Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rumble in the Jungle

With the promise of a blindingly hot day, did I strip down to cut-offs and a tank top?
No, I figured I could stay cool in silk and decided on my interpretation of a modest lady in Zaire, circa 1974.
You know, do some market shopping before the Ali versus Foreman match, then on to bump and grind to James Brown at the Zaire Music Festival - "this man will make your liver quiver".

 Number Three Son took the first three shots before school this morning.

Then off for a bit of op-shopping where I found this gorgeous saint bracelet.
The saints have disappeared from my black bracelet, probably because they frown upon my disgraceful get-ups.
I wonder how long Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II will hang around this time.

 I also picked up the green velvet bangle for a buck.
Oh yes, that most certainly IS silver nail polish - I bought the last bottle ($3.50) coz all the local bitches snapped them up super-quick.

 Yes there's a lot going on here with my African and Indian jewellery mash-up.
Among several compliments from strangers who wanted to touch everything, a very elderly woman in bright colours turned to me and said "I think it's wonderful to just dress for yourself".
Dear of her.

 The silk dress, scarf, bag, brolly and jewellery were all thrifted, while the VW Melissa wings were on sale at Amazon.
Now I'm ready - we're gonna have a funky good time!

 Something tells me modesty is getting short-shrift.

Yep, it's all gone to pot now.
There's just way too much music rattling around my brain for my skirts to stay still.
The saints are just gonna have to wait.

Yep, fling ya skirts up girlies and let the sun shine in.
Do if for Ali!  Do it for James!
Do it for me!

A big thank for Sacramento of Mis Papelicos for choosing me as her November feature bloggett.
She's recovering from knee surgery so pop over and wish her well:)
Desiree xo


  1. There's a lot more than my liver quivering right now,I can tell you!
    SO many amaaazingly delicious details! Vix'll pee herself over the jewellery.Hell,I"M peeing myself over it!
    Yay for that old lady,she's right on the money!Good girl!
    Fark,honey,I'm going to need an enema to get over this fantabulousness!!!!
    Love and LUST!

  2. Are you still in that dress?? Coz its 36 degrees at my house right now!!! Too much fabulosity for words yet again, love the turban especially.xx.

  3. Gorgeous woman and wow what legs Luv ya lots xxx

  4. You are so versatile it is amazing!

    I am presuming those shoes go faster?


  5. That jewellery is divine! I'm wishing for sunshine but we keep getting rain. I hope you stay cool. I'm silver nail polish too sadly it's chipped to bits.

  6. Shoes with wings!!!! They are incredible!! You look just amazing. Great legs!!!! V

  7. Oh you tasty woman!!!! I bought a ivory bracelet from the market for $1 on sunday with the same hinge and nail closure to the one you're wearing, haven't taken it off! Love the green velvet one too. You are simply divine!!! Have a look at my post from Sunday, I made a headband inspired by your flower headbands! Xoxox Claire

  8. Hellooo glamorous woman! This is amazing - so much appreciation for the ensemble.

  9. You are just what the doctor order, ahhhhhhhhhhhhmy dear Desiree. I love you, your dress, all your accessories, the nail polish those local bitches of yours snapped up. I want your V W Melissas.
    I feel much better already.
    You have 79 comments in your feature and growing, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Wow, you sexy mama!
    It starts off demure, but I knew it wouldn't last! The pins and the pout had to come out, and you didn't disappoint us, Desiree!
    Gorgeous silk frock, properly (or should that be improperly) Desireefied - brilliant! xxxxxxxx

  11. You look great! I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv that green velvet bangle <3.
    Have a nice day!

  12. Oh my, I've been having dreams about this wing platforms for last year! Vivienne Westwood is the Goddess <3
    And you look amazing - all that great chunky jewelry, and a beautful dress, ans Melissa wings <3

  13. Those shoes are just amazing!!! Like the ones Hermes - the messenger of the antique gods - wore! :)

  14. Now that's a tune and a half and perfect to gawp at you and your hot legs! Phwoar! they go on for miles, bugger the British winter you're getting me all hot and bothered right now.
    I'm lusting after all that ravishing African -looking jewellery too, yeah....you rule xxx

  15. Look at those sexy sticks, MEOW!!!!! You are giving me shoe envy again, I love these lil wings my dear! You are looking over the top sexy with all your mash up of jewelry, love it and I love the orange parasol. The turban as if this outfit could get any better.
    You are a Goddess!

  16. Wah, love this outfit! That dress looks amazing on you lady, like wow. And I love how all your accessories pop against it, especially that yellow beaded necklace. One of the things I love about long skirts is being able to pick them up and swish them around and flash a little (or a lot) leg now and again :D

  17. Great stuff! I've got major shoe envy right now, I've been trying to find those on sale but to no avail, so far :( You were lucky!
    The detail I love the most is the mother teresa bracelet, I love me some religious kitsch all the time.

  18. That elderly lady has the right idea, dressing for yourself! I need to be much more like that -and you! I love this glamorous even tho its so OOTD -especially the bracelet w/ the Pope and Mother Teresa, and what you wrote about them hanging around -oh, lol!!!!

  19. Silky dress (SEXY SEXY)
    What a lovely motherload of fabulous jewelery.

    Okay let me buy your (Gorgeous) legs and prance around in them. THANK YOU!

  20. oohhh, your fabulous orange umbrella and all that bold and chunky bijouterie make my heart throb!!!, and your silk dress seems delightfully light!!
    and lovely satin turban!

  21. haha you saucy minx you! Love your accessories. Your Mecurical winged shoes and orange brolly and the green headscarf are so cheery! And I love all that piled up jewellery!

  22. LOL...bless your heart swish those skirts indeed ;-)) You have gorgeous legs you should show them off more ;-)) Loving your dress and the brolly and the nailpolish what a gorgeous shade. Keep having fun and swishing ;-)) dee xx

  23. And you never disappoint, ma cherie! I shall be skirt twitching later today!

    Watch out for accompanying reports of traffic accidents in the north east of England...

    And sightings of a strange sea monster-siren!

    You are Fabulous, with a capital 'f'!


    Fhina x

  24. I agree with the lady that it is great that you dress for yourself, I only wish I could be as brave as you, I do try, please keep blogging you are wonderful and such a ray of sunshine X

  25. I am eyeing your gorgeous long sultry stems.
    I love that you dress for yourself.
    look at all that shiny jewelry.
    I need to see you in shorter prostitute frocks.loving the umbrella.

  26. You are amazing. I would kill for that saints bracelet. So funny about the other ones frowning at your get ups.

  27. Fabulous jewelry! I love all the eclectic different types: beads, bangles, feathers! Love your style, as always. =)


  28. Looking fab as usual! Sexy legs! I love all the bracelets too :)

  29. You are just so utterly fabulous! I love the colour pops and the can totally hear the music too :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  30. Great music to accompany that extraordinary outfit!

  31. Desireelicious! so many fabulous little details in this outfit, i am big fan of jewelery, but i do not wear it often! too bad i have great pieces! love your saints bracelet, do not worry Mother Theresa will forgive all your sins!

    Love you! you are great!

    Ariane xxxx

  32. I want to come and rifle through your jewellery box immediately!

  33. Love how you've accessorized a simple black dress and made it amazing. If only I had such a collection of bangles! I too am fond of saint bracelets and I have one that's all baroque angels. Love it. Love yours too.

  34. You look fantastic. wear shorts more! Your legs are how mine are supposed to look but don't.


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