Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where I Took a Break from Shopping Then Didn't

I guess it's possible, but I was all shopped out after Melbourne and Kitty's vintage fashion parade on Tuesday gave me a refreshing vintage boost, so shopping's been bottom of my list for the past couple of weeks.
But the temptation of the final West End Vintage and Designer Market for 2011 was too hard to resist so I took a certain birthday girl along for a wee rummage.

 The purple and white wonder is a 1970 jumpsuit with flares big enough to fly away to a festival love-in and the purple frock underneath is a beautiful embroidered cotton 1970s Treacy Lowe dress.
I did a search on the webz and came up with a couple of her frocks in a similar style for around US$120-225.
So it was quite a bargain at ten bucks!!!

 My frock is a 1950s cotton wiggle dress, an Etsy bargain I've been dying to wear and it's perfect for our spring.
I love the way dresses were made to fit the body.
They make me sit and stand up straight and they're just made for heels!

  The Stylist and I were ready to book tickets to Crete after she sampled her first Greek food ... I don't think either of us will ever be hungry again after scoffing down that scrumptious lunch!

 And what have we here?
Miss Nine got her very first camera for her birthday yesterday and she's over the moon with it!
As The Phoenix put it, you wouldn't deny a painter the tools to paint with, so why deny our budding photographer a decent camera?
Yes she's wearing a tie as she's recently learned how to tie one and spent some pocket money on one.
Thass mah girl!!!

After ordering our food a man stopped at the table said to me "I love your shoes and your hair.  I just wanted to stop and tell you that" - what I think he really meant was, "can I check your buttons are secure?" ooh errr!!

My favourite beach blanket bingo babe, Sarah Misfit, gifted me the pin-up girl and I thought she needed company today.

 The usual jewellery and nail mash-up - jingling makes me happy!!

 Along with the tie, The Stylist bought herself a couple of necklaces.

Hooray for plastic shoes!
We're wearing VW Melissa's and Holster - check out the glorious Idee Fixe's offer to be your personal shopper at the next Melissa VIP sale in NYC!

This one's for my favourite chola slut, La Dama.
I thought of the darling when we snapped up this beautiful old embroidered dress at the market - it's pure cotton and made in Mexico - yay!!
Yes, the lassie's wearing her "new" tie as a belt and leggings she bought in Melbourne - "They make me feel like you Mum!"

"Quick, quick take a photo!"
The Stylist snapped this one off quickly before the school disco last night - gee, whose disco was it?
I'm ready to boogie in my thrifted 1960s wool cape, BM Sick of Men leggings (which The Phoenix is looking forward to reading one night), red VW Melissa Wings, one of my disgracefully ludicrous headbands and a great pile of ethnic necklaces, including a "new" boar's tooth.
I think the whole junior school stopped by to see what I was wearing and one little lad stopped dancing to bend down and read my comic leggings haaaaaaaa!!!

I've included this incredible pic from one of my dear readers, Bethellen, who sent me a snap of her amazing daughter Asia.
She says Asia was inspired by my floral headbands to make one for herself for Halloween.
Doesn't she look A-MAZING?!!!!!!
Hope you're having a glorious weekend my lovelies!!
Desiree xo


  1. I think you are both gorgeous beyond words.
    Happy birthday to the new fashionista.

  2. *gasps* She MAKES floral headbands. How do you suppose one does that? You don't make yours, do you?

  3. Fabulous as ever, I adore your headdress and that awesome purple jumpsuit - what a score! Happy birthday to The Stylist xx

  4. Happy Birthday to the Stylish Styist!!! What a gorgeous young lady she's growing to be, going to be breaking hearts when she's older (I know we won't speak of that, the PGP already has boys wanting to be her boyfriend and she won't be 12 until Dec! ACK!) November babies rule, but I'm prejudiced as mine is at the end of the month! Though I think she's more of a Halloween baby, especially as historians have suggested the festival of Samahin might have been celebrated on 4 November! So you have a very magical girl there in every sense of the word! You both look great and like it was so much fun. And thank you for the shout out!

  5. So much to love in this post. I really like that grey dress. It looks perfect on you. (I am asuming the man that stopped you thought the same. *lol*
    That white and purple jumpsuit is amazing (God I love stuff that is super funky like that.)
    "Happy Birthday to your girlie"
    She is so darn cute and has great fashion sense. (I wonder why hmmmm?!) That Greek food looks divine. *mmm* I love Greek food, don't eat it nearly enough though.

