter Belts and Gasoline Nostalgia Festival's Rockabilly Ball, that's what.
Nobody, I mean nobody, could help but get into the party mood with rockabilly bands, vintage clothing stalls, THE best hot dogs, jitterbug 'n jiving, plus 1940s and 50s vintage fashion parades all going off like a smokin' hot rod!

 Oh yes, it's all butter-wouldn't-melt for Mrs Demure upon her arrival.

But thanks to our darling parade organisers, Kitty and Sue, suppliers of all the fabulous outfits and party 'tude, once the music heated up, so did the dressing room.
Look at those gorgeous gams on Kitty!!

Don't scorch yer tongue honey coz I'm a'sizzlin' t'night;)).

The gorgeous wench beside me is Andrea, one of the five other models who took part in two parades last night.
Andrea likes driving and tinkering with her beefcake 60s convertible, doing the jive and is discovering the bliss of wearing girly frocks and make-up.

In yellow brocade, we have Chrissy of the Lindy Charm School for Girls who was our compere and is a whiz with a curling iron.
If you want to learn to walk in a corset with a Marilyn-wiggle, she's your gal.
Bec slipped out of her leathers and black jeans and poured her gorgeous figure into some flippin' amazing 1950s frocks!

 The Kitty's Vintage Kitsch and the Shop Time Forgot stall took pride of place in the dance hall, laden with the most eye-boggling array of fabulousness, enough to make grown women weep.

Now I know why nightclubs and pubs are so damn boring ... they don't have vintage clothing stalls, that's why!!!

The lovely sisters, Emily and Liz, own Lady Vintage Wears and had a metallic silver crinoline, which screamed "take me home!"
So I did.
I'm sure I'll be taking pics of the wee darling when it gets its first outing:).

 These fabulous shoes were a size too small for me.

 But the gorgeous, soft leopard-print knickers with pink bows from Bonsai Kitten, fit-just-right-so-I'll-take-them-thanks-very-much!

 Hair and make-up done, time for some fun:).

 The gorgeous redhead is Miss Evelyn who did the finishing touches to my hair and wow'ed the crowd in this spectacular liquorice-allsorts swimsuit.
Oh and I'm sure there will be many more pictures of the night's shenanigans to come.
But I think Kitty will need to get through the festival and have a good night's sleep first.
Thank you for inviting me Kitty and Sue, you sweet thangs!!
And thank YOU for all your kind words about my third anniversary this week.
I'm touched for the very first time;) !!
Desiree xo


  1. Where was my invite? Looks like freaking awesome event.

    Loving your hair (also dress/tights/shoe combo).

    I LOVE Miss Chrissy. Took a class with her last year. (They tried, in vain, to teach me how to pin curl and victory roll).

  2. That looks like awesome fun & you look so beautiful all glammed up! Love the photos with Kitty. Oh my word you sure do look amazing in that swimsuit. Killer! Xx

  3. whoa! you cats have got some looong legs!

  4. OOh1 Those drawers!!!1
    YOU LOOK so great in that hair-do!
    what a fun time i bet!!!

  5. Hi, just spent a wonderful time reading your last few posts and being amazed at your style. I just love the flared trousers and David Bowie tee shirt, and the green shorts. You have fabulous legs!!! I am looking forward to seeing more photos of your night out. Congratulations on your 3 yr anniversary!!

  6. Perfect body, perfect event, perfect YOU.
    I want to comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Colour me jealous!!!

  7. What an amazing evening! You look absolutely gorgeous, and I would have been licking your lovely legs too, haha. I completely agree about nightclubs - if they had vintage clothing stalls I might actually go once in a while.

  8. Good LAWD! Your hair looks freaking amazing. As does the rest of you. Those undies are super cute, I am definitely checking those out. What a fun night, pity about the blue pumps but you rock the swimsuit look! xx

  9. I love this event, it's just amazing!!I left my eyes on that clothing stalls, so many wonderful things!!!
    I love the photos of you and miss Evelyn wearing swimsuit and hats so glamurous!
    Thank you for this super spectacular post!!

