Tuesday, November 22, 2011

La Dolce Vita

The sweet life begins one day at a time.
Vintage rose hats and cotton frocks are a good start to keeping life sugary cool in the summer heat.
Here's this morning's sweet-life outfit.

Oh noes there's spiky prickles in there!

This morning's sweet-life ensemble:
1950s cotton wiggle frock, 1950s hat, earrings: all Etsy
Sunnies, white beaded ring and 1950s lizard skin bag: Melbourne
Leopard-print bow tie: Hot Legs Helga
Fence net tights: eBay
VW Melissa mary janes: on sale via the delish Suzanne
Brolly, green velvet bag and bangles: thrifted

Afternoon delight outfit:
Time to cool off with The Stylist behind the lens.

The Stylist and I thought we were safe from prying eyes by sneaking into this alley-way.
It didn't work, the uproar over this get-up followed us wherever we went.
I thought it was a pretty tame outfit actually.

 This afternoon's sweet-life version:
Hat: Etsy
Top: Kmart
Bettlejuice leggings: Black Milk
Docs: retail pressie from me-to-me
Earrings, bangles and brolly: thrifted
1950s Lizard skin bag and vintage glass beads: Melbourne

Consider your fondo dolce (sweet arse) pinched.
Love Desiree xoxoxo


  1. Always gorgeous, beautiful and daring, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are such an inspiratio, dear Desiree.

  2. Mmmm, the Princess of Pout is back!
    Looking hot AND cool, Desiree, how clever are you?
    I love your wiggletastic frock and the hat is spectacular!
    I bet you did turn some heads in those leggings, even when lurking in an alleyway! Look at your gorgeous legs and fondo dolce - who could resist a sneaky peak and a cheeky pinch? Not me?
    Hope all is well with you and yours, been thinking of you, love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Haha, love the Princess of Pout from Curtise! That's your new name! Much as I like your frock the leggings win for me - cos I just love 'em. Hope all is well xx

  4. Gorgeous frock, love the colours and the style of it but I'm with Lakota on this one! Those leggings are absolutely awesome!

    I hope your enjoying married life! xxx

  5. Desiree, I ADORE that dress! And you're right, those leggings are actually pretty tame! You look gorgeous in ALL of it! Hugs! ~Serene

  6. I'm loving those leggings but the dress even more so! Nearly popped in to see you on Sunday morning as I was in your area but figured 5am might not be quite right-LOL! Cheeky kisses from my aspro golo to yours hon.xxxxxxxxxx.

  7. I love that you have afternoon outfits. That dress is divine especially with that hat and of course the bow tie.

  8. I love the first outfit. The dress and 'to die for' shoes are just gorgeous! The leggings are mad ... no wonder you had a following!!! M x

  9. You have the best hat collection my dear! Looking lovely!

  10. I luuurve that dress. And you have just the arms for it too, I could never pull it off. Consider your arse pinched back. xx

  11. Amazing as always, love the 1950's cotton wiggle dress you are one curvy lady and the afternoon green hat was just so sweet.

  12. Wah, that dress! It looks fantastic on you. You look gorgeous. I love that you decided to wear the blue fishnets and VW's. The fact your crotchal area is so defined in the 2nd outfit qualifies as riske to me, just because I'm odd about crotches though hah, I feel nude if anybody can see my shape so clearly as wearing tights like that does. Power to those who can rock it confidently though!

  13. Love the orange Umbrella.
    I have an orangish vintage umbrella that has a hook on it so you can carry is like a purse in case you need to use it. It wouldnt poke people walking by, it stays vertical.
    all umbrellas should be that way

  14. Your sass, your ass I love it all! That dress looks amazing on you and I am in love with that hat! You probably stop traffic in your town and thank god for that! You rock leggings like no other my dear!

  15. That dress rocks my world and you wear leggings like no one else on the planet. I'm giving your arse a virtual squeeze. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. love how you wear that pretty floral dress with so much sweetness and style, and fishnets tights!!!, and you always look fabulous in leggings & dr.martens!!, delightfully striped!!

  17. Des the dress is totally gorgeous & your legs in those blue fishnets *OWWWW OWWWW*. Also those shoes are gorgeous and go so well with your choice of leg wear.
    When I first saw the prickle picture before reading the caption I thought you were falling... *ahahaha* then when I read prickle I fully understood the look on your face.

    I love your beetlejuice leggings (Was one of my fave shows as a kid)

  18. Love the dress and domino earrings and your hats are always so great :)

  19. Desireesita,
    I am in love with you and your dress and 50's rose hat. You look great in anything amor. those leggings are freaking awesome.

  20. I just wanted to say I love your blog and I love your style. Your images radiate such a fun & frivolous vibe--I love it! :-)


  21. Jaysus,woman,bend over and let me drive you home!!!
    SO delicious,fresh,fruity,funky!
    Love & lustipops!

  22. Love the sweetness of the first outfit and the sass of the second one! You are so much fun, gF!

  23. Oooo your rose hat! and leopard bow tie! How utterly lover-ly

  24. The rose hat is just heavenly! You look so gorgeous!!!!V

  25. Does anyone know what we did before etsy?

  26. Hi Desiree, the rose hat and sunnies what a mix, stunning, love both hats wow!
    You think outside the box girl and it is so refreshing to witness your wonderful crazyness

    Ariane xxxxx

  27. Well first of all WOW loving that 50's wiggle dress and that flower hat is blinking gorgeous ;-)) You look stunning in red. And blimey those leggings are very naughty but nice ;-)) You have amazing legs. dee xxx

  28. OMG that 50s frock and hat are EXXQUISITE! LOOOOVE! And you know I'm nuts for some vertical striped tights - and that GREEN HAT!!! So much fabulous, so much arse pinching!

    Sarah xxx

  29. beautiful outfit!!!compliments!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  30. Very nice and cheerful person with you, well look. I greet....

  31. Okay, that rose hat is to die for, and you are totally adorable. And I love the tag "growing old disgracfully." Fantastic! Following on bloglovin :)


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