  6. Happy Birthday to the stylish stylist - chip off the old block she is! You look gorgeous in that wiggle dress and floral headband.

  7. The stylist is so a chip of the old block and is going to roack the world with her own personal style just like her mother, you go girls.

  8. Wow asia makeup looks amazing what gorgeous colours. Happy birthday to the stylist looks like you both had a lovely girly day ;-) That food looked fab and so did you both. Im not surprised that man stopped to tell you he liked your hair etc you are a very striking and beautiful women. Love you buys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee xxx

  9. I love the way you and the stylist have coordinated your outfits. You both are tres chique! -T

  10. Happy Birthday to my long lost hija (daughter) Bella! I lover her Mexi dress,We can be twins, I have a white Mexi similar dress. she is rocking that frock like her MaMa in fab tights. love Bella's rose earrings.besitos and abrazotes (big hugs)

    You both look so gorgeous in your silver/grey frocks. her red star bag is the coolest. mmmm greek food looks delish. That man was just waiting for your breastest to pop out.Melissa shoes are always divine to see in them. your stopping school children now in those loca tights.
    here is the video of the sequin boleros.


  11. You and your birthday girl look beautiful! It's no surprise you get people commenting on your gorgeousness (and checking your buttons...)
    Love your wiggle dress, can't wait to see you in the jumpsuit and the lilac frock.
    Hurrah for the Stylist's first camera, she's got such a good eye, she'll love snapping away with it.
    Did you have a little shimmy at the school disco? Bet those comic book leggings got a bit animated, hahaha!!!

  12. My dear friend, I always love your blog, your style! I revel in it! But to also see the Birthday Girl following in your footsteps - oh, I love that! Does she realize she has the greatest gift of all -even greater than a PURPLE! camera?! - and that's YOU for a grandma!!!

  13. What a gorgeous girl :)She's very stylish minded! Love the red pendant she got it's really different. She's a chip off the old block for sure. Totally has your fab taste :)

  14. I love your posts so much - your style is inimitable! And your charming little one is taking after you in all the best ways. Happy birthday to her.

    I'm in love with The Stylist and want to steal her away and have her make me uber fabulous,cos I'm quite convinced she is a major part of your sexess..........
    Happy Birthday to the little darling!Scorpio huh?!Wahey!
    You are so mega hot,I'm amazed you didn't have young laddies not old enough for wet dreams dry humping you.O,and that man admiring you?He was most DEFINETLY checking your buttons.I know the type.G's one,and that's why I won't allow him to look at your blog........!!!Hahahahaha, no,actually I do,and he would be all over you like a rash given 5 seconds.
    I do hope you bought that jumpsuit.I demand to see it upon your sexaciousness!

  16. OMG the purple paisley jumpsuit - PLEASE TELL ME YOU BOUGHT IT!!!

    You and The Stylist are EXQUISITE as always - I ADORE her tie (being fellow tie-wearer!) and her necklaces are gorgeous too. And your comic leggings are making me weak at the knees!

    Sarah xxx

  17. Oh my, she's adorable & such a mini mama. Love the brooch & buttons mix on your dress. On you both really do inspire me. Fabulous xxx

  18. Happy Birthday, little lady! You look so much like your beautiful mummy it's uncanny!
    I sincerely hope you bought that jumpsuit, I frigging love it!
    Asia looks amazing, doesn't she? x

  19. Oh I SO wanted to go to that market but I had to work in the shop, boo! Hope I can make it to the next one. Bellas so got your feet, LOL! Her toenail polish is so cute, I bet she dreamt up the colour scheme and did it herself, if she's this stylish at this age imagine what she'll be like at our age-a world-beater, I daresay!!

  20. What an absolute killer day spent with just the girls. The stylist looks amazing in her new dress and WOO WOO for getting her a new camera. I love the jumper you bought and you look delicious in that wiggle dress. You wiggle like no other!

    Your sweet shoe shot is adorable and I wish I could have had launch too, it looks delicious!!!!

    The last outfit is friggin over the top I want those leggings I dream about those leggins!!!!! and your lil wings precious!

  21. Love love love the brooch/badge collection!

  22. Like mother like daughter! Your little one has a great sense of style and I love your bracelets.

  23. Happy Birthday Stylist!

    I love it that you both wore pink plastic shoes.

  24. The stylist has wicked taste! I have the exact same pin up girl brooch, I haven't given her the wear she deserves yet.


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