  10. What a great time!!! You look gorgeous with your long gams! Hugs! ~Serene

  11. WOW! You and Miss Evelyn look like models in a Helmut Newton photo shoot. Your legs go on FOREVER! You are working that swimsuit like there's no tomorrow, I love it!
    Also love your curls, your gorgeous frock, the pics of
    Kitty, all the vintage gorgeousness - it all looks like so much glamorous fun.
    I NEED some leopard print big knickers in my life. xxxxxxx

  12. YOWZA! You gals look dang hot in your fabulous get-ups. What an amazing way to spend a night, I agree if pubs had vintage stalls instead of sucky mind milling big screens belching out pointless sport I'd frequent them all the time. I wonder if having vintage stalls in every pub would also make for a better dressed pub dressed like Dick Tracy instead of wearing their sport fetish uniforms, one can dream,?!
    You look absolutely fabulous, you are like a cup of tea on a dreich and sodden and lovely!

  13. That even looks amazing, everyone looks spectacular. Look at you in your bathking costume and that hat!!! I love that hat!

  14. Crikey you look fabulous. Serious event envy, it sounds like a scream.

  15. Oh that first photo ... eat your heart out Jack Vetriano ;)

    Well-played madam!

  16. *Oh Meeee-OWW* ALL you ladies look GORGEOUS! And I love your hair like that Des.

  17. Photo #4 is a killa!

  18. Finally have a moment to catch up on all the lovely blogs and POW look at you.
    Oh my oh my!!!! You look so very beautiful. Your hair is lovely.
    The bathing suits are simply amazing.
    I hope you have a wonderful week filled with happy hugs and love.
    Love V

  19. Jeez Louise, what a bunch of fabulous babes, Desiree. You all look like you're having so much fun, and the photos make ME want to weep. We don't have vintage clothing stalls here much :(

  20. You're not touched until Helga touches,you,you sweet devil spawn you!!!
    JAYSUS!!! I had palpitations all the way through this,and now I'm having nervous nelly tummy........fark ME,woman,you're HAWT,and I wanna be the meat between the Kitty/Desiree sandwich,PLEASE!!!!
    Gawd,I wish I had been there.This is the sort of thing I have to save up big time for,dammit,I'm missing all the FUN.
    Love and Lustipops!

  21. OMG - BEST LEGS IN THE WORLD! You look absolutely AMAZING! Your hair is so cute I want to play with you like a DOLL. And your frock is gorgeous - and hey, Vix sent me those shoes! And everybody looks just gorgeous... it looks like SUCH a wonderful event. So glad you had so much fun! Sarah xxx

  22. Oh shit Desiree you are right outta some backyard in Palm Springs lounging about the pool checking out some pool boy who is totally checking you out! You look HAWT, hotter than the most scorching day in the desert! All you ladies look to die for beautiful, what a great fun time had by all. I wanna lay by the pool and look glamourous with you!

  23. Hot, hot , HOOOOOOOOOOOT women... looking fantastic and that´s a vintage paradise...I have to get my ass over there right now..

  24. Hot, hot , HOOOOOOOOOOOT women... looking fantastic and that´s a vintage paradise...I have to get my ass over there right now..

  25. AAAAACCCKKK! I am blown away by the awesomeness in this post!!!! Holy Crap Desiree, you look so friggin hot in the swimsuit! That looks like sooo much fun, I would have loved to have been there, hanging out with all the gorgeous dames, shopping and grooving to the tunes. Now we both have silver crinolines - I think we need to start our own club :)

  26. Oh my, you and that bathinsuit have woken mis passiones!
    You and Kitty have the bestest prosti legs.I would of been all over you two.
    All the ladies look so gorgeous.
    What a fun event amor,love you in your curlys and your lurezly black frock. I bet you stole the whole show. I gotta go get me some more leopard chonis.


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