Monday, November 28, 2011

She's A Super Freak!

Did you hear the one where some bogan (white trash) chick and her boyfriend didn't know where to look when I rounded the corner in the dreaded mall a couple of weeks ago?
They were so embarrassed the chick was heard to say "It's not my problem if people wanna dress like freaks."
I'm pretty sure she was referring to me but I thought I looked quite tame actually so they must have been slagging off each other.

Sure, my hair's a nightmare coz these were taken before I cut it.

But I mean, I had all the boxes ticked.
Banging DIY floral headband, the top half of a thrifted 1980s silk suit, Black Milk's New Slicks (which shall be known as The Gimp Pants), granny bag, hippy jewellery and VW wings.
And The Stylist's seal of approval (who snapped these before we set off).

Oh feck!  Now I know what I did wrong ... I didn't iron my top! 
Reminder to self: Don't wear anything that has been squished down at the bottom of the bed for a week.

Nah, must've been someone else the sloppy slag was referring to coz I felt Super Freakin'!!


  1. Pay no mind to the mutterings of others, my fair Desiree! The headband, shoes, bag - it's all so fab. xoxoxoxo

  2. I freakin' love that song!!
    Ha,better to be looked over than overlooked,lovey! And you are WELL worth looking over...not to mention fondling oneself over....
    Don't you just LOVE how the rude pees are usually the ones who MOST need to look at themselves before slagging off other,far more spectacular peeps?!Feckwits!
    Your legs look like spippery roads to wantoness!!! HURRAH! Fabulous top,who cares if it's been ironed or not?! I bloody don't!!!
    Let's Mad Max some bitches before the day is out!Yeah!
    Love and lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Bestest Freak I know.Next time just say thanks for noticing me lol

  4. haha! I love it! I'd take those liquid pants and ivy colour bag anyday with that top. They're probably jealous ... I mean, you're just too cool! xo

  5. If I looked as hot as you in skin tight pants, then I'd be flauting my freakiness too.

    The white trash are the only ones who look at me like I'm a freaky chicky....and who really cares about tarts who wear trackie dacks in public?

  6. The only answer I've found when the haters start hating is to find a way to push it even harder. <3

  7. The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places that she’s never been before.

    - Albert Eistein

    Also people who say things like "dress like freaks'" like it's a BAD thing are really, really, really missing out on one of life's simple pleasures.

  8. Albert Eistein - aka Albert EINSTEIN - you knew that already lol...

  9. You look freaking amazing ;-) And you have gorgeous legs. If that dumb women was talking about you she was only jealous. Have a lovely week, dee xx

  10. If you look like a freak. We need to have more freaks in our lives parat from being one.
    You are pure inspiration, but it takes one to know one.
    I am proud to be amongst freaky world, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You ROCK!!!

  11. Rubber legs! You have just the type of legs to pull off the gimp pants! I'f I wore them I'd look like the Michelin Man hahaha!

    I think this outfit is lovely! The shoes of awesome match the gimp pants and the shiny blackness is nicely contrasted against the soft blue silk blouse.. maybe she was just jealous of your shoes!! xxx

  12. for sure the bogans would never have the guts to wear what you do, they just can't handle a bit of personality!!!

  13. Woow you look totally amazing!! Love the look from head to toe.... Im so happy to find your blog through the Swap Sacramento and I organized!! And lucky me... you are my parthner :) ..

  14. Great ideas for fashion and style.

  15. Those gimp pants rock! The sloppy tart must have caught sight of her sportswear and trainers in a shop window and been talking about herself, silly moo.
    You look awesome, ironed or not. I want stroke one of your endless legs and dance to Super Freak.
    Stay fabulous. xxxxxxxxxx

  16. Desiree, you are everyone's absolute favourite Super Freak, don't you DARE change! EVER! (That's me being stern.)
    I love Helga's description of your fabulous legs as slippery roads to wantoness! She's spot on - I wanna slide along there with you!
    You are a constant source of delight and inspiration - but you already know that, right? Keep on keeping on, babe! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. So happy to be part of the Super Freaks!!!! You have me so wanting some Black Milk leggings, I wish they still sold the cathedrals, those are my favorite pair of yours! I think when people say nasty lil remarks like that it speaks more to their own insecurities. You looking friggin hot mama so much so that I think an ass slapping is in order :)


  18. You look super freakin good!
    your top is divine color.
    You are a constast source of inspirational icon for all of us.
    WTF is wrong with idiots these days? I hate how if people dress up a little you get stared down as others or seen as crazy. yeah, I also think it is peoples insecurities about themselves.
    I could slip and slide all over your black shiny leggings. and I will take you home to mother,lol

  19. I have to agree with Krista those pants are def spankin worthy! You look fab. I think anyone who picks apart someone else just has self esteem issues. Screw her you look freakin awesome!

  20. you rock, dear pretty freakin' lady!, and love your fabulous leggings, whouu!! and also love your granny bag!!

  21. Your outfit is creatively spectacular and if you love it and we love it, that's all that matters.

  22. What a great blouse! Had I seen you in the mall, I would have had to pinch your cheeks in those slicktastic leggins'. And I don't mean the ones that reside under your red shades! Let them eat cake Desiree!!! -T

  23. wow, that top is seriously some kind of dream top, I am envious.. ennnvviiouus!

    Very cool how you took something so demure and zazzed it up!

  24. super freak
    super freak
    super freaky............ love it
    here is my response you left for me on my blog
    I am actually going to the heritage center to see if I can find anything out about this house
    I am not scared in this basement, first basement I haven’t been freaked out in which seems weird
    There is one room that I keep the door closed in and it’s the bathroom in the dining room
    It has the claw footed tub, if I do open the door I have to put something against it anyway to keep it opened, I only do so when we have company because its super cold in there.
    Not sure what it is, somethings just not right in there
    I pretend tate lives in my basement and always say hi and by to him whenever I come or go from there
    I love tate
    He is my fav
    Im a cougar and want him, giggle

  25. And here I was just wishing I could see more people dress like YOU! Ha ha. One man's freak is another man's FASHION ICON.

    You look fantastic. I've just scrolled down and caught up on your last five outfit posts and love each and every look. If this is freak-dressing I say bring out the circus!
    the Citizen Rosebud
    Enter my Karina Dress Give-Away!

  26. Does one really care what a member of the white trash front thinks of one's clothing choices? No. Actually, if they don't get it then one is doing something right.

    Thank God you don't look like everyone else. I'm starting to get bored of myself these days, but not you!

  27. love this look...and the video..

    now following




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