Monday, November 7, 2011

Sheeeeeyah, Course I Bought It!

Had some of you worried there for a millisecond eh?
Saturday's little jaunt to a tiny vintage market resulted in a couple of slurpilicious  bargains. My favourite of course, this fabulous late-60s purple jumpsuit.
Here 'tis my lovely gropers.
Grope away!

I took The Stylist to school wearing this ensemble this morning then ran my morning errands in super comfort and minor-traffic-incident style;).
Hilarious responses - one woman in a cafe leapt out of her chair when I walked in and said "omg that is fabulous!" and I had about four incidents of old men starting to whistle a tune as I walked by - love their old-fashioned ways of acknowledgment.

Back home for some sweet refreshment and a peek at my "new" fifty-cent Italian language book.
The Phoenix says he can't take me to Italy coz he'd be doing the country a public service and get a medal for shipping some crumpet over.  Hahahahaha! 
"They can't help themselves, they're relentless," he said.

 The idiotic glasses and white ring are from Melbourne and I'm wearing them with everything these days.
Check out those fabulous sequins around the neckline - it's like the person who made it thought the print needed more embellishment - yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

 OMG I can't believe I'm wearing a matching purple headband - what is happening to me?
My favourite granny bag accompanied me today, so did my gold VW Melissa's with the red hearts.

 My eyeliner "wings" are getting bigger each day - Amy Winehouse must be speaking to me - thanks for the inspiration dear departed one!

I'm feeling very Jamaica today ... thanks to Desmond Dekker who's playing on a loop in my head.
This version of Israelites is from 1969 ... I was aged one, but I feel like I'm there!!


  1. OMG - that FABULOUS garment is the second best jumpsuit I've ever seen! (I'm wearing my new one today - care of darling Krista!) The sequins at the neck are the perfect finishing touch and I ADORE your new glasses and ring. I have got to make some of those amazing floral headbands - they go with EVERYTHING!

    Sarah xxx

  2. FECK ME but you are a sight for sore eyes!(And i mean literally as well as figuratively!)MY GAWD I am SO pleased you bought that little beauty!Only you or Vix could pull of that baby and look like you came out of the womb wearing it!Love it!Love the accessorising-but when don't I?!I'm running out of superlatives for your magnificence,but I have to keep finding them as I don't think my enthusiastic dry humping of my laptop comes across as clearly.......
    Ha,The Phoenix is quite right not to take you to Italy,those bloody rampant crotch grabbers(their own)would rub themselves to a stump over you!
    Love and lust!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Come visit me woman!!! I need your style input.Love it luv you xx

  4. Heavens to Betsy! You look utterly gorgeous and beautiful in that jumpsuit. And I would be over the moon if I found one just like it. That design is crazy wonderful.

  5. It totally needed the sequins, theres nothing that doesnt benefit from a good dose of sequin!! What a fantastic find xxx

  6. Oh oh oh - me ears are alight!
    (UK dwellers of a certain age might remember the advert for cassettes featuring that song - younger readers won't even know what cassesttes are...)
    How bloody gorgeous do you look in that wonderful jumpsuit? It's obviously jumpsuit season - you, Sarah, Vix's lurex Bonfire night beauty. All fabulous!
    Italian men would ADORE you, the Phoenix probably doesn't want to spend all his time and energy beating them off with a stick, can't blame him! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. You FEATURE is out. I hope you like it.

  8. I have found you through Mis Papelicos's blog. I love your style. but what I love more if your attitute towards life. I really admire your strenght.

    if you ever come to Italy let me know!!!!

    Baci, Ylenia | Longuette

  9. That jumpsuit is blinking fabulous, there's something in the air, what with you, Sarah and I wearing them today.
    I'm so glad you bought it, it would have been a crime not to!
    Just make sure you wear padded knickers if you ever get to Italy, my arse was pinched raw when I went, the frisky buggers. xxx

  10. Jumpsuits abounding today! You and Sarah both look awesome. Love purple, it's my fave colour and am not averse to a bit of matchy-matchy so like the 'tonal' (fashion mag speak) headband very much. xx

  11. You are gorgeous in this jumper and I do love your floral headbands but your sassy ass looks make me smile every time! I love your style my dear!!!!

  12. Love this!!!!!!!!!! My new fave!

  13. Oh that is ffff faantastic, love it

  14. You should definitely go Italy, but the Pheonix is right about those hot red-blooded Italian men. Great outfit, I love eyeliner wings. Xx

  15. Oh I just knew you wouldn't resist that beauty and I'm glad you didn't as it looks fantastic! I found a70s jumpsuit last summer that I practically lived in, so comfy! Hey and if you need help with your Italian, I studied it for 4.5 years. Never got to practice, so I can read it better than try to converse, but my pronunciation is molto bene! I must warn you though textbook Italian is mostly only heard in the north, everywhere else is dialect but you'll get your point across!

  16. That jumpsuit is bananas!! LOVE IT and love your style! Found you on Sacramento's blog and had to come follow! Kiah

  17. You jumpsuit biatch'sare making crave and go buy a jumpsuit for me.
    You look utterly fantastica, love that your wearing purple flower headband. Love the silver neckline.
    I think italians are sexy, especialy the accent and mafia ways. Oh no amor the italianos will steal you from the phoenix.
    Besos to your bella and italiano.

  18. What a great dress, and I love your eyeliner wings. You are fearless!

  19. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! Who wouldn't have passed up your amazing jump suit. I've been wearing eyeliner wings today, and thought of you!!! xx

  20. I love making the same "wings" with eyeliner too))) Such a fun and retro detail)


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